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PVC Napkin Rings

This guest post is by Kimarie, a daughter of God, wife to her beloved, and homeschooling mother of nine children. She lives in the country and blogs at The Cardamom's Pod, where she shares down-to-earth adventures, funny stories, and helpful tips. Topics include scratch cooking and recipes, do-it-yourself projects, homeschooling, homesteading, and more.

Hearty thanks to Connie for this opportunity to guest post on Smockity Frocks! {happy dance} I have enjoyed keeping up with Connie's blog for over a year - her outlook on life is inspiring, and her wonderful sense of humor... makes perfect sense to me.

When Connie asked for some crafty guest posts, I suggested my PVC napkin rings - which I've dubbed Redneck Napkin Rings. I'd seen the idea of personalized napkin rings on my friend's blog, and had been dreaming of a way to do it myself for little to no money. We found some black wooden napkin rings at Walmart, but they were $4/pair and seemed too flimsy for the job. Our house has tile floors, and in our family, things get dropped at an alarming rate - usually at just the right angle to break. The idea of using PVC pipe came to me in one of my brainstorming sessions, probably when I was looking for a clean napkin, or something had broken on the floor. Our PVC napkin rings are far stronger than wood - they've been in daily service for more than 4 months now, and not one has broken.

Just for comparison, here's a before and after picture. Hmmm, that is actually an after and before picture.


If you don't have 1¼" PVC pipe laying around cut into handy 1½" sections, I have a nitty-gritty (and it was) Redneck Napkin Rings tutorial on my blog. It involves digging around in a storage shed, a PVC saw, and lots of hand-sanding. But, seriously, it is so much fun to make one of these off-the-wall ideas comes to life.

I had purchased acrylic paint markers to use on what I thought would be our wooden rings. However, the paint would not adhere to the PVC. After ditching the desperate idea of using plumbing acetate to etch the surface, I did a test with my handy-dandy Sharpie markers. It was a success!


The markers are so much easier for children to use for decorating these napkin rings. After sanding and prepping their rings, my children got to work. Below, Beth (9) begins by writing her name.


A couple of children sketched their designs in pencil first, then filled them in with the permanent marker. We learned to let one color dry before beginning another. To get a really rich hue we let one "coat" of marker dry, then colored an area again. Below, Sam (11) turns a chicken feed bag into a handy backrest while working on his napkin ring.


Esther (7) works on hers, and you wouldn't know this is her second design attempt. Mistakes were easily sanded off with either sandpaper or steel wool. We had not planned to color the edges of the rings, but after Esther started on hers - we saw it really added a nice touch.


After everyone finished, I took the napkin rings outside and sprayed them with 3 coats of a clear acrylic gloss sealer. In spite of daily use, they still look like new, and can be thoroughly cleaned with a damp rag.


Everyone puts a napkin (we use washcloths or colorful bandannas) in their own ring now. When my little girls set the table, they can easily place each napkin where it belongs. Yes, like Connie, we have assigned seating at our table AND in our van. 😉


This was so simple, frugal, and fun, that we plan to make more for guests to use (personalizing some for friends that visit regularly), and make up sets to give as gifts. The possibilities are truly endless. Don't forget to check out my tutorial so you can see how easy it really is!

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  1. Ha! I thought we were the only people in the world who use washcloths! Love this idea.

  2. I had just come up with this idea and was telling my hubby about it the other day! I ended up finding napkin rings on clearance so I bought those but I think we will still make these…they turned out great!

  3. and you could make a few vases to put on your table too. Buy the flat end caps and use the plumber’s glue to glue them on. Then you decorate them like you did your napkin rings.

  4. What a fun, unique idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Think I would try wrapping in fabric or pretty paper! Neat idea though!


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