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4 Moms Share Thanksgiving Plans

This week, The 4 Moms are sharing our Thanksgiving plans. Be sure to visit around to see how each mom is getting ready for the big day.

As for the Smockity Family, we are mainly hoping we can get enough boxes unpacked so our guests can a) find their way to the dining table and b) not be injured in doing so.

If we manage to achieve that lofty goal, I'll be making the most delicious turkey ever and sweet potato casserole. My mother in law will bring her cornbread dressing,  mystic pie, rolls, and sweet tea, and my mother will bring green bean casserole and her famous stuffing. (Right mom? Call me!)

For decorations, I would like to try covering pumpkins with strips of scrapbooking paper using watery school glue. Sound confusing? Don't worry! I'll post a tutorial next week!

We like to eat our Thanksgiving meal at noon and then enjoy playing board games with the visiting family members.

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Link up below!

And if you are preparing your first Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to read my Thanksgiving Dinner For Beginners.

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