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How To Put Eye Drops in a Child’s Eye

Have you ever had trouble putting eye drops in a child's eye? What with the holding the arms still and convincing them it won't hurt, I believe it's easier to wrestle an eel jacked up on a triple espresso.

Or a toddler during church. Whatever.

But, I have found a no fuss way to do it! No flailing, no convincing. Simple!

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  1. That’s how we do it, too! :) Great MOMS think alike!

  2. We do it that way, also. I can’t remember where I heard about it originally, but it is so much easier than “wrestling an eel”! LOL

  3. Also – eyedrops (and ear drops) are so much more comfortable if they’re at body temp — stick the bottle in your bra for 10 minutes before using!

  4. Will have to try this with my hubby – yes, my HUBBY! He is far worse than any of our children when it comes to putting drops in his eyes! {Far worse than wrestling a toddler in church! ;)}

  5. We do the same, exact thing! We learned the hard way when my now 13 year old was just a toddler 😛 And I have to second the warm eye/ear drops…makes them much less uncomfortable!

  6. We haven’t had to do eye drops yet, now I am ready. Thanks, Connie!

  7. WOW! I will keep this one in mind for those times to come! Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Coming out of lurkdom… thank you for the great tips! I love your blog.

  9. Brilliant, I tell you! I was the worst ‘flailer’ as a child and look forward to implementing this tip with my child. Thanks for thinking to share this.

  10. Unlike everyone else here, I hadn’t thought of that, so THANK YOU!

  11. Yep, that’s how I have to do it. I can’t drop things in my eyes. The reflexes are too strong [smile].


  12. LOL… you make it sound so easy!!!! Haha haha…. I did notice that you don’t have your toddler demonstrating!

    I have done that method (but not as much medicine gets in the eye) and just about every other one on the block…. My kid is on six to seven (yes I said Seven) doses of drops a day. At 5, she is such a pro that we say look up and we can open her eyelid and do a eyedrop dose with no complaints. Before that we had tried this method and she couldn’t sit still in anticipation…. (age 1-3) at doctors offices they wrap the kids mummy style and hold them down…. around here we used to have to do that too, then (age 3.5) we did the laying on the floor with the head between mom’s knees one (then they can’t turn thier head to avoid it)….. With so much practice though, life is a breeze now… and she takes eyedrops like a grownup.

    • coffeemamma says:

      @Meagan, I agree with Meagan- not as much medicine gets in the eye this way. That wouldn’t be a problem for moisturizing drops, but could be for other things. My youngest has eye issues that have required drops since she was 3mos (sometimes as many as 17 a day!), and she’s almost 10- that’s a lot of drops ;-).

      The best way to get the full dose without dropping directly onto the eye is to pull down the lower lid (to make a’pocket’) and drop the meds in there. A few blinks, and entire dose is where it belongs.

  13. niiiiiiiice. That was a super good idea that I will imploy in my house from this day forward.

  14. Connie,
    First let me say how much I love your blog and all the information you share with the rest of us. The info is great and I appreciate all the work that goes into it. I DO, however, have some concerns with this particular post.
    Eyes are precious. They reveal emotions, they supply sight and they require protection. To eliminate bacteria the eyes water to cause the germs to slide out of the “danger zone”. The lashes are the first line of defense and work well at protecting our eyes from many germs and bacteria. Because of this defense, it is important to NOT allow medicine to “filter” through those lashes before they enter the eye. The reason is this…..all the bacteria (including, but not limited to, the one which required medical intervention) more than likely live on the outer edges of the eye and lashes. I realize putting drops in a tots eyes is a difficult task but this method is not only unsanitary, it is unsafe for many.
    Hopefully this information will make others consider adopting a different method to administer drops.
    Thank you for all you do on your blog. It really IS wonderful.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Selena, I had never thought about washing germs and bacteria back into the eye.

      The daughter in the video has allergies and this was the method the doctor recommended.

      Thanks for the feedback.