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Favorite Kids’ Songs?

One of the things I'm going to miss the most about the Chevy Malibu when I turn it in next week (sniff) is the XM satellite radio.  For those of you as clueless as I was about all things 21st century, that means the radio station NEVER goes static-y because you are out of range.

The station we have been listening to most is XM116, Kids' Place Live. It has all kinds of old and new kids' songs. I love it! There are songs from movie soundtracks, nursery rhymes, fables and folktales, and modern takes on old songs - like Itsy Bitsy Spider sung by Little Richard.

In the video above, we were listening to, and thoroughly enjoying (ahem), a song from "Princess and the Frog". I am definitely going to download this one with the iTunes gift card I was given.

Do you have any favorite kids' songs? What are some other songs I should check out and possibly download?

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  1. We are loving Kids Place Live!

    One of our favotire songs right now is Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes. Here is the video. So super cute!


    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Crystal & Co, I love that one! Thanks for the reminder! Have you heard “The Best Pillow in the World”? I want to download that one too!

  2. The only songs my kids have been singing lately have been from the old Veggie Tales or ones from Sunday School. I sort of wish they’d mix things up in Sunday School as my 3 yr old sings the same part of the same chorus alllllllll the time!

    The kids channel on XM sounds like such a great thing!

  3. Seeds Family Worship. We love them all!

  4. A childhood favorite of mine is the Wee Sing America album, which is now my kids’ favorite. We also love the Wee Sing Bible Songs and Wee Sing More Bible Songs. http://www.weesing.com/booksAudio.cfm

  5. We LOVE Kids Place Live, too. :)
    We also like to listen to Go Fish… just about any song!

  6. My kids love the Go Fish Guys! Check them out on you tube.

  7. Kimya Dawson has a SUPER cute kids CD called “Alphabutt” (FYI, If you can’t already tell by the name, some of the songs are silly/gross “kid humor-ish”)
    They also reference things like babies nursing, eating healthy foods, etc. (which I think is extra cool!)

    There’s also a great Children’s singer named Carol Johnson: http://www.caroljohnsonmusic.com/testimonials.shtml

    and, though I try to avoid licensed characters whenever possible, I definitely make an exception for Sesame Street; I’ve found many Sesame street and Muppet albums that are great fun for kids and adults alike….

    Oh, and also I just remembered–there’s a company called Kimbo Music that has lots of CDs for kids.

    And me, personally, I still catch myself humming the songs from “Free to Be You and Me” that my mom used to play for me when I was a child–when my husband is upset about something, I’ll sometimes bust out my rendition of “It’s Alright to Cry” in a deep Rosey Grier inspired voice (usually it does the trick and makes him laugh.) Some of them are a little dated for kids today (but most are not) I put a couple of my favorites on CDs for my nieces and nephews.