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How to Cut Bangs

In this video you will see how I cut little girls' bangs.

All you need to do this is:

  • a good pair of hair cutting scissors
  • a comb
  • damp hair
  • Silly Bandz (optional)

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  1. Looks so simple! I really like that it is contoured and doesn’t require a little one to hold still while cutting across the forehead. Thank you!

    I’d love to see a video on how you cut the back!

  2. Thanks for this. My daughter has been after me to cut her frindge for a while & although I cut my own & have cut various sisters over the years, I’ve always eyeballed the curve – your way seems so much easier.
    Thanks for showing us!

  3. Thanks for sharing that! My daughter is 16 months now and that will be very handy info to have down the road.

  4. That is how I have always cut my own bangs and now my daughter’s! It works great, thanks for the video!

  5. So cute!! That’s a great tip.
    I wonder do you call bangs what we called fringe?

  6. even after having 7 children i still needed this- thanks!

  7. Carol Sanders says:

    You guys are really too cute!

  8. I love your tutorials–your teaching style is perfect for me! Can you pretty please do a video on trimming a little girls hair in the back?

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