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75th Birthday Celebration

We had a special birthday in our family recently.

The Best Poppy in the World turned 75.

When you have The Best Poppy in the World, no ordinary gift will do, so we had to come up with an  extraordinary  gift.

For one thing, The Best Poppy in the World receives all manner of accolades, honors, and awards from teachers and students where he works as principal, so our gift needed to be unique and personalized.

The Best Poppy in the World is so loved at his school that when he retired last year and the administration hired a new principal who, sadly died two weeks before school started, school administration and employees begged him to return, which he did.

For his birthday, the entire school celebrated with birthday cake for everyone in the cafeteria. Gifts were bestowed. Songs were sung.

So, you can see why we wanted to come up with a gift that was like nothing he had already received.

We worked on this poster for a couple of days and everyone added to it as we remembered what makes our poppy The Best Poppy in the World, and then we presented it to him tied up in a scroll.

I think he liked our unique gift.

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  1. What a sweet idea! I might need to “borrow” this one in January! :)

  2. This is lovely! Thank you for sharing your blessings.

  3. What a sweet idea!

  4. I hope I look that young at 75!!

    The look on his face was priceless when he opened your present. I couldn’t think of a better one! :)

  5. Wow, good idea. I’ll tuck that one away for future reference, and “borrow” the idea.
    And WOW! Your son is GROWING and so cute! haven’t seen him in a picture in a long time. You must be doing your job very well! : )

  6. How Precious! That is a real treasure! (And so is Poppy, I’m sure!)

  7. That’s such a neat idea. What very sweet gift to recieve.

  8. A very happy birthday to a great Poppy! :)

  9. Poppy looks great for 75! Your blog is one of my favorites. You are so knowledgeable. Love all of your recipes and you tube videos. Pam