What's the big deal about Young Living

Can You Guess

...what my mama got me for my birthday?

(*It's not a lamp, light, or fan. Keep guessing!)


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  1. Looks like a gorgeous vintage lamp to me! Can’t wait to see it properly.
    Though my first thought was that she’d got you a sink stopper….! Nice!
    Love, Annex

  2. I was gonna say a ceiling fan pull chain, but I can see the lamp idea now!

  3. Ceiling Fan?

  4. A lovely lamp…let your light shine among men… =)

  5. I’m going with a free standing floor lamp! Love the color! Enjoy

  6. i want to share a ceiling fan adn it is a beautiful color happy belated bday

  7. That sure is an awesome photograph!!! How’d you take such a cool photo? Must be a nice CAMERA! :)

  8. A camera – and my guess is that you have taken an abstract with it????

  9. I am going to guess…a camera!

  10. My best guess was the pill chain for the ceiling fan like another. Funny I never thought a lamp or light though….just the replacement pull chain.

  11. It’s a pic of a lamp (know the pull chain :)) I am guessing you got a new camera or photo editing software (unless you are excited she got you new batteries for the camera, I would be LOL)

  12. Rebecca Baker says:

    Hmmmm…maybe she made it possible for you to take a nap and this is the view right before you turn off the lights? :)

  13. A night out? without the kids!

  14. A room for the night at a fancy hotel.

  15. A new camera!!! What a great birthday present!

  16. looks like a toilet pull chain and floater