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Fun with Markers (or What Kids Do When Bored)

And the 3 month baby shots:

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  1. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! Is it possible to kidnap through a screen? … Just as well for you it’s not, cos that little cutie would be sitting on my lap in Scotland right now.
    Love, Anne x

  2. The marker beard is hilarious!! And baby Peyton is absolutely precious…I love her smile!

  3. Absolutely Adorable!

  4. Absolutely hilarious!! I hope it is “washable” marker…assuming it is! And what a BEAUTIFUL baby!!

  5. AWWWWEEEEEE…..I have a long way to go before I see my next little cutie (due next April)….but your baby is SOOOOOO cute : )

  6. Wow, she look funny but I hope that you could wash her face 😉
    Your baby has sweet and beautiful smile :)

  7. Brandi J. says:

    Looks like my children aren’t the only ones that think that markers are for body art instead of writing on paper! 😉 Peyton is growing so fast! All of your children are so beautiful!!

  8. I have ten children of my own and I consider myself an expert on cute babies. Let me just say, Peyton is beautiful!!!

  9. Such a beautiful baby!!! Oh I just love seeing her pics!!

    Teehee at marker, glad my kids arent’ the only ones!! Oh and are girls worse for this, my daughter is a tatoo artist when she gets hold of a pen, but my boy never did that!!

  10. Oh how precious! At least Peyton wasn’t drawn on! They are so cute!