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Butterfly Craft

This guest post is from Steph Dunkle, a former engineer who is now pursuing a teaching career. She is mama to two very energetic little girls and wife to a hard working hubby with a crazy schedule. Steph shares her problem solvin' approach to parenting and life at Problem Solvin Mom - because life provides plenty of opportunity for creative solutions! You can also find her on twitter as @psmom and at PBS Kids Sprout for Parents.

We gave our 3 year old daughter a butterfly garden for her birthday. She waited with anticipation as spring arrived and it was finally warm enough in the midwest to order the butterfly larva, watch them eat their way into chrysalises. She checked and checked {as mama worried that somehow we had killed them} to see if any butterflies had emerged. And then one day, they did - all five beautiful painted ladies fluttered about in the habitat, drinking the sugar water we gave them and posing for my preschooler to admire.

Since then, we've been reading books about butterflies, pretending to be butterflies, and doing butterfly crafts. This time of year in Ohio we are lucky enough to have plenty of butterflies around for inspiration.

Today's craft pairs my daughter's love of butterflies with my love of recycling things we have around the house into crafts! We had another three year old friend over to craft with us, and the girls were able to do most everything themselves. Older children can make much more elaborate butterflies, so adjust the supplies as necessary and let your imagination run wild. And of course, if you're three, it helps to get dressed up before you get down to business.

Toilet paper "core" (the inner cardboard)
Pipe Cleaners
Single hole punch
Googly Eyes
Paint & Glitter if you're feeling brave!

Basic Method:
Cut 2 butterfly wing shapes out of foam or cardboard
Decorate your butterfly's wings
Decorate your butterfly's body

Cut two slits in your cardboard core, roughly 3/4 of the way down. The slits should both be offset from center slightly on the same side. (you can see the slits in the picture if you look closely)

Punch one hole in the "front" of the body as far down as you can reach with your hole punch (the side with the slits in it) for your butterfly's proboscis
Punch two holes in the "back" of the body fairly close to the top, for the butterfly's antennas
Glue your googly eyes on either side and slightly above your single hole punch (or draw/paint them in if you prefer)
Cut your pipe cleaners to length - I chose to cut them in half for the antennas and in thirds for the proboscis.
Attach the pipe cleaners and secure by winding the end through the hole and around. Curl the ends if you want.
Slide your wings in either hole - you may have to play around with them a bit to get them both to point in the same direction.

Here and here are links to some more butterfly craftiness and here is a great resource for butterfly printables and activity sheets!

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  1. Thank you for all of the butterfly tips. My kids are just crazy for butterflies. We have been reading books about them, and doing all sorts of butterfly crafts. Thank you for the great ideas.

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