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4 Moms Open House – Bedrooms Part 1

Welcome to the 4 Moms Open House - Bedrooms Part 1!

 This week, we are sharing our bedrooms. Some are sharing master bedrooms and some are sharing kids' bedrooms and some are sharing ALL bedrooms. Next week will be "Bedrooms - Part 2", and the following weeks will be

  • Laundry
  • Storage solutions

Here is where I tell you that we have too much stuff and not enough room, and our bedrooms are where we hide store the things we wish to keep out of the way, so they are mostly the messiest places in our house, and I hope you'll still like me when I admit that these pictures were taken AFTER I had tidied up.

I would also like to warn you that there are little to no wall hangings, window treatments, and other such decorations because when we moved into this house almost two years ago, it was under the assumption that it would be a temporary rental property that we would be vacating as soon as our previous house sold. I kept thinking that any day we would get the phone call from our realtor that we should start packing up, because we could go ahead with the purchase of our very own home since the previous house was no longer holding us back.

Aaaaaaaand almost two long years later, we are still waiting for that to happen.

So, if you will, just let the bare walls and windows be a symbol of hope. Yeah... that's what they are. Hope.

And the clutter can be a symbol of... a ... creative mind. Yes, that's a good one. Creative.

Here we have the view from our bedroom door. I keep thinking I'll buy new bedding, but then something else comes up that needs buying, like bread or milk or gas, so the bedding stays.

Here you can see my dresser, the computer desk, Peyton's clothes, and the changing table, which is really nothing more than a Rubbermaid computer desk with a changing pad on it.

Here is some ironing that needs doing, Peyton's cradle, and my husband's dresser. The 8 year old has decided she should keep her piggy bank collection up there and since no one can think of a better place, there they are.

Here is a closer view of Peyton's cradle. My Pawpaw made this with his own hands several years before he died, and all eight of my children have begun their lives here. He also made a baby doll cradle that is an exact replica of this, which has held many a baby doll. I absolutely LOVE that I have this remembrance of him!

Thank you for joining the tour of my bedroom! If you would like to link up your own bedroom pictures, please remember to link directly to your post, and INCLUDE A LINK BACK HERE so your readers can browse all the posts.

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  1. “A working ranch!” exactly! And the basket of clothes adds to the warmth of the room… That cradle is outstanding! And how sweet that you have a doll cradle to match.

    Next week? When did the series get extended? Why do y’all insist that I get into EVERY nook and cranny in my house? Oh, well, my husband isn’t complaining.. 😉

  2. What a lovely large room.

    I just love that cradle!! How special to have your pawpaw make it for you!

  3. One thought comes to mind: You have time to IRON with 8 children?! You are officially my hero!

    I guess 2 thoughts actually. I LOVE your cradle. What a great reminder of your beloved grandfather. My dad made my husband a Gun Cabinet for Christmas the year before he passed away. It was his first, and last, piece of furniture that he made and it’s absolutely amazing. And deeply cherished.

  4. I feel for you with the “we’ll only be here a little while” problem. We are about to celebrate our 3rd year in this 960 square foot little rent house that I thought we would be in temporarily. And with baby number 5 on the way, I’m not sure where we’ll put it!

  5. Well, I must say that your bedroom looks 10 times better than mine right now. I think I would have a heart attack if someone walked in, let alone tons of strangers on a photo tour. :)

    With that said, I will leave you with a verse that sometimes gives me comfort: “Where no oxen are, the crib is clean; but much increase is by the strength of the ox.” Prov 14:4

  6. Wow, I’m reading the comments and am saying the same…I *LOVE* your cradle. What a beautiful heirloom!!

  7. Wow, 2 years waiting for your house to sell – God must really be giving you a lesson in patience! I would have thought 8 kids was lesson enough LOL!!

    The cradle is beautiful, and so is the rest of your furniture in that lovely dark cherry. Thanks for the tour. Have a blessed day.

  8. Heather Sutton says:

    I love the cradle! Beautiful!
    I feel for you waiting for your house to sell! We had the same situation, only my husband went to work 3 hrs away, while we stayed to sell the house – we couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage and rent out a house the size we needed. Not a fun time in our family history!

  9. i love your house! it says family!!

  10. Another comment on that fantastic cradle. That is so sweet, I just love it.

  11. I absolutely love your heirloom cradle. How sweet and special that is. I wish we had something like that. My Great Uncle had made my sister and I a child-sized table and chairs and a toy box. I don’t recall us trashing them beyond repair…yet for whatever reason my mom got rid of them (tears).
    I only have one daughter so far but I love your blog (and the other 4 moms) and am fascinated by how you run your household. I can’t manage to get a shower most days!

    • Jessica RS says:

      @Jenn, Take her in the shower with you. if she is super little put her in a bouncer and if she is big enough put her in a baby tub and shower away. did it with all 4 of mine. There is something to be said about putting yourself in order. you just feel better and in more control. next thing you know you are. Happy showers

      • @Jessica RS, That’s a great idea! I never thought about putting her in the baby tub. She’s almost 13 months now. I’ll try it the next time hubby’s home (in case it doesn’t work out I can pass her off to him). As long as she doesn’t keep trying to stand up in there…we’ll be good to go. Thanks for the tip!

        • Jessica RS says:

          @Jenn, I had one that the tub didn’t work for that reason after she became mobile. I used one of those giant sponge things for babies and just let her play with a baby wash cloth or toys. It didn’t hold water quite like the other but it removed the fight.(warm it with water first) And this momma has got to bathe.

  12. I totally bailed on this week’s assignment ..I ended up just using snapshots I have taken before, back when it was all nice, new and clean :) I need to just take the pics …laundry and all, that is reality anyways …and..iron? I gave that up after the first kid, kudos to you! :)

  13. Lori Lynn says:

    Love the cradle! and we have that “picture that is waiting to be hung on the wall” :)

  14. what a beautiful (large) room. I would so love that. I have the smallest bedroom in the world. Oh and my walls are empty (and my room is bare) also Its..umm..Amish look.. Yeah…that’s what it is.☺
    thanks for sharing♥

  15. Loved your Paw-paw!

  16. Jessica RS says:

    I feel yah. I wouldn’t even share mine right now. I removed the old E center so I could refinish it and well the folding table is still there. I call it the project that never ends. Ironing really wow. I just use a spray bottle, run my hand down it to take out the wrinkles, and hang it up. I do it on a night before basis. I like to think of it as setting my clothes out the night before. lol. wish I had that space. My desk would so be where your iron is, and not in my living room.

  17. LOVE the cradle! What a treasure.

    I feel your pain on the rental-house-that-was-only-supposed-to-be-for-a-few-months thing. We went through that for a year. Two years? Ouch.


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