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Homeschool Pen Pals

My bloggy friend, Cheryl, at Adventures of a Somewhat Crunchy Mama has come up with a neat idea.

I call her "my friend" when I try to convince pregnant people to name their baby boys after her kids. I'm all, "My friend Cheryl has the coolest name for her boys! Aren't  __a_  and  _o_  the coolest names ever?!" (You'll have to click over to her blog to find out what they are.)

And then the pregnant people are all, "Back off, Lady! Do I even know you?!" and then they call security and it all goes downhill from there.

But look! I really DO know my friend, Cheryl! See? I met her at Blissdom and she is just as sweet as peach pie!

So, about that idea she had... in an effort to model the importance of writing, she has come up with the idea to organize a homeschool moms pen pal group.

Check it out before August 25. That's the deadline for signing up. Just send her your info and she'll match you up. Sounds fun, huh?

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  1. Hmm… I just had flashbacks to my pen-pal days. I had 80 or so at one time. I wrote about 6-10 letters a day. All of them were more than 2 pages long. One penpal and I used to see how long we could make our letters without being redundant or uninteresting. I loved getting mail from her the best. Not only was there a 12 or 13 page real actual handwritten letter in there but also we would swap stickers, stationery, and sketches we made. You see, I had been asking Mom if I could get a penpal for years and then we moved just before my 13th birthday and she caved because I didn’t have any real life friends yet… and I got 1 penpal, then another, and another, and so on…. until I had so many that I had a filing system for my incoming and outgoing mail and my Mom started to worry about the cost of stamps cutting into the grocery budget. 😀 So I wonder if signing up for a penpal would be something I struggle to keep up with or if it would re-open that Pandora’s box from my youth! Lol!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this in such a big way Connie!! You just made my day :) You crack me up, I was laughing out loud with the “scaring pregnant ladies”! Thanks again, you’re too sweet.

    Oh and Mama Mirage’s comment is too much, so funny! I promise I’ll only match you with ONE pen pal :)

  3. I’m finding this very tempting…. Mmmm. Could I keep it up? Would I remember to write? (There IS a reason for my kids calling me Mrs Forgetful). Would I have anything interesting to say? Would I find a minute to write?
    And yet…. I am so tempted
    Think I might just take the plunge
    Great idea
    Love, Anne (in Scotland, so I wonder if anyone would be willing to pay the extra postage, when e-mail is free!!)

  4. Aw man! 😉 Looks like I stumbled upon this post three years too late. Bummer! If you ever decide to do something like this again, please let me know :)