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4 Moms Open House – Living Room

This week the 4 Moms would like to welcome you into our living rooms! Come on in!

This is the view from our front door. That fish tank is one of SIX that my Madison cares for. At one time there was a huge aquarium in front of the *fireplace that she refinished and resealed. Unfortunately, the seal didn't hold and it sprang a leak one night. And you know what they say about huge aquariums. HUGE leaks.  Let's just say it required all hands (and towels) on deck to clean up that mess! 

(*My husband and son are excellent fire builders, but this fireplace is gas and there are no gas lines in our neighborhood which means it must be hooked up to a propane tank which means we have never bothered with it since our part of  Texas is hotter'n hot most of the year.) 

Here is a closer view of the picture over the fireplace. My mother gave this to me a few years ago and I absolutely LOVE it. I absolutely LOVE my mother, too. THANKS, MOM!

Moving to the left of the fireplace is the chair I usually sit in while nursing the baby. Our back door is visible behind the couch.

Here you see evidence that we are homeschoolers and that additionally the homeschool mom in this family is not the neat freak/perfectionist type.

Moving on around and back toward the front door you see our big chair and our Big Daddy. (I made that quilt for him. All together now... AWWWwwwwww!) Plus some grocery bags in the dining room back there that need to be put away, because not only is the homeschooling mama not the clean freak/perfectionist type, she is also the I'll-do-it-later-huh?-it's-due- tomorrow?-type and this photo was taken Wednesday night after church AND after a Walmart run, which made it pert near 10 p.m, and Mamas only have two hands and only so much time on those two hands, and hopefully all this makes her more endearing and not someone you have just decided to quit following because if she can't even pick up the junk before she takes a picture, well then what kind of role model is she?

Hello? Anyone still out there? I think I've lost them, Mom. It's just you and me again.

Well, if there's anyone still out there, go ahead and link up your own living rooms below. Remember to link directly to your living room post and be sure to include a link back to one of the 4 Moms (ME! ME! Pick ME!) The Common Room, Raising Olives, Life in a Shoe, or me, Smockity Frocks.

Next week: Bedrooms

Previous weeks: Entry/outside, Kitchen/dining room

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  1. I LOVE the picture your Mom got you too! I don’t know your Mom…but I’d probably LOVE her too!

    Your space looks exactly the way it should, and I don’t think you lose your readers very often…who doesn’t LOVE Smockity?


  2. Kinda hard to decide not to follow you for that when i’m sitting here taking a break (from unloading groceries no less).

    Looks like a beautiful home.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’m still here!!!! My goodness if we expect you to be perfect what kind of friends are we??? Besides if I expected perfection I wouldn’t be sitting here reading your blog instead of scrubbing the science project that seems to be growing under my baby’s chair. Maybe I could borrow Kim’s “vacuum cleaner?” :)

  4. Thanks for keeping it real! I’m glad to see some messes. After all, you have EIGHT children! I only have 4 right now, and we struggle, too!

  5. I tell people that my purpose in life is to make others feel good about themselves.=)

  6. LOL great photos and commentary. That picture is gorgeous! and I have to say, after seeing all the mutes colors in your room, the bright blue bookcase just cracks me up. I love it though!

  7. It looks like you like leather furniture too. I used to think that leather was too expensive and too nice for a family with small children. After experiencing every substance that a kid can leave on upholstered furniture, now I think leather is the only way to go.

  8. You’re awesome! 😀 I get so sick of seeing the showhome perfection of some moms’ homes and wonder if they secretly duct tape their kids to their beds all day so they can do nothing but clean and the kids can’t mess it up. Then I look around my living room at the baskets of laundry that keep overflowing no matter how much I fold, and think of the toys that keep winding up in the silverware drawer, and then I notice my kids are laying on the kitchen floor talking to the ants and feeding them pieces of their breakfast again… and I wonder how anyone with kids who are home all day can keep a sparkly perfect house. 😉 So you see, I’m so glad your house looks like a real family lives there! Lol! It makes me smile and I think your home is lovely!

  9. Love the pics and your home is beautiful. Can’t wait for more pics. Thanks for sharing. If I could do this, I would link to you. =- )

  10. CUTE BABY!!!!!
    Kimberly had a cute baby sneak into her photo shoot too


  11. Still having a blast peeking in on everyone’s houses ..fun times! Come visit mine ..Its been fun to document our home as it is right now :)

  12. Thank you for posting your “real” pictures! You make me feel so much better and more normal! I’ve had one of those rough days where you go to someone’s house unannounced and they apologize for how messy their house is and all you can think is how spotlessly clean it is and how much cleaner it is than your house. Surely you all have experienced that. So, I rushed home and cleaned like a mad woman. But I prefer to live how you do and enjoy my children and not stress about the house so much. I like having a “lived in” house, not dirty, but a little clutter and toys are perfectly acceptable.

  13. Oh I love this post & your “realness” is endearing!
    You have a beautiful home – thanks for sharing it with us.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Renata :)

  14. I love your picture- it’s beautiful!!


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