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“Raising Bains” – A Review

I have been given the opportunity to review "Raising Bains", a new show that will be airing on the A&E network tonight,  Monday evening, August 23, at 10:00pm CST.

It is a documentary about a family with 13 children. 12 of those are adopted, with 8 being a sibling group.

Read my review at Lifetime Moms.

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  1. As a mom of 4, 3 adopted, 2 special needs, I can’t wait to see this show. We’ve adopted 4 times, we had to disrupt one because of issues that were a danger to our daughter who was 2 at the time. Our hearts want to do it again but for our family we know we cannot take on any more challenges. I for one am very thankful you got to review this show and that you posted about it.

    So often adoptive families, especially with those with international children, get comments of all kinds. People forget that they just children. Yes they’ve lived through a lot, yes we are all working towards helping them through their abuses, but it doesn’t make us, the parents, special or big hearted or kind or anything else. For many of us we just wanted a family since we couldn’t have our own. For many of us we wanted to step up and give a child a future and a family to call their own. People adopt for all kinds of reasons. It just makes us a family though.

    We have 2 sons from Taiwan and a daughter from China. So often people ask “are they related” and my answer is “yes, they are”. Then they ask “no, are they really brother and sister?” and it takes everything in me not to say “yes, you moron, the courts decreed they are really brother and sister.” I think, especially in families where you can obviously tell someone is adopted, people don’t stop and think what is appropriate to ask and what isn’t; what is personal and what is a general adoption question. If people are interested in adoption, I’ll share things with them. But more often people just want to know if we adopted a sibling group (no). Why does it matter if they are biologically related? People just can’t seem to stop themselves. Or they say “you are so kind” or “you have more patience than I do” or “how do you afford it”. The irritating thing is that they say ALL of this right in front of our kids.

    Ok, sorry for the lecture. I’m getting off my soap box now. Basically I just wanted to say that I love when they do an adoption show. And I love it that you got to review it. And I love it that you posted about the show.