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4 Moms Open House – Bedrooms Part 2

Welcome to week 2 of the bedroom portion of 4 Moms Open House! Today I am going to show you my kids' bedrooms.

Remember when I told you that we are living in a rental house waiting for our house to sell in the small town where we previously lived? The town where the chemical plant that employed a great many of the townsfolk shut down just as we were moving, so that the housing market tanked? The town where there is a perfectly good house just waiting for someone to buy it, only time keeps marching on and no one has for going on two years now?

Okay, about that... just keep that in mind when you see these pictures and wonder to yourself, "WHY in the world hasn't Smockity sewn up some darling curtains and matching bed coverings for those rooms? And WHERE is the decor?" 

Here is our highest occupancy room, which the youngest 4 girls (not including the baby) share. We have 2 sets of bunk beds in here along with not much else, because, well, not much else will fit. Our plan was to use bunk beds with drawers built in, only we didn't plan on buying pieces of junk that were being passed off on line as actual "furniture". The drawers, which I won't be showing you are falling apart and falling out of their places, and we have learned a valuable lesson and will never again purchase furniture online.

bunkbeds in small bedroom


Here is one girl's top bunk.

kids' bed


This is the view from the door of the other girls' room, which our oldest 2 girls share.


If you are thinking, "This girl looks familiar and didn't I just see her on the top bunk in the other bedroom?" you are right. She was visiting in the last picture. This is her bed and the polka dots she artfully arranged. I let each child pick out a package of stick on wall decorations to put by their beds. Some chose butterflies or flowers. She chose dots. (The boy chose glow in the dark stars and planets.)

kids' bunkbed

This is the boy's room, which he has all to himself. I told him to clean it up and then take some pictures and this is what ended up on my camera card. I have no idea what is up with the slanted angle on the right side.

And there you have it. The bedrooms of a family of 10.

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  1. Awww, so sorry about the beds – although they look great… I love the little corner table in your boy’s room – the one with the chunk of wood for the base.

  2. Would you mind very much if I asked one of those, “I can’t believe she’s being so nosey!” type questions? Of course you don’t have to answer it. I’m just asking because…oh, I don’t know why I’m asking. Just curious, I guess. My question is, if your house hasn’t sold in 2 years, why not just move back? There. I asked it. (I can’t believe I’m being so nosey!).

    God bless, have a great day.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Arlene, My husband got a job over 4 hours away from our previous home. The new job pays more and is much closer to family, so we couldn’t turn it down.

      • @Smockity Frocks, Wow, that’s a bummer. Not the better job or being closer to family, I mean not selling your house. I always say, when things don’t work out the way we want, the Lord is up to something. I pray God’s blessing over you and your family. Whatever He’s up to, it’s sure to be a blessing.

  3. My boy’s room worked out exactly the same. I told him to clean it up and take a picture, and he literally took *a* picture, and that’s what I found on the camera card.;-)

  4. I love the polka dots …though they aren’t as cute as your little girl! : )

  5. Cute idea to let each of the kids pick something to decorate their wall space with. I like it!