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4 Moms Open House ~ Laundry Room

Welcome to the Laundry Room Edition of The 4 Moms Open House!

My laundry room is more of a passage way from the kitchen to the garage. I imagine the builder of this house was thinking of a cute little retired couple who might have a small load of laundry each week (or maybe even TWO if all three grandchildren came to visit!) when it was being built.

This is what my laundry room looks like on an average day.

I didn't move anything before taking this picture. Isn't it funny how the clothes are on the floor and NOT in the hampers? Har-har. That's me laughing.

Here is the same view after I picked up and then went around collecting dirty clothes out of bathrooms and bedrooms (again with the floor).

Better, huh?

The bucket in the foreground is for soaking. If you would like to know how you can get one, it's easy. Just have someone from church bring you some apples from their orchard in a bucket just like that one, and then when they ask for it back a couple of weeks later, tell them that you will be glad to return it as soon you get the poopy panties out of it that are soaking, and they'll mumble something to the effect of "Er... um... that's okay... never mind... just keep it," and you just scored yourself a soaking bucket!

This is actually a very light laundry day for us because we have been trying to be better at keeping up. My problem actually comes with dealing with CLEAN laundry more than the dirty. I tend to let the baskets of clean clothes sit instead of putting them away.

And that's really all there is to show since there's not much to the "room".

Now, if you would like to know about my  dream  laundry room, keep reading. Here's what it would look like:

  • 2 extra large capacity washers
  • 2 extra large capacity dryers
  • 6 foot folding table
  • Very many hanging racks
  • Cubbies for storing totes of clean clothes
  • Cubbies for storing totes of out of season clothes
  • Rolling hampers for dirty clothes
  • Dressing area with curtains for privacy
  • Shower stalls

This dream laundry room would be a combination clothes closet/dressing room/community shower. This would allow us to keep all of our clothes in this room at all times. All clean clothes would be stored here. Dirty clothes would be taken off here, and clean clothes put on in the dressing area.

This would also eliminate clothes on the floors in bedrooms and bathrooms. There would be no need for dressers in bedrooms, so there would be more space there, not to mention no drawers left open with clothes hanging out.

I'll just keep on dreaming about my laundry room, though, since chances are slim to none that it will ever be a reality. What does your dream laundry room look like?

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  1. I LOVE this idea for your dream laundry room! I”d like to have one too…and I only have one little one to take care of. I think I’ll steal your idea and put it in my dream home. You know, the one that I’m building in my mind but will never be able to afford in reality. Now it’s got a snazzy new laundry room!

  2. YES!
    Our dream laundry rooms look–THE SAME–wow!
    I have two kids who dress in their rooms and two who dress in the laundry room, no matter how I threaten horrible consequences if they don’t STOP IT.
    oh well.
    those are also the two who LOVE to be told to “pick your dirty clothes up out of the bathroom floor!” hmmmmm.
    and those two also HATE to put clothing in drawers.
    i may have to hornswaggle hubby into looking into a laundry room renovation. haha.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve been saying for years that (your dream) is the kind of laundry room I need! I only have 7 kids in a single wide trailer. so the laundry room I have is smaller than yours…and I climb over the dirty laundry to get to my bedroom.
    So why does no one actually design the dream laundry room? Is it because guys don’t do laundry for a full house?

  4. Katena Dyser says:

    I have to agree with Joy that is why we do not have a dream laundry room. My laundry is in my kitchen we are in military housing. Our last one was in the bathroom. My dream laundry room would be the Duggars laundry room if you even saw it. A lot of hanging space, 2 washer/2 dryers a large folding table asink in their to wash out unmentionables and it waould have to be huge. Maybe I could put a couch and hide from my 6 boys. We can all dream with that siad I need to get to laundry and start waking up kkids for school. Loved this started my day off awesome. Thanks

  5. Having your laundry room be a pass through to the garage is rough. It would be hard to keep it neat all of the time. I love your dream laundry room, although I’m not clear why it would need showers. Mine would also have some amazing laundry soap dispensers that I wouldn’t have to replace all of the time. Thanks to your four moms for hosting such a fun party! Lisa~

  6. I wish I could show you pictures of my MIL’s laundry. It’s just the best!!
    She has a long room, with cupboards (like a linen press) along most of one whole wall. That’s about 6 cupboards floor to ceiling. Then there’s the washer, dryer and sink. Opposite is a long bench with storage shelves underneath, and room for a huge chest freezer. A lovely view out the window, to boot! Anyone would be happy working there to do the laundry … but it’s only her and her hubby! Just as well we come to visit for a long weekend at a time and help her use it (wink!)

  7. Looks like our laundry rooms are about the same size. I love the apple bucket story!

  8. I am with you. I get the clothes clean but they don’t get put away.I am tempted to live out of baskets for the ease of it all.

  9. i love it!! you never fail to make me smile !! don’t stop “being real”!!!

  10. I love your ideas for the “perfect laundry room”– I would also like to have room for each child to have their own laundry basket for clean laundry.

  11. When we lived in Ohio our laundry was in the basement, along with the chest freezer where I kept my secret stash of ice cream. Strangely enough, none of my kids ever asked why I always took a spoon when I went to do laundry.

  12. Oh how I love your idea for a laundry room. Ours it part the way there. 4 of my kids’ clothes live in the laundry/utility room. And our master bedroom is the next room over. Just the babies clothes get carried upstairs to his closet. The shower in there idea is pure genius.

  13. Yes that is a very small laundry room isn’t it.?
    I love your dream laundry, I hope you can make it into a reality.!
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. The first picture of your laundry room is what our laundry area looks like when I don’t get my loads started soon enough, everyone tramps through the laundry pile to get their cleaning supplies and then their school books.

  15. I love the first picture! Your honesty makes me feel normal! :-)

  16. Bless your dear heart, thank you so much for showing a laundry that looks close to mine, minus about 6 more piles of clothes all over the floor. I have a big house but yet the laundry room is the size of yours. It makes me want to pull my hair out!! But by the time I can afford to remodel and get those nice washer and dryers, my kids will be gone (sniff). So I will not worry about the piles (too much) and enjoy my sweeties!

  17. I am SO glad to know that I’m not the only one with clothes on the floor in front of the washer & dryer. In our home the laundry is conveniently located on the 2nd floor in an oversized hallway closet. Since guests rarely go upstairs, you’ll often find a pile of clothes waiting to be washed on the floor. I need to get better at keeping the hallway free of laundry!

    I would love to link a picture, if I can figure out how to do it.

    Looking forward to visiting your blog again. I’m enjoying seeing how the 4 Moms keep organized.

  18. What an awesome dream laundry room! I love the shower idea.

  19. I have a laundry CLOSET and it is just off the kitchen. If you look in our front door and I am doing laundry, you’ll see the doors open and laundry to-be-done on the floor. Lovely first look into my house. But if I put the dirty laundry anywhere else, it’ll be in the kitchen!

    I’ve always thought that I were to win a room makeover, it would be the laundry room — but wait, it isn’t a room! And there is really no where else to put it.