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4 Moms Answer Reader Questions

Today the 4 Moms are answering reader questions. I dug around in my inbox and found several that have been languishing away waiting for a response.  I responded to these right off the bat, as soon as I got them, all timely like in my head, but that doesn't do YOU much good does it now?

So, I am finally typing out my responses so you can actually, you know, read them instead of using ESP to interpret my thoughts.

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Do you have a vehicle big enough to fit your whole family? Is it a necessity with a family that big or is it feasible to sometimes just take 2 vehicles when you need to?

We have a 15 passenger van, which we got after every last seat in our Suburban was occupied and I was expecting our 7th child. We didn't feel comfortable putting the baby in a tow along trailer, so we sprung for the van, which was very reasonably priced since the flashy Hollywood types apparently don't care for them. It's a supply and demand type thing. I suppose we COULD drive 2 vehicles everywhere, but I hate to think of the extra money we would spend doing that.

Is it creepy that I think I know you?

No. Well, unless you peer in our windows at night. Then that would definitely be creepy.

I think I know the bloggers I read too. In fact, I've been known to bring up "my friend Holly" in conversations and when I'm asked, "Oh, you mean Holly S?" then I'll be all vague, like, "Um, well, no... actually this Holly lives... in... my computer... but we are REALLY good friends!" and then the person I'm speaking with will suddenly remember a phone call they need to make and walk away nervously. It happens every time.

Did you have any c-sections?  Also, did your pregnancies keep getting harder?

I have never had a c-section. My 4th and 5th pregnancies were my hardest, with a month of hospitalization for pre-term labor during each of those. With each pregnancy, though, I AM older and I have more children following me around calling me "Mommy", so there is that. If you want gory details, you should definitely read my 7th birth story.

I am wondering how much socialization your children get with peers their own age???

We go to church twice a week where each of my children has friends his or her own age and also friends in other age groups. We also participate in activities with our homeschool group a few times a month and there are plenty of kids there. My children are all very friendly and love to visit with people of all ages. They don't feel compelled, and neither do we, to have specialized time to interact with peers their own particular age. 

I have a 7 yo who is not reading as well as I had hoped. She detests reading at all, she even dislikes to being read aloud!

I believe that most of this is because she doesn't read well, thus it's hard. Phonics books like Fox on a Box are too easy, but go one step towards something more challenging and it's too hard.

Do I have a problem that will "mature it's way out"? Or do I need intervention?  Of my 4 she is the only one who hates reading and frankly it's a shock to my system! Can you recommend some tools? Do I need tools? We've successfully finished How to teach your child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons - and she did great!

I have had 2 reluctant readers. The second of those just turned 9 years old and is FINALLY just now realizing that reading is fun and that she CAN read, and is about to finish her first "chapter book" all on her own this week. (She has embarrassed me more than once by telling people, "I can't read," when she has been perfectly capable - finished 100 Easy Lessons, could read simple readers, etc.)

As far as reading aloud, if any of mine groan, which they occasionally do, depending on the text, I simply give The Stink Eye and proceed to read. They do not have a choice as far as listening. They must do so respectfully, allowing the others to listen as well.

Make sure you are reading interesting stories that she finds compelling. Ask her what she would like you to read. What is she interested in?

Once mine figured out that they really COULD read, even though there was some struggle involved, they both became more interested in reading independently.

I would say to continue reading aloud exciting stories and having her read simple readers to you every day. Don't make these things optional! If she has the basics down, which she does if she has completed 100 Easy Lessons, then I think she probably just needs the confidence to feel like reading is something she can do herself.

What shoes do you wear with skirts when it's cold?

What?! You missed the video about my fancy  pleather  boots?!

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  1. I always enjoy these posts -thankyou!
    I’m so relieved to hear about the reluctant reader – I have one who is 6 & she is a pain quite frankly to get to read at times even though we’ve done the phonics course & she is fine with it. I struggle because my 8 year old was such a natural reader & is reading at a much higher level than he needs to – guess I just want to say I’m glad it’s not just me having these issues (sorry I’m tired, so this may not make sense:) )
    Is your car difficult to maneuveur?
    Have fun

  2. I would like to offer encouragement to the mother whose daughter is reluctant to read, because my family experienced a rather dramatic shift in my younger brother’s reading. My parents homeschooled me and my siblings and occasionally worried because my brother did not read well until a very late age, I believe around about age 11. However, around age 12 my brother started reading…college textbooks!! From there on he could not get enough information. He is now one of the most well-read, articulate people I know, and a skillful writer as well. Sometimes it just takes a little patience! I hope this mother’s daughter does learn to read soon and enjoys the world of imagination and information that books and words bring, but I also believe patience and time can work miracles!

  3. I enjoyed reading your 7th birth story. It encourages me to try to wait and go into labor on my own. I’ve been induced 4 times previously and I think I yelled something each time like, “I’m going to die!” just before giving birth and maybe right afterwards, too. I would love to handle the pain a little better and have one of those peaceful, “Welcome to the world” first meetings with my newborn instead of the usual, “You take him/her, I can’t hold anyone!” Thanks for sharing!


  4. Awww. *blush* Me? (I hope so!)

    I live in more than your computer!!!! (And that should scare you.) :)

    We’s friends. For ever.