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4 Moms Answer Reader Questions

It is the last Thursday of the month, which means The 4 Moms are answering reader questions again. Be sure to send your questions for next time, and stop by to see the  other moms answer questions on these topics:

Here are a few questions I had in the Smockity inbox:

I saw you did something neat for your trip, and I will be traveling from MD-TN in November with my 6 babies alone. I saw the Lolli-pop was one treat, what were the others?

Each time we go on a lengthy car trip, I try to buy cheap little treats from the Dollar Store to put in each child's backpack. They don't see these treats until we all get in the van and set off, so there is much excited anticipation! They may choose one treat to open after every hour that passes. Some of the treats have been Silly Bands, rubber balls, small books, lollipops, velvet art with washable markers, note pads, stickers, juice boxes, snacks, etc.

I watched your gravy video and noticed you comment to your daughter on a skirt.  I think she wanted to wear it to evening service.  I wondered if you and your daughters only wear skirts or dresses to church.  My husband has asked me to only wear dresses and skirts to church and oh boy I am feeling so controlled I cant stand it! I am wanting to honor my husband and do something small if he prefers it but ....

We wear skirts or dresses to church on Sunday morning, but that is neither here nor there.  I can see that you want to honor your husband and you feel you should, but you are struggling with feeling controlled. I can understand that feeling! I think everyone can think of a time when WE feel like WE have a better way of doing things, but others think their way is best.  Submitting isn't easy, especially when we have strong feelings about our own way of doing things, but it is what Christians are called to do. You have admitted that it is a small thing your husband is asking of you. Jesus has called us to die to ourselves and follow Him. Follow Jesus' example of submitting and do this small thing to honor your husband.

How do you prepare yourself and your home for the birth of a new baby, especially if you have mostly littles at the present time?

Freezer meals?  Spring cleaning?  Is there anything I should be doing that I don't know about?  Some great strategy that moms of many already know?

I like to stock my freezer with plenty of dinner casseroles, pancakes, waffles, 150 angel biscuits, and milk if I can pick it up at a bargain. All of that is in an effort to NOT be stuck looking up at the clock at 4:30 with a hungry newborn, cranky preschoolers, and nothing to put in the oven for dinner.  Equally terrifying is the thought of having to take a hungry newborn (Are there any other kind?!) and several small children to the grocery store because there is no milk in the house.

I also try to make any seasonal wardrobe changes, buy homeschool curriculum, make copies of worksheets, plan simple birthday parties and anything else I can plan in advance of the baby's arrival. Anything I can think of to do or plan ahead of time, I try to do BEFORE the baby comes to make my life simpler AFTER the baby is here.

Thank you for sending these questions in! Join The 4 Moms next week for a craft/gift linky! Be ready to link up your holiday craft or gift ideas!

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  1. What a good idea on the treats for car trips thank you!

  2. Hi Connie….we made the Angel Biscuits today. We got 110 out of the batch. We always make our homemade rolls in bulk and freeze them….usually 80-160. Anyway, thanks for the new recipe. We had fun making them and always enjoy a freezer full of “the fruits of our labor”. 😉

    I’m due in March with our ninth child…so we’ll be stocking our freezer with meals soon….which we love doing!

    How’s the move coming along?

  3. sillygeese says:

    New babies are when I give myself a pass on dishes and buy a big thing of paper plates from Sam’s club. As a matter of both frugality and not wishing to be wasteful we don’t use paper plates any other time, but that first month after baby is here I give myself a pass and buy the paper plates!

    Also I grew up wearing skirts and dress’s to church, I’m uncomfortable in anything else. I see it as dressing to honor my worship to God, to dress nicely and respectfully. Of corse this can be done in pants, but so many people make no effort to dress any differently than any other day. Instead of feeling controlled, think on why your husband has the preference and why you don’t like it. Maybe if you view your clothing choices from a different perspective it will be easier to submit?

  4. I totally agree with sillygeese regarding the skirt issue. Wearing a skirt to church, especially when you don’t wear one the rest of the week, and hubby wants you to is honoring to him and to God. It’s a way for us to outwardly show that we realize this is a special day, a day to rest and remember the Sabbath. It’s a funny thing really; I would so like to wear skirts everyday, but my hubby finds them “unflattering”. So, because of this I wear pants most days. We have five daughters (& three sons) and the 15, 9, 5, and 1 year old’s wear skirts or dresses all the time, and our 7 year old very rarely does. I’m trying to find skirts that are not too long, yet below the knee, as he finds these less “frumpy”. Ultimately, though I’m trying to honor him and still feel and look feminine. It’s not easy!