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Picnik Photo Editing

I love this flannel quilt a sweet friend made for us. It has the embroidered names of each member of our family, along with Peyton's birth date in the center.

I also love Picnik for editing photos. It has a free program with lots of options for labeling and enhancing pictures. You can even make collages, like the one I used for our birth announcements.

What I DON'T love is my camera. It is a digital point and shoot, and I seriously believe it has a mind of its own. Some days it will decide in the middle of a photo session, even with fully charged batteries, that it will take the rest of the day off, thank you very much.

It happens sporadically and without warning, so I never know when I will be at a momentous event and won't have a functioning camera. You have no idea the restraint it takes not to pitch a wall-eyed fit when you have 7 kids lined up at the zoo in front of the new baby giraffe and the camera decides he would rather be napping at that particular moment.

I would love to put Cranky McPictureson out of his misery, but then I'd be completely without any photographic evidence of that chunky patchwork punkin' up there.

That means I'm in the market for a new camera.  Any recommendations?

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  1. If it means more pictures of cute little Peyton – go out and buy one NOW!!!
    She is seriously sweet, I want her so much!!!

  2. You and me both, girlfriend. Seriously, I’ve definitely noticed since I started my food blog and am now experiencing jealous of just how pretty other food bloggers’ pictures are, that I need to get a nicer camera.

    Money is a little bit of a factor though, so I’ll have to do with my P&S for now.

    Are you looking for a new P&S or a DSLR-type? If it is the latter, I’m sure you’ll get the “Get a Nikon!” or “No, get a Cannon!” :-)

  3. canon eos. My dream camera. I don’t get along with the camera I have now. I want it to be a canon eos and it wants to die.

  4. Love my Nikon D80. Saved and waited for it. I could never go back to a point and shoot. The difference is really drastic! The SLRs are in a class by themselves and even without any experience they still have a very friendly automatic mode that takes incredible pics (Ree from Pioneer woman). Have fun shopping!

  5. I really like our Canon PowerShot SX120 with 10x optical zoom. Obviously, I’m not a camera techie or pro photographer… I just wanted a good, basic camera with some ‘options’ but without all the lenses and other gear… and without the hefty price tag. After a BAD experience with our Sony Cyber Shot, my husband did a lot of research to settle on the Canon, and we haven’t been disappointed.

  6. Well…that highly depends on what kind of camera you’re in the market for. I was shopping this week for a digital that I could stick in my purse so I wouldn’t keep forgetting my larger camera. It was making me insane! I ended up with this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00395Y9OQ/ref=oss_product Which has an 8x optical zoom and 14.1 MP. The best in its price-class. It also gets great reviews!

  7. I have the Canon Powershot, as well. It’s very small, like the size of an iphone, and I love that I can stick it in my back pocket when we’re out and about. The last thing I need is more bulk to lug around. I think it takes great quality photos, too. (She’s adorable by the way!)

  8. Both of my girls got a digital camera for their birthdays, the Kodak Easy Share. It’s great to know there are 2 back-ups for when I forget mine, or it won’t work. I’ve had to buy 2 cameras in the last two years, and went a month or two in between without. That is NOT fun!

    So, my recommendation is: get at least one of your older kids a camera for birthday/Christmas gifts, and then you’ll have a back-up!

  9. I have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W230. I abslutely love it! It’s small enought that I can slip it into my purse, but I have really been pleased with the piture quality. I got it last summer, new (but on sale). I don’t remember exactly how much it cost, I know it was somewhere in the mid $200 range. Hope this helps! Love your blog!

  10. Oh, I forgot to add one more thing! We were on vaction a few weeks ago and my little cousin dropped it on the concrete, and it is still working fine! 3 weeks and no problems!

  11. Oh, my point and shoot has issues, too. It’s only 2 years old… Sometimes it just won’t take the picture. It will focus, etc. and then won’t let me press the shutter button the rest of the way. It also perpetually thinks it’s 2007. I can set the date, take a couple photos and turn it off. When I turn it back on it will have some random date from 2007… It’s a Kodak.

    I have a Nikon D5000 that we just purchased recently and am in LOVE with it. Not sure if you’re in the market for a DSLR, but it’s very user and amateur friendly.

  12. Connie, i have a Nikon Coolpix S570 and i absoultely love it!! It has a rechargable battery that lasts forever in between charges and it takes beautiful pictures. it’s even easy for people like me, who are not electronically savvy, to figure out!! the price wasn’t bad either…my hubby got it for me for Christmas at Sams Club. love your blog and am so thankful for all that i’ve learned from you and the other 3 moms!!


  13. I am loving my Canon T1i. A little pricey, but well worth it in terms of photo quality.

  14. Laura;

    it sounds like your Kodak has a power problem. there’s supposed to be a trickle of power to keep the memory function [for things like date and time and etc], and i’m guessing your camera isn’t doing that. further, one power-output/flow issue can cause others [and is possibly why it sometimes won’t even take pics – at THAT moment, there isn’t enough POWER to do so!]. it’s not a “common” flaw, maybe 1/1,000 have it [but most aren’t noticable most of the time].

    sadly, i’m not sure that it *could* be fixed, and i’m sure it would cost more to fix than replace. happily, it sounds as if you already have another – i hope it continues to work properly!

  15. I was trying to decide between a DSLR and a purse-size point & shoot. I realized that w/ my midsize camera (not SLR), I miss a lot of shots b/c I don’t have it w/ me. I’m forever asking my 12 yo to borrow her little camera. I bought a Canon powershot and I am thrilled! I love it, love it, love it! And since it’s little, I take it w/ me everywhere and capture every moment. I love that!


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