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Walmart Back to School Bargains

Have you done all your back to school shopping?

Here are the bargains I have stocked up on at Walmart:

  • single subject spirals, $.15
  • Elmer's glue sticks (2 ct.), $.25
  • pencils (24 ct.), $1
  • crayons (24 ct.) $.20

I was shocked to see people picking up 10 packs of pencils for $.50 when the 24 pack was right next to them for $1! Why not get 4 free pencils?!

I bought 100 of the single subject spirals. I have found them to be simpler to use than having the kids write on loose leaf notebook paper and then having to file it in the proper binder.

I also bought several packs of  pencil top erasers to put on the new pencils because the erasers always wear down before the pencil is used up.

What school supplies can you not live without? What bargains have you found?

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  1. Right now the only school supplies my daughter needs are
    -Printable worksheets free at: http://www.handwritingworksheets.com/
    -Preschool workbooks $1 each at Dollar Tree
    -Clear page protectors to put the worksheets and workbook pages into $1 for a 25-pack at Dollar Tree
    -Dry-erase markers to use on those clear page protectors to complete her worksheets and preschool workbook pages $1 for a 3-pack of fine tipped ones with their own erasers at Dollar Tree
    Yes I spent a total of $4 plus ink and computer paper on curriculum and supplies for this year so far. I say so far because she has been eagerly doing “school” with the new supplies for a month already and has used up all but 1 of the dry-erase markers so I am thinking at this rate we’ll be out $1 a month on markers. Lol! She’ll be 4 next month so those should do just fine along with music and books we already have and the “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons” book I got her last year used for cheap. I’m not looking forward to it getting mroe complicated and expensive every year from here on out. For now just thankful preschool is low-maintainence. 😉

  2. Ohhhh to have the luxury of such bargains! ….. on an island off the west coast of Scotland is NOT the place to be if you’re looking for bargains.
    I have to be honest, I have no love of shopping, but I have found myself over the past couple of days hankering over a wander through these kinds of aisles and chucking bargain after bargain into my trolley.
    Oh well, a woman can dream…!
    Love, Anne x

  3. I love stocking up on the crayons, pencils, pencil top erasers, and notebooks. I still have SO many spirals and crayons from last year! This year I’m trying the composition notebooks for $0.25.

  4. We are living in South Korea and there is no Walmart or Dollar Tree here. I have tried shopping online for great deals but most Back to School bargains are only available “in the store”. So I will have to make a nice long list and in two years, when we are back in the states, I’ll be stocking up…and then some!

  5. Christine says:

    Maybe they were picking up 10 packs because the school requires that size package. I remember some of my friends complaining that they had to buy (4) 24 ct crayon boxes, when one larger box was cheaper…. one more reason I want to homeschool!

  6. katena dyser says:

    We are in the state of Wa. Here they give away a lot of free supplies. There is one today and we are headed there to see what it is all about. Next week they have a military only drive. But I always shocked up especially on crayons, glue sticks, pencils and spirals. I use them a lot for other things. We go threw a lot of crayons. I have a shool box that I add everything too. With 6 boys I make sure to keep my school bos stocked. Like the previous poster said a lot of teachers ask for specific sizes of supplies . Here is a sample of the kindergarten list in WA.
    2 boxes 24 crayons
    2 bottles elmers glue
    12#2 pencils
    Everything is community property

  7. We stocked up on spiral notebooks too, even though my kiddos are younger – you just can’t beat .15 cents! Oh, and the crayons, we bought a lot of those. I love back to school sales! :)

  8. I stock up on those notebooks, too, even though my children aren’t old enough for school. We use them to color in, and the notebooks are so much neater than loose leaf paper. I also stock up on crayons because you know how many you go through in a year. I also use these sales to pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

  9. Heather Sutton says:

    I picked up several good bargains at Wal-mart, only to come home and find out that my husband brought home backpacks full of school supplies for “Operation Homefront”. A help to military families. Well, we are thoroughly stocked up now!