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Yoplait Prize Pack Giveaway

 This is a really cool giveaway!

Yoplait provided me with a nice roll up fleece picnic blanket that is lined with vinyl to keep it dry even on damp grass and a sturdy insulated carry tote. Perfect for a picnic! We are definitely going to be putting those to good use once the weather comes down out of the triple digits.

We also got a *coupon for a free box of Yoplait, which lasted all of about 2 minutes around here before there was a feeding frenzy, and all that was left after that were bits of cardboard and empty containers. I heard they were tasty.

If you would like to win a prize pack just like this, provided by Yoplait through MyBlogSpark, simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite flavor of yogurt.

*This coupon offer for a free pack of Yoplait Splitz is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee.

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  1. My favorite flavor of yogurt is lemon followed closely by banana cream pie!

  2. Im a vanilla strawberry fan myself. :)

  3. Aunt Polly says:

    For me, it’s vanilla…or plain…and I love to add almonds, honey and maybe a bit of cinnamon

  4. Peach!!!

  5. My favorite flavor is strawberry.

  6. I like vanilla. Plain and simple (it usually doesn’t have added color, which is a big plus!)

  7. I like vanilla with homemade granola sprinkled on top.

  8. We like Strawberry Yogurt!

  9. We lived in Germany where they have all different kinds of yogurt flavors. I like coconut and pina colada the bestest!!! Of American yogurt, strawberry is my fav.

  10. Mmmmm. I love Strawberry. And this would be a totally cool prize to win, because we’ve had many picnics this summer, but my 5yo boy won’t let me call them a picnic because we weren’t sitting on a blanket!

  11. Strawberry banana!!! Yummy.

  12. My favorite is blueberry.

  13. i’d have to say strawberry!

  14. I really just love plain yogurt…and my kiddos love plain yogurt with honey and cantaloupe mixed in. Sounds crazy but it’s delicious!

  15. my favorite is blueberry or vanilla bean

  16. Strawberry banana is my favorite. Yogurt goes quick in our house too!

  17. We’ve been eating only homemade plain for a while now, but I LOVE Yoplait’s boston cream pie! It’s to die for!

  18. My Favorite is Cherry!!!

  19. Favorite flavor is peach!

  20. I’m a plain vanilla girl…or raspberry chocolate mousse! That’s especially good frozen when hubby is craving ice cream and I want something delicious and not high in fat and calories! :)

  21. I usually like vanilla, but my current pregnancy craving is strawberry- not sure why but it goes for milkshakes, too :). (Don’t ask how I know….)

  22. I love strawberry!!! yea for giveaways.

  23. Definitely strawberry for me!

  24. Vanilla, but I need the fruit and granola to go with it. Yummy and healthy!

  25. Yummy Yogurt !!!!!I love the very cherry it is so good.

  26. We like strawberry!

  27. peach or strawberry yum!

  28. Strawberry all the way…nothing beats it.

  29. Yogurt goes fast in my house too- all flavors! My favorite is blackberry :o)

  30. Pina Colada is the favorite around this house.

  31. Holly Schwartz says:

    Love, love, love that giveaway!!! Strawberry-Banana Yogurt is my favorite.

  32. Strawberry Cheesecake. Yum yum

  33. Sarah Abbott says:

    My favorite flavor is key lime pie!

  34. We love to share a few flavors when we have yogurt for lunch or breakfast. Our favorite combinations are strawberry and peach and vanilla and blueberry.

  35. Christine says:

    My favorite yogurt is YoPlus Cherry. So good!

  36. Elizabeth says:

    Vanilla totally boring I know. (Hangs head in shame) :)

  37. Black cherry! And btw: We just bought the Splitz last week b/c by 6-year-old thought they looked yummy and would feel good on her sore throat… and they WERE yummy. I was also pleased that they didn’t contain corn syrup.

  38. I like plain yogurt and then to add honey and fresh strawberries to it!

  39. I just love strawberry! Please Enter Me!

  40. Strawberry or peach!

  41. I love vanilla. Or plain with some kind of sugary cereal on top!

  42. I love strawberry!! :)

  43. I love vanilla!

  44. I love strawberry the most abd have a fond affection for Peach,Vanilla, and key lime.

  45. Raspberry or Vanilla

  46. We love strawberry bannana. We also buy the trix yogurt and freeze it for the boys they love it. what a cool giveaway.

  47. My favorite flavor of yogurt is strawberry-kiwi. Yum!!

  48. I’d have to say strawberry banana or raspberry are my faves!

  49. Kerri Persaile says:

    My favorite is strawberry cheesecake

  50. I love strawberry yogurt. :)

  51. Ashley D. says:

    Strawberry Cheesecake is sooooo yummy!

  52. I’m a strawberry gal.

  53. Vanilla

  54. Becky Milstead says:

    We love blueberry at our house!

  55. Brandi J. says:

    Definitely Boston Creme Pie! It is so good!

  56. Lora Greene says:

    My favorite is definitely vanilla, but my 2.5 year old son would tell you that plain and unsweetened is the only way to eat yogurt. May I one day agree….

  57. Debbie Girardot says:

    Anything berry!!! blue, rasp, straw….boisenberry is the best!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Debbie Girardot, You won the giveaway! Contact me with your address and phone number (I don’t know why they always ask for that!) and I’ll forward your info to Yoplait. Congratulations!

  58. Strawberry is my favorite!

  59. sillygeese says:

    favorite around here is vanilla, followed closely by Orange creme, MY favorite is boisenberry, but I am alone in that.

  60. We normally buy the big tubs of vanilla but, peach and cherry are definitely a favorite around here!

  61. I like rasberry… but we usually buy big tubs of plain. :)

  62. Ooo… my favorite is most definitely strawberry!

  63. We love strawberry and vanilla yogurt in our house!

  64. Yoplait is my favorite yogurt! I love their Thick and Creamy variety, especially the cherry cobbler, and the red velvet cake is to die for!

  65. Mixed Berry, Yum Yumm!!

  66. Letisha Reese says:

    Peaches for sure!!! Thanks for the contest.

  67. Cindy in GA says:

    Almost any flavor of yogurt has at least one fan at our house – probably the overall favorite is strawberry.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Cindy in GA, My first winner never responded, so your number was picked! Email me your address and phone number within one week and I’ll forward it on to Yoplait.

  68. strawberry!!

  69. I love the Vanilla! When I was pregnant with my first, my favorite snack was Vanilla Yoplait with fresh strawberries….YUM!

  70. I really want to win that picnic blanket!!

  71. strawberry banana

  72. I love vanilla the best!

  73. My very favoritest flavor in the whole widest world would have to be….Black Cherry with Heath Bar

  74. Kimberly K says:

    I love peach yogurt the best!!! So good :)

  75. Definitely Vanilla! I add granola to it, mix it with plum jelly to put on top of pancakes, add it to smoothies and oatmeal, and so much more!!

  76. My favorite is Raspberry. I love it!

  77. We are big fans of cherry around here :)

  78. I’m a lemon kinda gal.

  79. Cherry! It has to be cherry!

    Great giveaway!

  80. My favorite flavor is Strawberry

  81. Ruth Hill says:

    I love blueberry!

  82. My favorite is key lime pie!

  83. My favorite is peach.

  84. Strawberry is my favorite. I would love to win this.