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Post-its For Scheduling

I love Post-it notes for scheduling my homeschool day!

Since they can easily be removed and re-stuck, I can rearrange and modify my schedule without erasing or starting over as I would have to in a planner.

Because they are bright and good sized, we can all see what we need to be doing at once.

I use 2 poster boards and mark the time on the left side in 30 minute increments. At the top, I put every person's name on a different color Post-it note.

This system makes it a breeze to schedule my day

Check out this video of  how I schedule chores  to see more.

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  1. this is a great idea, i am always making new list for everyone

  2. I like this. I just got done with a group of women going through MOTH. I haven’t done my schedule yet. :-( Anyway, this has enough room to write everything as opposed to all those little slips of paper in MOTH

  3. Love this!

  4. great idea! and i love how colorful it is!

  5. This is a tip I can do!! thank you!

  6. I like how you’re having your kids read to each other! (And of course I love Post-Its. Just as I love all office/school supplies!)

  7. Post-It’s seem to be the solution to EVERY organizational problem, don’t they? I love this, and I don’t even homeschool. Thanks!!

  8. I began to set this up after your video on this – we even have the same color posterboard! I did have two in 30-minute increments, but decided to go to one with 1-hour increments. I might switch back…