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Juggling in Plain Clothes

The Smockity Family visited the circus last week.

We saw huge elephants balancing on little stools, and trapeze artists, and tigers leaping through fiery rings.

But the most memorable thing I saw was the juggling act. A lady with a colorful, sequined outfit kept 10 rings in the air while twirling and prancing around the ring.

Between twirls, her male partner, complete with matching sequined unitard, would slide in front of her and take over all the hoops, keeping them in the air the entire time.

Periodically, the music would reach a crescendo and the couple would stop their juggling, catch all the hoops, and throw their arms in the air with a flourish, as if to say, "ta-DAH!" while turning to face every section of the arena and smiling expectantly.

The audience obediently applauded and the couple would begin the twirling and juggling all over again.

And the whole time I was thinking, "Psh! I do that every single day, only no one claps when I do it!"

Maybe I need more flourish.

I think I'll start throwing my arms up in the air and shouting, "ta-DAH!" after I've loaded all the dishes in the dishwasher while talking to the insurance agent on the phone and solving sibling squabbles in disjointed sign language.

Changed a poopy diaper with only 2 wipes while going over math facts? ta-DAH!

Finished a reading lesson while nursing the baby and keeping the 2 year old on finger hold? ta-DAH!

If you see me after I've managed to get all 8 kids out to the the van with 2 carts full of groceries, and I throw my arms up in the air with a flourish and look around expectantly while shouting, "ta-DAH!", will you clap for me?


I'm thinking what I need is a sparkly leotard.

(See my amazing juggling abilities for real!)

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  1. LOL! I’ve got a visual image in my head now of you in a sparkly leotard……not sure I can sleep tonight though.

  2. Yes I would. Clapping for you. Have a great day :)

  3. Lets do it! Lets start the trend….I am going to practice my TaDah’s today!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll clap!!!! :)

  5. Do you want to say, you don’t hear me clapping every time I visit your blog?!? You must be kidding!

    Oh, almost forgot: Ta-DAH!!!
    Juggling a 3yo who wants to go to the restroom NOW, a 9mo who tries to eat the internet-cable (and everything else), a 6yo who has suddenly disappeared (you know, not a good sign), a 10yo who has all kinds of questions at the same time aaaand: my laptop to write this comment! Maybe I should talk my husband into having another baby… Just for juggling of course 😉

    Greetings from Germany!

  6. I needed a good dose of laughter this morning before I start juggling my duties. :) Thank you. I have three kiddos and life can seem like a circus and I know that at times it would be nice to receive some applause. :) When I see a Mom in the store with children I try to encourage her by saying “You are doing a great job”. One day I was at WalMart and there was a Mom with 7 kids and three shopping carts – the kids were aged from newborn all the way to 11 or 12ish and they were all well behaved so i stopped to let her know what a wonderful job she was doing. Another time while at the grocery store a little boy was having a temper tantrum and the Mom looked embarrassed but she stuck to her guns, calmed “little Johnny” down and explained to him why he was not going to get what he wanted. I let her know that as a Mommy I too have been in similar situations and I just wanted to let her know that she was doing a job well done. Sometimes it is just nice to hear from someone else that you are doing things well – so Smockity – Well Done girl, and thanks again for your wonderful blog, it is encouraging, witty, and fun!

  7. Alice McD says:

    Just don’t spike the baby in the end-zone when you’re done!

  8. Rebecca Baker says:

    Excellent post – perfect way to start my day :) Thanks!

  9. you made me laugh this morning, while typing and nursing and looking at my toddlers playing near me explaining the meaning or sharing and selfishness I had a giggle or two reading ta-Dah LOL

    so because you can’t hear or see me, here is y virtual hand clapping and cheer “job well done Mama!”

  10. My 3 yr old has already caught on to this concept. She often walks in a room and says (loudly), “ta-DAH!” As if to say that the room is improved by her simply being there. And it is, of course.

    If you start doing this, I will definitely join you. :)

  11. You crack me up! I would totally clap for you even without the leotard!

  12. LOL!!! Put perfectly into words!!! I feel like this everday! I especialy have mastered the important phone calls with the distorted sign language!!! Thank you for your daily encouragement, it helps sooooo much!

  13. TwoDiffSocks says:

    Changed a poopy diaper with only 2 wipes while going over math facts? ta-DAH!

    hysterical & sooooo true! i would clap for you & every other parent that “performs” so well


  14. Heather Mason says:

    I was so amused by this post. Being a mom is sometimes so hard- we don’t get appreciated at all 90% of the time!!!!!!!!

    Expecting my 9th (and homeschooling like you),

  15. “Finger hold”! I love it. I use “finger hold” a lot around here.

  16. *Applause*

    Great post!

  17. haha! sounds like you need to wear more sequins and shout ta-da to remind your audience:)

  18. Smockity-I have laughed out loud at many of your posts! Your humor is great!

  19. Rachael in Australia says:

    Yes to the sparkly leotard and yes, yes to a smockity vidoe capturing the moment. By the way, what is a finger hold? I have 6 children, is this something I should know about by now?!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Rachael in Australia, Finger hold is when you hold up your index finger to signify you want someone to wait just a minute.

      You can stall for MINUTES at a time when you alternate that with shaking your head “no” and putting your finger to the lips for “shhhhhh”.

      • I always embellish with waggly faces and overly dramatic head shaking and sticking out my tongue…got through a half hour long phone call to the cable company doing this. TA-DAH! My toddler thought it was AWESOME. He would leave and come back for more. Haha

  20. I would totally applaud. And now I want a “Reel Life” video to see what happens when you try it! :-)

    Mine would be changing the (delayed) 7yo’s nappy while stopping the 1yo from attempting to “help” (bringing me the wipes I can handle, I count that as help, trying to USE the wipes on her older brother means quote marks get added to the “help”!), and telling the toddler to sit there and hold on because he tells me RIGHT THEN he needs the toilet, while calling to the four year old to stop playing with water inside, then calling to the nine year old reminding her that she has not been asked to police my requests of the other children. Ta-DAH!!!!!!

    Well, “Ta-DAH” followed by calling to the 4yo that even if her sister is out of line she’s not allowed to scream at her. 😉

  21. Oh Alice McD !! Great point!! :)

    This just went perfectly with my thoughts this morning! LOVE it!!!

  22. I have not laughed out loud over a blog in a long time. THANK YOU!

    And for what it’s worth, I would totally applaud, and start a stadium wave to boot! :)

  23. i so appreciate the humor you bring to motherhood:) i am one of those type A’s that takes it all too seriously. i enjoy your light hearteded nature!

  24. I’ll clap for you! And I’m going to start throwing my arms up and saying Ta-DA! at different points during the day. I know the baby will clap for me!

  25. I’m noticing posts here and there that I’ve missed over the years that are seriously cracking me up. I’m encouraged by this one and also learned a lot through the comments.