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Freezer Cooking

This guest post is from Cris, the FREEZE-O-RAMA mama, blogs over at GOODEness Gracious: Common Sense Commentary on Working Motherhood, Cooking and All GOODe Things. Professionally, Cris is a freelance writer, consultant and graphic designer for various organizations, publications and companies. Personally, Cris enjoys photography, cooking, crafting and then blogging every minute of it! She has been married to her college sweetheart, Mike, for 12 ½ years and they along with their three year-old, Miss Add, are living the GOODe life in the hills of Indiana. 

I was just tickled pink when Smockity offered the opportunity to guest post. I just heart her blog and it is an honor to chat with you today!

When deciding what to post about, it was pretty easy for me. Ya see ‘round these parts I am known as the FREEZE-O-RAMA mama and I regularly share my freezer cooking tips and recipes with my readers over at GOODEness Gracious.

Have you ever tried freezer cooking before? It is super simple and such a time saver. Many people call it Once A Month Cooking (OAMC), Freezer Cooking or Bulk Cooking. The basic idea is that you take a day or two each month to cook up a month’s worth of meals and freeze for quick meals and easy-peasy clean-up all month long (my favorite part!!!).

(Turkey Tetrazzini pictured)

Each month I sit down with my favorite cookbooks and pick out 6-10 recipes that I can cook up in bulk and freeze. My recipes range from casseroles like Turkey Tetrazzini, to soups like Texas Ranch Soup, to marinades like Aunt Mary’s Marynade and cooking time savers that I like to have on hand like my Seasoned Ground Beef.

Once I have my game plan, I make a grocery list by ingredient and  head to the grocery store to buy my supplies – a lot of times in bulk! I just love saving money on top of everything else!!!

I prefer doing all my cooking on one day, but sometimes this mama’s schedule doesn’t allow that, so  I  do what I can.  Once the cooking is done and the freezer is full, I do up the dishes and here is the best part… They stay clean all month long!!! I just have to pop the dish from that night and the plates in the dish washer and the kitchen is clean!

If you can’t tell, I just heart freezer cooking.  Give ‘er a try, I bet you’ll love it too!


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  1. I just LOVE freezer cooking! I added you to my feed reader and am looking forward to checking out your recipes!

  2. Thanks for this great post, Cris! (and Connie!) We do lots of freezer cooking – with 9 people I don’t know how we could do otherwise. I do some meals to freeze especially when we have a baby coming, but I do much more of cooking meats in advance (browning ground beef, roasting a whole turkey and chopping it, same with ham, etc) because it doesn’t take up so much space in the freezer as a full meal.

    And for me, if I have meat already cooked about 80% of the meal hassle and prep is already taken care of.

  3. Your freezer meals always look so yummy, Cris! Instead, my kids ate pizza tonight. I need to get on this! :)

  4. Thanks again, Connie! Loved the opportunity to share with your readers :)