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4 Moms Open House: Kitchen/Dining Room

Welcome to "4 Moms Open House"!  Today we are showing you our kitchens and dining rooms. Come with me and I'll show you around.

Please, don't mind the mess. What mess? Oh, I tidied up a bit before you came, but trust me, if you look close enough you might see half of a bologna sandwich or a stray sock or a jumbo pack of Sparkle paper towels (a quarter to the first person to spot those) laying around.

Come in, sit down, relax converse.

Our house doesn't always look like this,

Sometimes it's even worse!

This is the view from one end of our kitchen all the way into our "breakfast room" which we never use for breakfast. On the near right you will see the refigerator and past that is the sink. Beyond the sink, on the counter, is a bunch of junk and the fish tank from whence a brave little soggy soul had the gumption to JUMP out of his watery prison and on to my cutting board where I was preparing dinner one night.

I'm not even making that up. Much shrieking followed. (Do these things happen to ordinary people?)

On the left is where I spend a good bit of my time, at the oven, microwave, cook-top, and mixer. It's where I filmed my famous homemade country gravy video. Beyond that is a table and another fish tank. This table provides extra seating for meals or school work.

Here is the view to the right from the table in the previous picture.

This is directly across from the previous photo.

Turning back around, here is a closer look at the (non)breakfast room. You can see our school schedule, bookshelves (with yet another fish tank) and a little table for eating or working at. If you looked out the windows, you would see our trampoline.

Here is our dining room, where we have our evening meals, game nights, family meetings, and any other gatherings where the whole family is involved. The kitchen is behind me and to the right.

My husband traded golf lessons to have those benches built by a woodworking golfer. (Thank the good Lord for woodworking golfers!) I love them because we can smoosh lots o' kiddos on 'em! (the BENCHES, not woodworking golfers!) Plus, they were free.

Here is another view of the dining room, from our entry way. The view out the window is our front yard. The kitchen is to the rear and right.

That's it for this week! I hope you enjoyed it. Come back next week to see the living area.

Be sure to check out the other moms homes and then link up your own!

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  1. I’ve been wondering about bench seating instead of chairs for the little ones. We have a really small kitchen/dining (whole house actually) area and I also thought maybe with the benches they would slide under the table and out of the way more.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful kitchen! We have very similar countertops which I love because they don’t show a lot of grime.

    Laughing so hard over the escaping fish story…

  3. Beautiful home! I like how you have the classroom area set up and the LARGE dining area. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love it! Those benches are beautiful:)

  5. You kitchen is very similar to mine, and I was just wondering if you knew the name of the tile you have on your backslash. I’ve been wanting to put up some sort of backsplash and I love yours. How does it hold up?

  6. I’m loving the benches. We keep talking about trying to find some because they would seat more people for when we have company.

    I’m wondering about two fish tanks. Is that because they belong to two different people?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Kimberly @ Raising Olives, We actually have 6 fish tanks, and that is only because we just got rid of one. My Madison is an aquarium LOVER! She is even on an aquarium forum and answers questions about setting up and keeping them. She would like to write a book on the topic one day.

  7. It looks very warm and inviting, Connie! And I feel a huge kinship with you because of the Post-Its everywhere – that’s my favorite organization/reminder/love note system! :-)

  8. Thanks for the tour. Beautiful kitchen.

  9. I had no idea you had so many fishtanks! Not that I would have had a way to have known that… I’m just sayin’. I love your big windows! Also love the benches, and can imagine us going that route some day. I need to find a woodworker that needs music lessons…. 😉

  10. LOL at the jumping fish story!! Too funny!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics, they’re great!

  11. Your kitchen is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing pics…I loved seeing all those happy little faces!

  12. Connie, I love your blog! I have raised 4 daughters and know th echallenge of many children underfoot. Would you be willing to link to my blog? I have just begun and could sure use some advice!


  13. I am having so much fun looking at everyone’s houses as well as capturing my own! I was so motivated today to do some serious decluttering and cleaning so I could take some pics to share :) What a fun idea!

  14. I am so glad that you have lots of fish tanks.

    I have a hamster (named Alf) and a mouse (named USB) sitting on the floor in my dining/school room. I pray daily for their demise. I always feel so alone with aquariums sitting around. I’m glad it is not just me. I always wonder what people think.

  15. My MIL swears by benches vs. chairs, because you can pack in so many more. Lucky you to be able to barter for them!

  16. We have two bences as well at our kitchen table! Love it!!!! So practical.

  17. I love the colors in your kitchen, and the tray ceiling above the breakfast area. The kitchen looks the right size to be functional. I don’t like kitchens that are too big because I feel I get lost in them! Just enough space is just right.

    I was out of town so I haven’t posted my pics yet, hope to do it this week or next. Thanks for showing off your lovely home.


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