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Fashion Horror Stories and Dressbarn Gift Card Giveaway

Do you have any fashion horror stories? You know, those moments that will live on in infamy and cause you to close your eyes and shudder some 15 years after the fact?

Does reading other people's fashion horror stories make you laugh and feel a touch better about your own?

I thought so.

So, here's what let's do. Let's share our fashion horror stories, laugh at each other, and then have a drawing for a $25 Dressbarn gift card giveaway! Sound like fun?

I thought so.

I'll go first.

Here is "How Not to Dress For a Wedding Three Week Post Partum".

I hope you don't think that's my only story! There's more! Here is what happens when Silly Putty finds its way ... well ... you'll see.

Now it's your turn! Leave your fashion horror story in the comments of this post and Random Number Generator will choose a random comment to win a $25 Dressbarn gift card giveaway! Don't worry if you don't have a Dressbarn where you live. They are adding an internet store this fall!

*Thank you to Dressbarn for the gift card to give away and one to keep!

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  1. I seem to recall “someone” (Connie) with some really cute skin tight pants one of which had roller skates on the pockets the other with ice cream cones. …..and we were in high school! Not elementary school…..just saying!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Ellen, You’re supposed to be telling your OWN fashion horror stories! Don’t make me replace that picture up there with one of YOU at girl scout camp! Don’t think I won’t do it!

  2. Ummmm…can I just say my fashion horror story is both years of middle school?? Cause that would qualify. I’m gonna have to go with the time I started my period at my softball game. In white pants. And my coach was a jerk who insited that our shirts be tucked in. The rest write itself.

  3. Alice McD says:

    Oh my. A painful memory. I got dressed one morning, walked into the closet where several pairs of shoes were lined up on the floor, stepped into the ones I wanted to wear, then drove to work. At a real, professional, college degree type job, mind you, not at a yogurt shop. Swung my feet out of the car and looked at them for the first time since leaving the closet. Ulp. Different color shoes! Not a blue and a black of the same style that MAYBE no one would notice. Of course not. A brown penny loafer and a RED ballet flat. I had to walk all the way into the building like that so I could get someone to handle my workload while I drove home to change, then walk back out, too. Glad the fashion police weren’t ticketing that day.

  4. Mine revolve around the crazy attire they make volleyball players wear…not male volleyball palyers. They are just fine with shorts and a t-shirt..but women need to wear glorified swimsuit bottoms. sigh.

    In highschool, someone got the bright idea that we moon the school at a spirit assembly. We would just be pulling down our shorts and exposing our uniforms. On each girls bum would be a letter spelling out our desire to get to regionals. So we moon the school…then off to math class. Some one loudly asks me which letter I was…the only one inthe class besides me who knew the answer, was the teacher. yuck

    in a related incident… when we first started wearing those uniforms, as opposed to shorts, the coach wanted to desensitize us and get us used to them. So he thought we should wear them to practice for a few days. It made sense. Then he invited the whole football team to watch…he hadn’t mentioned that. We didn’t learn much about volleyball during that practice.


  5. Of course there was the time i went camping. We were up in the Sierras for a week. One day one of the male leaders who is a crazy rock climber guy, offered to take a group of us up a more challenging trail. I was the only girl among a group of guys that went. It was crazy..teaching us rock climbing techniques half way up or down the mountain. At one point after I had chosen to slide down a section on my bum I noticed that I was feeling a subtle breeze. sigh.

    a sweatshirt tied around my waist did cover some of it.

    I’ll probably stop here at 2.5 embarassing “fashion” mishaps

  6. My story comes as a tip: No matter how busy life is, make sure you try your wedding dress on BEFORE the day of the wedding. Stress makes me eat and obviously I was really stressed about the wedding. We were already late getting to the ceremony (my maid of honor and I) and we almost didn’t get it zipped.
    It was VERY apparent that the dress didn’t fit correctly with all of the “fluff” showing in various bulges etc.
    And to top it off? The little ribbon straps that hold the dress on the hanger were not properly tucked but rather hanging out for everyone to see and each had a nice shiny safety pin attached to the end for some silly reason, added sparkle I guess?
    I now slap myself in the forehead just thinking about it. x)

  7. Ugg…I feel everyone’s pain in your stories. Mine happened much like Smockity’s, postpartum. My first child, only 3 weeks old at the time and I was nursing as well. Thought I had everything all tucked in tight. Went to church wearing an outfit that wasn’t maternity and I hadn’t fit into for a few years. I was feeling quite proud of my outfit of choice. The top was a beautiful cream 3/4 sleeved, button up for easy nursing access. Well, I hadn’t experienced being around other children, someone child cried and guess what???!! YUP, my milk let down, soaked through the pads, bra and shirt! Cream, Breast milk staining, wet shirt! I threw a baby blanket over one shoulder, held the baby in the other arm to cover me up and left quickly! It was most embarrassing seeing how, I was with my church family.

