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Christmas Gift Ideas

  • I love looking at these pacifier clips! Wouldn't they make cute gifts for new moms? I alternately think, "I could SO make those!" and "I'll just order 2. Or 17."
  • Is this not the cutest little handmade notebook you have ever seen in all your born days?! I could SO make it. Or maybe I'll just order 2. Or 17.
  • I've noticed some of the sassy, young ladies at church wearing these pretty feather hair accessories, so I figured I had better look into getting one because you know how I'm all sassy and YOUNG. You know that, right? I'm YOUNG.
  • I AM!
  • Note to self: Begin blog category titled "Forty Four and Far From Frumpy".
  • Begin being far from frumpy.
  • While I was looking at those feather things, I saw this darling owl hair clip. And it made me squeal.
  • Never mind that "far from frumpy" business up there. I love these wooden hair ornaments and I don't care how frumpy that is. I think they would make a beautiful gift for someone with long hair. (cough, husband)
  • Someone stop me from all the browsing on Etsy!
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  1. “I could SO make that!” I say that all the time! LOL And why stop browsing on Etsy? It’s good to be inspired. Or depressed…wait a minute…

  2. Etsy is the reason I get nothing done. I made 6 of those pacifier clips when Zephania was younger. Then I went on to buy FIFTEEN pacifiers! Don’t judge me lol. She never took a pacifier! All that cuteness for nothing!

  3. I love those wooden hair ornaments! They make me want to grow my hair long again. Etsy shopping is fun. I spend way too much time there.


  4. I love etsy! Love the hair ornaments, but am afraid to show hubby because I know he will say “I could SO make those!”. Happy shopping:)

  5. Ok Connie you made me laugh today. I’ll join you on your new blog just as soon as I stop feeling frumpy!

    The wooden hair ornaments are AWESOME, just another reason I’ll be glad when this pixie cut grows out, though I think I could still get away with the feather flower headband thingy….

  6. We loved the pacifier clips from Paci Envy. http://www.pacienvy.com/introduction.html they have some great mix and match stuff. When our daughter was done with hers we just took the name clip off and added it to my key ring.