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The Accidental Watermelon

This is what happens when kids spit their watermelon seeds in the backyard.

A watermelon grows on the patio.

A watermelon weighing 27 pounds which the children name "Roberta".

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  1. WOW!!! How fantastic is that!!!! I bet it was tasty too!

  2. That’s about as hysterical as the random tomato plants we had springing up! I purposely threw a pumpkin in our yard a couple years ago hoping something would come up but it never did! Too cute!

  3. Jenn Price says:

    We had two accidental pepper plants come up this year. Really not sure how it happened but it was a nice surpise. So now it is producing lovely peppers for our meals!

  4. What a happy accident! Delicious too!

  5. Well I can say this for you.. You must have some pretty fertile ground.☺

  6. Love it!!! Was Roberta yummy?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Um so apparently all this time I should be randomly throwing seeds out and I too will get awesome results no weeding required???? That’s what I’ve been doing wrong! :) That is one impressive watermelon!

  8. That’s one impressive accident. YUM!

  9. You have GOT to be kidding! I have trouble growing stuff I actually plant, and all you do is throw seeds and get goodies?! Wait, I know why this wouldn’t happen in our yard. ‘Cause my boys would mow it down without lookin’ twice! LOL Your blog always makes me smile!

  10. Heather Wawatoosie says:

    That’s great!!!

    We have a beautiful orange pumpkin and an acorn squash flourishing in our compost heap this year. I’d like to know why they are growing better than the things I intentionally planted and have been tending?????

    Enjoy your melon!

  11. My kids said, “Can we do that???” I told them, sadly, their daddy weed-eats too often. And sweeps. It could never work at our house. So sad.

  12. Wow, that’s cool.

  13. awesome!! that happened at our house when i was a teenager — i had a party where we ate watermelon outside…and a little while later, surprise!!

  14. That is hilarious..aside from the fact that I couldn’t grow a watermelon if I tried, but you grew one accidentally. 😉

  15. We can’t even find watermelons with seeds anymore! I have a mystery pumpkin that is quite large now. Courtesy of the squirrels! Enjoy.

  16. That is very cool!
    We have a few stray sunflowers growing.
    Visiting from BlogFrog.

  17. I guess I need to have my kids ‘plant’ some seeds. That’s the only thing we’ll get anything growing around here!

  18. Watermelons must be easy to grow. We have four growing in our backyard. Sure, I actually planted mine, but I’ve planted tons of other things in the past without result.

    I’m curious: how long does one watermelon lasts in your household?

  19. The watermelons we planted grew lovely vines, but never any watermelons. So disappointing. On the other hand, we grew some awesome thistles under our birdfeeder by accident – but somehow, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as a 27 lb watermelon.


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