    But these moments do happen to us all, we learn and move on.

  8. I think the worst for me was being the matron of honor at my sisters wedding when I was 8 months pregnant with my second baby. I don’t think that I could possibly look worse in the pictures, especially of the ones during the ceremony where I was standing to the side! I have vowed to her that when she is 8 months pregnant, I will be sure to have lots of family photos taken so she can have pictures that look as ridiculous as those do!

  9. My most recent has to be when I was pregnant. Sunshine is my first, and under no uncertian circumstances were MY feet going to swell. So, I ignored the well-meaning and wise advice of my sister, aunts, friends, pastor’s wife, and DOCTOR, and didn’t buy new slip on shoes. Almost all of them told me to buy crocks. My response was, “I don’t want to pay that much money for a pair of ugly shoes!”

    Well, they were right. One morning, not one pair of shoes fit! I was mortified. Even my trusty house shoes didn’t fit. So, I trucked off to Payless, barefoot, to get a new pair of shoes (not that I could actually see my feet anyway…). The worst part of the whole trip was the sign on the door…

    No shirt, no shoes, no service.

  10. Oh, and I own a pair of crocs now.

  11. One day I headed out the door, with five children eight and under and my grandparents that were visiting us, off to the farmers market in a little mountain town forty minutes from our home. I had everything I needed, the stroller, the diaper bag, the children….when I arrived and went to get out of the van I noticed that I had forgot to put on my shoes!

    I am not one to wear shoes at home…but to make it all the way to the farmers market without noticing. I had to get out and shop without shoes before making the drive back home.

  12. Recently went to my first dinner where we dressed up with my hubby recently and wore a dress I sorta thought it was too short but when I got out of the car and stepped into the stree tin downtown chicago my slip was WAY lower than my hemline!!!!

  13. OK, there was the time when I was dedicated to my career and climbing the corporate ladder that I had an interview with a major telecommunications company. I was professionally dressed and arrived at work, ready for a regular day with a lunchtime interview. As I was walking to the interview, I looked down at my feet and one pump was blue and the other black. (I did get the job and worked there for 3 years before “retiring” to be a SAHM.)

    There was another time a few couple earlier that I was wearing a pair of pants that was about 8 years old. My (male) boss wanted me to retrieve some technical documents that I had filed away in the bottom drawer in another room. He followed me in there and I squatted to get them. As I squatted, my pants ripped, like the whole middle seam. Did he bother to leave? No, I had to stand up that way and walk in front of him out of the room.

    Oh, and in high school, despite there being a strict rule against wearing anything that had anything to do with alcohol, I wore a Spuds McKenzie shirt. We only had 6 classes and it was 5th hour when I was reported. They wouldn’t even let me turn it inside out. My mom had to bring me another shirt – we lived 15-20 minutes away and she provided my transportation to/from school. By the time she’d get there, it would be 6th hour, she’d go home and have to turn around to come back to get me. I don’t remember if I just went home with her or if she waited at the school for me, but I do remember neither one of us was amused.

  14. My fashion horror story goes something like this: it’s almost 100 degrees here every afternoon. I work outside with kids every afternoon. I want to look cute and professional yet still dress appropriately for outside because this school could possibly hire me as a full time teacher soon. So, every day at the end of work I look like a rag-a-muffin after playing outside all day.

  15. Fashion horror story: Number one son wears Hawaiian print shorts with a plaid shirt. The shirt was greens and the shorts were orange and you know, loud Hawaiian colors. I turned my head and said, “Let’s go!”

  16. Oh I have one, junior high camp i thought I was cool by wearing a Tweedy Bird sweatshirt and tight pants and to top it off I did the side pony tail because a regular would just not do. Of course I got teased the whole day but the worst part is there is a picture in one of my moms albums to prove it!

  17. Hmmmm…. when I was in school my Grandmother made me this horrid 60’s syle bell-bottom jumpsuits. At the time, I loved it! Looking back…what was I thinking? Appropriate in the 60’s perhaps, but NOT the 90’s! LOL

  18. Well, my family occasionally threatens to nominate me for “What Not to Wear” though they admit that I am probably not enough of a disaster to actually make it on the show. Still, I do have my moments. My son won a county-wide writing contest in Middle School and was being honored at a banquet. Being a stay at home mom at the time, most of my clothing was jeans and tshirts and the only “nice” thing I had to wear was a dress I had bought recently for a friend’s wedding. Maybe a little more sequined that was appropriate, but it was navy and fairly conservative, or so I thought. Until I sat down at the banquet and realized the slit up the side of the dress went a lot higher than I thought. Spent the evening, trying to hold it closed. School principal and his wife were there to honor my son and sitting at our table! We have a picture of our family and the principal, kindly taken by his wife, with me and my high slit skirt. Still a good memory of my son’s achievement even if mom was a bit risque:).

