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Memories of First Grade

Remember when I confessed to you about being directionally challenged? Well, I was just recalling some of my memories from as early as first grade of my little disability.

You see, I never went to preschool or Kindergarten, so first grade was my very first experience in a school setting. I remember thinking, "WHY are we always lining up?! And WHY are there so many places to go?!"

It seemed like I would be sitting in my little desk minding my own business and the teacher would randomly call out for us to line up. I don't know if she didn't tell us where we were going, or if I just didn't pay attention, but I NEVER seemed to know where we were headed.

I just followed the line and I'd always be surprised when we ended up at the restrooms or the water fountain or the cafeteria or the playground.

A couple of times I got to the cafeteria and had to ask to go back to the classroom to get my lunchbox. I'm sure my teacher, Mrs. Harris, was thrilled with the prodigy/genius material she had in me.

But I wasn't through impressing her yet! I decided that since I never knew where we would be going, I would just carry my lunchbox with me wherever we went. That way, I would always be prepared!

If we lined up to go to the restrooms, I had my lunchbox. When it was time for recess, I took my lunchbox. You never know when you'll end up at the cafeteria, after all!

You would think it would have been easier to just PAY attention to what time it was or LISTEN to what we were doing, but I figured I'd just play it safe and carry that lunchbox with me wherever we went.

That strategy served me well. I never showed up at the cafeteria empty handed after that!

What are your earliest school memories?

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  1. Wise move, I reckon. If you were able to ask my friend Dawn, who accompanied me to Skye last week, she would confirm that I have *no* sense of direction.
    Anyway, you’re always safer having food within arm’s reach. That would be my motto, I think!
    Soooooo glad my kids aren’t there…..so far, they don’t tend to get lost around our house!!
    Love, Anne x

  2. Standing in line in kindergarten crying because I missed my mom and they wouldn’t let me stand in the 3rd grade line with my sister. :( Crying on the bus because I was scared. :( Have I mentioned how glad I am the Lord led us to homeschooling?!

  3. One of my earliest school memories is in kindergarten. I remember we were coloring and I decided to color my people blue. The teacher was upset about this and kept making me do it over again and again (I kept picking different colors each time) until I got it right. I guess she didn’t like my creative side.

  4. I have to laugh at the imageof you carrying your lunchbox everywhere:) But way to be prepared!! I remember Kindergarten having two of the sweetest teachers. It was only half day and I managed pretty well considering I’d much rather be at home with my mom and sister.

  5. My first school memory was in Kindergarten when we had nap time. I went to a school that offered full day kindergarten and we had nap time everyday. The teacher would write our names on the board if we slept during nap time and then when we woke up we could have a piece of candy. If we did not sleep, we could not have candy. I used to pretend sleep and peek to see if my name was on the board.

  6. My very first memory of school is me with my arms wrapped around my mothers waist and being pulled away while screaming to stay with her, then watching her walk down the hall as I cried to go with her.
    Grant it, every day was not like that but the first one was.

  7. Recently found your blog and wanted to let you know I enjoy it!

  8. Ok I seriously “LOL’d” on that one!

  9. I did go to preschool sometimes. Our landlord was a preschool teacher, so she’d take me now and then. I loved it. But when kindergarten started, I cried so much that I wasn’t included in the class. I had to stay outside the circle on the other end of the large classroom until I’d calm down. Wxcept, no one ever noticed when I calmed down and I just sat over there every day until we moved. In the new school, I didn’t cry, but didn’t like the babysitter after school. (I still wonder why and wonder why no one ever questioned it…) I’d run away during recess and use my key to hide in the garage. The school would call my mom and she’d come find me and take me back again. This repeated every day until summer. Nice memories, huh? So glad we homeschool!

  10. I have a terrible sense of direction, too. In kindergarten, I could never find my classroom by myself. At the beginning of the year, whenever I got off the bus, I would ask someone if I could walk with them to the classroom. After a while, when it was clear the other kids were getting annoyed, I would pick out a familiar face and surreptitiously follow that kid to the classroom. It was very stressful to feel so helpless and in the dark. Also, when I was little, I somehow got the idea that all the other kids already knew each other, and consequently felt and acted like a shy outsider, so I never had many friends. Fun!

  11. I went to a half-day preschool when I was four, and I remember it very vividly, much more so than kindergarten or first grade. I remember what it looked like (it was in the teacher’s basement, with windows up high on the walls), I remember the snack area and making and serving snacks, the play house in the center of the room, the puppets, and all the dress-up clothes. I don’t remember any seat work, maybe we didn’t do any. I liked preschool and had a great time.

