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Packing It Up!

The Smockity Family is in the smack middle of packing up our entire house and moving down the road a piece.

We finally bought our little dream house in the country!

Now, if we could just get everything we own into boxes, taped, and labeled, we'll be on our merry way later this week.

I have my own moving tricks and tips, but it is still a difficulty to manage kids, meals, laundry, school, AND packing. If life would just pause for a few days it wouldn't be so bad, but that doesn't happen, does it?

What are your best moving tips? Do you stay at the old house during the move to oversee the loading? Or do you go to the new house to manage traffic?

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  1. After years of moving I’ve learned to have one box that’s difference color from the rest, at least highly labeled that gets packed last in the truck or carried with you if you’re using a moving company. (the military calls in the “pack last or carry box”. In this box is all the vital things you need first when you get to where you’re going. It might have snacks, keys, chargers, paperwork, diapers..anything you can’t live without until your stuff lands. Also in this box goes any jewelery (just in case your boxes get lost)

  2. Ooooh, excited to meet your new home! Sorry – no tips. I’m the always-looking-for-tips kinda mum, so sadly no pearls of wisdom to impart :(
    Love, Anne x

  3. We build and move every two years. (We are in house #5). Every box has a number on it and I have a list with what is in each numbered box. That way as it comes into the house I know exactly which room to put it in without opening the box. That also helps with finding items quickly.

    I would like to have a long drawn out move where everything can slowly be put into place neatly but alas my husband prefers the “all in one day” method.

    So I’ve learned to function as best I can with that. We use lots of paper good for meals for a week or so.

  4. I like to be at the new house, directing traffic. That way all the furniture gets in the right room. Have all of your boxes labeled by room, so each box will get in the correct room. Also, you may want to label a couple of boxes, “Open first”. Boxes that contain kitchen items you will need right away, toilet paper, soap, towels, diapers, etc.
    I always like to unpack my kitchen first. Once it is in order, you are good to go!

    Have fun, and I am glad that it is you and not me! Ha! We built and moved into our dream house our here in the country almost 6 years ago, and I don’t plan on ever moving again!!

  5. The last time we moved we had one child in middle school, one in elementary school, and a 4 month old. My prescription for moving was simple: next time I’ll sell the house lock, stock and barrel so I never ever ever have to pack another box again! I feel for you Connie, moving with a tiny baby. Try the Huckleberry Finn approach: tell the entire neighborhood about all the fun they’re missing out on by not helping you pack and unpack. Maybe you can convince them to do it for you ;-).

  6. Elizabeth says:

    My pearl of wisdom: Run! If that doesn’t work fake a stomach virus. :) I pretty much hate moving. I like packing and throwing away. Then when I unpack I feel like this is the house that will be perfectly ordered and never messy… Ha! I guess I just do not like having a home base two houses in chaos at the same time. But the payoff is so worth it congrats on your new house I am excited for you all!

  7. Sounds like you are getting some good advice. I do label boxes with which room to put them in. I also label some garage, so I can get the rooms organized and put together before I move in Knick-Knacks, pictures, stuff that sits on dressers, etc. In other words all the stuff that isn’t needed right away, then I feel like there is some order. Then I can pull in one box at a time to finish.
    I am so happy for your family. I will be gone most of Wednesday through Friday, so I can’t offer much help. Sorry!!

  8. One more thing, you can go to the newspaper office and get ‘end-rolls’ of the paper with no print on it. I think they charge for them now but it might be worth it to check out.

  9. I like to be at the new place.

    We also used some of those gray totes instead of some of our boxes. Far more durable and you have storage containers afterward–not just a bunch of boxes to recycle.

    Good luck with the move! New homes are so much fun!

  10. My first piece of advice to you is: stop the things that are not necessary. School, company over, fancy/detailed meals, etc. Since we home school, we can always pick up later and not worry too much about “time lost”. Company can always come over at the new house. Dito for the fancy/detailed meals.

    I like to move things bit by bit if you can. When we moved 6 years ago, it was in the same town, so it was possible for me to do this. If it’s not possible, I like to be at the unloading stage, for it doesn’t matter how they load the stuff so I don’t need to oversee that. Labeling boxes is also a must!

    I’m happy for you all that you are getting your “dream home”! And that you now have a fabulous camera to take those “new house” picture with!

  11. I like to manage what is coming into the new house – I want to put everything where its supposed to go :)!

  12. Wrap breakables with towels, wash clothes, dish towels. This is what we did and it saved wasting paper and boxes.

  13. he he well the only time I moved I was 8 months pregnant, so I did pretty much nothing except direct traffic in the new place. We moved literally across the street so we had a little convoy of friends and family carrying stuff across the street in boxes, plastic bags, suitcases etc. I dread having to pack everything up to get in a removal van all on one day next time!

  14. Connie! I can hardly wait for more of your thoughts on moving, packing, etc!! We are in the middle of moving 1000 miles (from northern Illinois to Dallas, Texas) – last time we moved it was just a few miles and with 3 fewer children. :) We’re so excited – we’re serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators and thrilled to see what God is doing but…. we still have to go through a move. :)

    My biggest problem is that I procrastinate and put things off till too close to moving day. So why am I sitting at the computer? Good question. Keep us posted!!!

  15. I think the thing that helped us the most this last move, was drawing a map of the house. Since we had help from friends n family it helped alot. i drew a map that was about 3 sheets of paper taped together & posted it by the door on the outside, so they could see where it went before they ever got inside :) I numbered the boxes that were for bedrooms & the bathrooms (1&2) the others i just put office or kitchen, storage ect. It helped so much. I still had to coordinate. Used 2 groups, an inside & outside group. one unloaded n the other put away. So i was always either helpin inside group know where to put stuff or outside group with water or where to put furniture. So yea, that worked the best, map + 2 groups = you as over seer :) I also preped the food in between so we could all take a break at the same time :)

  16. Connie in Alabama says:

    HI! I have a tip that saved me SO MUCH EFFORT!!
    We did NOT remove clothing/ etc. from dresser drawers. ANYTHING with drawers got the drawers removed until the “base” was put in the truck and then the drawers were put back in and a blanket around it or cardboard on front and tape securely.
    Also LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!! Make sure that each box is labelled as to which ROOM it will go in which will correspond with the SIGNS you put in the new house on the wall next to EACH ROOM. This way, ANYONE who helps you can put it where it belongs.
    ALSO… the week of the move… pack for the family (AND PETS) as if you were going camping with at least a week’s worth of clothing, Meds, toiletries, food, etc. as if there were NOTHING but trees where you are going. This makes it possible to know exactly where the essentials are (even if some of your things get into the wrong boxes with toddler help, lol).
    Pack a week’s worth of food that doesn’t have to be cooked… along with paper products and plastic utensils.
    Make sure that your children have a box of toys, videos, games, etc. to keep them occupied while you are busy unpacking and making order out of chaos.
    Extra fuses, batteries, light bulbs, sleeping bags (for children sleeping by your bed the first night in the new house), TOILET PAPER, Feminine hygiene, .., just think of everything you use in the course of a day and then add what you need in case of emergency.
    OH! And try http://www.Flylady.net for some great tips on pretty much EVERYTHING having to do with keeping order in the home. Great Christian lady who offers lots of support for getting out of CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)