  19. Had two birthday parties in one day (one at the park, the other at a Children’s Museum) and was on the way into the second party before I noticed my son was wearing a shirt and his pajama shorts. In my defense, the shorts were solid black, but they were still made of that tell-tale thin pajama material.

  20. I’m a minister’s wife and always very conservative in what I wear as I tend to be “busty”…well I was nursing at the time and we were scrambling to board a plane…we get to the gate and everyone is already on so with baby on my hip I walk down the entire length of the plane to our seats which of course had to be in the back…I notice I am getting a few looks but I figured these people thought I was the one making the plane wait… only upon sitting down does my husband tell me my shirt is unbuttoned all the way down!

  21. Not sure how much of a horror show this is, but… we were at the mall to get new shoes for the 3 boys-one 5 yr old, and two 3 yr olds, and the baby, a 1 yr old girl, in the stroller. Bad enough to be in Payless w/all those kids alone, but the boys all scattered to find shoes. One came back with purple light up Winnie the Pooh workboots, one a nice pair of sparkly red pumps, and last but not least, pink fluffy slippers! They were very disappointed to put back the nice colorful shoes, and pick out boring brown or blue BOY shoes! I did get a laugh out of it , though, and now that they are 14 and 12, its a great story to tell!!

  22. I don’t have exciting stories like everyone else. Let me just say that the 1980’s was my fashion nightmare. And I’m reliving it everyday when my 9 year old picks out clothes that resemble the costumes in that nightmare. Example: today she wore purple plaid skinny pants with a long, baggy purple shirt and black ballet pumps with large rhinestones on the toes. Oh, and she LOVES the side ponytail. I have to zip my lip every day and smile politely.

  23. Ok, well since you shared one about post-partum, I’ll share one about pregnancy. I was in the 4th month of pregnancy with my little guy and I suddenly couldn’t urinate, AT ALL. I ended up going to the ER and they had to put a catheter in. Well, my hubby had his work Christmas party that night and they were going to give out bonuses and it was pretty important. So the hospital sent me home with a catheter and a bag. My hubby went out and bought me a pair of thigh high hose instead of the panty hose I had. I already had this cute little black maternity dress.
    So I hiked up the bag as high as I could on my leg and dressed up in my dress, stockings and high heels and went to the party anyway. I had to keep going to the bathroom to make sure my bag wasn’t full. Talk about feeling miserable. Oh, and the worst part, they decided not to hand out bonuses at the party!!!!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Debra, You won the giveaway! Contact me with your mailing info and I’ll forward that to Dressbarn. Congratulations!

  24. fashion horror stories? After I had the boys, I wore nursing pads to stop any wetness after nursing. I was shopping in the mall and when I was checking out I looked down and there were two wet circles on my shirt! I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I kept my arms crossed until I got to the car! ;-P

  25. I remember thinking that I was the bees knees in the 5th grade walking into class wearing my purple cords, purple polo, purple socks, purple shoes complete with my brand new purple headband. It’s so embarrasing to think about now!

  26. I am going to have to say almost all of my fashion “mistakes” (I like how innocent that sounds) have happened post “first child”. Before I was ever pregnant, I KNEW my size. Sadly for some reason after children I developed a disease that is the opposite of bulimia, we will call it “Aimilub” (spell it backwards and keep following) . You see every time a woman with Bulimia looks in the mirror, she sees a fat woman, but every time I looked in the mirror I saw a skinny beautiful teen. Unfortunately though now I was a lightly overweight, a bit more tired looking, woman. Needless to say my “disease” was evident in every picture between winter of 2001 to somewhere in 2009. Only recently have I realized that people did not secretly photo shop a chubby lady with tight and ill-fitting clothing in my place in pictures, just as a joke. I now, thank goodness, dress my size.

  27. My fashion horror story comes from the “When I Used To Work” file.
    One day I was sitting at my desk entering information on to the company’s payroll system when I felt something strange on my leg. I pushed back from my desk and looked down to find a bulge in my pant leg. Lo and behold I rolled up my slacks and found a pair of my underwear wadded up with a dryer sheet. I quickly put them in my purse and thanked the Lord they didn’t fall out when I was walking!!!!