    On the other hand, my memories of public kindergarten are not so nice. My most vivid memory was of the day I “found” a cat on the way to school. I told my teacher I brought her for show-and-tell and she fell for it. That afternoon, I told my mother that the teacher gave me the cat. She did NOT fall for it. I remember being spanked and sent to bed when it was still light outside. This incident was made possible because I walked about 5 blocks, and crossed the major highway thru the town, to get to school. It was OK though, because I had an older girl, a first grader, to walk with. I guess I really am old, aren’t I?

    I also remember the day in first grade when my now-second-grade friend and I decided to take a “short cut” home at lunch (yes, we walked home for lunch too, so no problems with lunch boxes). We turned the opposite way at the highway and toured downtown instead. Our mothers called the police. No, the police did NOT manage to find us (that’s encouraging, isn’t it), but eventually, about dinner time, we made our way home.

    Another day in kindergarten, I got up during nap time to go to the bathroom, which was not allowed. I tripped on another kid and fell on his face and gave him a nosebleed. Very traumatic all around. By the way, this was afternoon kindergarten, only half-day, but we still did naps. I’m not sure what else we did. Apparently, show-and-tell. And I do remember the playground, so there must have been recess. I’m guessing not much in the way of academics (this was Indiana, after all, in the 60s).

    It sounds like I was really a lot of trouble, but those three days are the only ones I remember. Then at the beginning of 2nd grade, we moved back to TN, and I had the worst teacher of my life in private Christian school (A very long story). From that point on, I remember everything. Boy, am I glad to be homeschooling! Why didn’t somebody invent it sooner, like in the 60s?

  12. School comes with some horrible memories. Funny thing is, I’m still young enough that when I tell people with kids about them they don’t just shrug it off saying ‘its all changed now’.

    Did ANYONE actually sleep through naptime? I don’t know anyone who did. I think it was just a way to fill in an hour.

  13. I LOVED Mrs. Harris! And she probably thought the same thing we all thought! “Cooonnniiieee!!!!!” :-) Teasing you! (but maybe that’s why I x’d out your face in my yearbook???) Love you!

    I remember my knee high red “leather” boots with heels in pre-K that I LOVED! I remember first grade with Mrs. Harris and making a reading “bookworm” where we (mom!) had to cut out like a jillion construction paper circles to write the names of the books we read and we would bring them to school and she would staple them on the caterpillar’s head to make the body. I also remember coming in second place to Michael Beeman! (I still think he cheated!)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Ellen, I did those bookworms for my students when I taught 3rd grade. I never realized I got the idea from Mrs. Harris! (I know a good idea when I steal one!) Now, WHY didn’t I send them home for the parents to cut out?! I spent hundreds of hours on those circles!!!

  14. I’m 31 now but my mother didn’t have me till she was 40, when I was a kid I had the oldest mother in my class (I proudly told her age to all), she was also not really “with it” I had frilly dresses, white socks with ruffles and matching bows in my pony tails every day, all the other little girls wore jeans and sneakers. I didn’t even own any and I so badly wanted some. After weeks of crying she finally bought me a pair of jeans.

  15. I love your lunchbox story, Connie!

    I mainly have only good memories of elementary school. It was in junior high and high school that I felt (like “M” above) that I would never know my way around and that I’d get lost and also like everyone else knew everyone else and I would never know any of them.

    My first grade teacher was awesome and I so distinctly remember her making a giant circle in the air above her head while we sang “let freedom riiiiiiing!” She also came to our house once so my mom could record “On the Good Ship Lollipop” from her piano so we could sing along with it in class. I was soo nervous and excited that Ms. Cogan was coming to MY HOUSE. I probably drove my mother crazy :)

  16. Really no fond memories come to mind, but a couple of bad ones do. Kindergarten I was too afraid to raise my hand and interrupt the teacher’s reading of a book to us, that I didn’t get to the bathroom when I need, and there was a little stream running out from under our table. I don’t think the kids at that age made fun of me ever though, maybe the teacher talked to them while I was in “cleaning up.” Then in 1st grade I got in trouble for something, I was a very shy child, so I can’t imagine what I did:) I had to stand behind the piano for awhile. I remember crying and missing my mom. Then in 2nd grade I had my teacher spank me with her hand for talking and once she pulled my bangs really hard in reading circle. Again, not many fond memories of school my whole life. I was a wallflower, could have been why, it was rather tortuous . . . especially having to get up in front of the class to give reports, etc. I’m very thankful to homeschool my child.