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Diaper Cake Recipe

This guest post is from my friend, Jill, who blogs at Single Mom on a Budget, and is a single mother living in Colorado with her three sons. She works full time, functions as CFO, maid, psychologist, chauffer and coach, and specializes in maximizing her careful budgeting and cost-saving strategies.

Diaper cakes are my favorite baby shower gift for mom-to-be's. Diapers are, after all, an absolute necessity.
Diaper cakes are really easy to make and can be made as simple or extravagant, and as frugal or expensive as you want them to be.
They are also appreciated by all mom-to-be's, first-time and many-time mom's alike.
Prep Time - As long as it takes you to shop for the ingredients
Serving Size - 50 (or as many diapers as you use)

  • Diapers (for diaper cake featured, a 50 count package of size 1 Huggies)
  • Yarn, string, ribbon or whatever you've got around the house to tie diapers together
  • Decorations - pretty bow. Shrink wrap optional.
  • Optional accessories - I used a bib, two spoons, a brush set, a frog teether and pacifier.

1. Roll one diaper into itself.

2. Add diapers, one at a time to the roll, rolling each onto the previous diaper. (Tip: I like to point the character or design facing out.)
3. As the diaper roll begins to get difficult to hold onto, tie diapers with yarn, string or ribbon. This step can be done as often as necessary.

4. Continue to add diapers to the roll until the cake gets as big as you want. The roll will look like a wheel. (Tip: If you are going to do a multi-level cake, you will want to make the bottom level larger than the next two. For a three tiered cake I use about 1/2 of the diaper pack for the bottom level.)
The diaper cake can be done at this point. Decorate with a pretty bow and voila! you have a finished diaper cake.

5. For a single level cake, add any accessories at this point. For a multi-level cake, go to step 6.

6. Make the next level(s) by repeating steps 1 - 4. (Tip: For a three tiered cake I use 1/2 of the package for level 1. I use 2/3 of what remains for level 2 and the remaining for the top level.)
7. Place each level on the cake. If you are not adding accessories, your diaper cake is done at this point. Add pretty bow!

8. Add accessories as desired after.
9. Optional: I buy shrink wrap to wrap the diaper cake and accessories so everything stays in place. (Tip: You can find the gift basket shrink wrap at Dollar Tree.)

Did you know? The total cost of the diaper cake pictured above was $13.00 Except for the yarn all of the accessories used, including bow and shrink wrap, were purchased at the Dollar Tree. The cost of the diapers was $6.00 on sale and with a coupon, of course!

True to my "resourceful nature" I buy diapers throughout the year when they go on sale as there is always a need for a diaper cake.

If you choose to accessorize the options are truly endless. You can also go all out and make a 50 tier cake or a five feet in diameter cake, if you really want to. Heh, lemme know how that goes. 😉 The beauty of the diaper cake is that it is just as welcome and beautiful without accessories too.
Oh, and the very best part of this cake recipe is that it has 0 calories and the only fat involved is the new little pumpkin's baby fat. 😉

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  1. I must admit when I first read the words “Diaper Cake” I was a bit grossed out :P. I’ve seen these diaper cakes, though, used as table centerpieces with all kinds of decor to them. They’re very cute and much appreciated as a design for the baby shower and useful gift.

  2. Ha ha! Yes, I suppose diaper cake could conjure up some not so nice images.

    As a centerpiece is a great idea too.

  3. I made two diaper cakes last year for a double shower, and I was SOOO happy with how they turned out! It was a fun gift to give! I made them, along with my hubby and daughter, and gave them as gifts from all of our church ladies(we all pitch in a few dollars for costs). I used the cakes for a game also-guess how many diapers are in the cake-I added a couple extras to one than the other.
    Diaper cakes are very expensive to buy-you save quite a bit of money when you make your own!

  4. What a great idea to make a game out of it!!