  28. LOL – I’ve just had a wonderful laugh at all these contributions. So to share one of mine – well once when we were first married (&I’d just started my first job) I must have been running late on the washing because I found I didn’t have any tank tops to layer under my sweater as I was dressing for church. Well when I put on the jumper in the dull light of the bathroom it looked fine, so I decided to just wear it over my. Lo & behold it wasn’t until that afternoon after a lunch with my inlaws after church that I actually looked down at it in the light & saw my bra plain as day. I still blush at the thought.

  29. Getting ready for the first of my three daughters wedding, I had what I thought was the ideal dress to wear for the ceremony and reception as it was a perfect fit. We got up early and had to clean before decorating for the reception at a venue that had one the night before. I went to put my dress on when it was time to get ready and it wouldn’t fit now. I rummaged through my closet for another suitable dress and none were to be found. I quickly took the seam ripper and went to work. I had bought some fabric to make some curtains which also happened to be the same color of my dress. I cut two strips of fabric and sewed them into the area under the arms all the way down to the hem. I finished the arm holes by adding a dart like piece of fabric to each sleeve. I was so worried people would notice it and comment but my girls said it would have to do as we had to go now. Off we went to the church to meet the stylist and our hair was done in record time. Doesn’t mom want to change her shoes for the mother and bride pics? I heard this and looked down at my feet and to my dismay there I was still in my house shoes. This mother of the bride was walked down the isle with everyone looking at my house shoes instead of my quickly put back together dress.

  30. These are all so funny!
    About a month ago we went to my cousins wedding. It was a long drive, about two and a half hours. We arrived early so we thought that we would go for a short walk and see the little town. We set off with our five boys around us and Hubby and I holding hands and suddenly I felt a strong breeze. My skirt was down around my ankles!! Of course being the loud mouth I am I screamed and yanked it up!

  31. I must say…….the 80’s……

  32. okay…..maybe the 90’s too……

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Hmm. Well how about a windy day and a cotton skirt? How about flashing the store full of people you are standing in front of? Oh but it gets better. While I am slightly bent holding my skirt down. The wind catches my blouse. How do you grab that while you are trying to keep your skirt down? I have nothing against dressing modestly but on a windy day such as that perhaps something a little more form fitting would have been better!
    Or how about the time you wear a cute full pleated skirt to church and once you sit down in front of the church, on the platform, to play the piano realize that there is a hidden slit that is two inches above your knee? On the side that faces the congregation? Thank goodness for dark nylons. And though I could have fixed the slit I never could bring myself to. I gave the skirt away and warned her of the slit! :)

  34. I am a fashion nightmare when I do my work-from-home day. I juggle taking care of my three year-old, responding to email and doing housework. I am usually in my pajama pants, some random t-shirt with stains and my hair pulled back. Of course there are always occasions that I need to respond to something outside and my neighbors get a peak of my hectic life.

  35. I had a fashion fail AND cleaning fail just the other day. I was wearing black exercise pants and sitting on my dining room floor, which had more dog hair on it than it should have – let’s just say it had been a few days since I last vacuumed. When I stood up, my sister burst into laughter. My rear end was covered in white dog hair, clearly visible on my black pants. Oops!

  36. I read these last night and thought I really didn’t have a good story to tell. I had a doctor’s appointment early this morning so I dressed in the dark and left while everyone was still sleeping. About 2 hours after leaving while in the office, I looked down and realized I had one brown shoe and one black shoe on. I burst out laughing thinking that I know had a story to share. Thanks for the laugh, it was the best part of my day!

  37. I and my friend were pretending to be Amazon women in our creek in 6th grade, complete with greenery tucked in our bathing suits and a crown of palm fronds. Let’s not forget the mud stripes on the face and scary face, while clutching a 10 foot tall piece of bamboo (scepter?). Unfortunately, we had my parents take a picture. Advice to kids……don’t supply your parents with opportunities for blackmail.

  38. Ruth Hill says:

    I am trying to think of one. Yes, I think I do. I was wearing a new outfit–I absolutely loved the skirt. I slipped on some mud outside my classroom, and not only did I get my skirt covered in mud and skinned my knee, but I tore my skirt beyond repair. I kind of fixed it, but I had to use safety pins for that day. Not fun!

  39. HI
    I too have had nursing mishaps. I would go into the stores or in church and be wet or while the baby was nursing he or she would spit up on me and I would have to go into church like that. Also, I remember going to church and when sitting down I looked at my shoes. They were both different colors . I had know idea. but I always say that I am more worried about my children and I am the last one to get dressed and am always in a hurry. I would love to win that dress barn gift card. I love dress barn.

  40. Oh golly, one time that really sticks out is when I wore mismatched shoes to work. It was dark and I had a navy and black pair of the same style. You guessed it, one of each was put on and the whole day I looked like a complete dork! Now I always double check! lol

  41. I used to love to wear ties (like men’s ties) in high school. Talk about a geek!


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