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Trip to the Aquarium

My Madison (15yo) has been wanting to visit the Dallas World Aquarium for a couple of years and we finally got the chance to do it this week!

I only took baby Peyton (2 mo) and Madison, and we had a nice day of enjoying one another AND the many creatures at the aquarium.

We saw this sloth hanging around.

Here is a cool spotted ray, but the neatest part about him is what is underneath. Do you see the people down below? They are walking through a tunnel with water and swimming creatures all around!

Here are some shots of what we saw while we were in the tunnel.


We just happened get down there just in time for feeding and it was awesome to watch them gobble up their lunches!

We had a marvelous time!

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  1. LOVE the World Aquarium. Worth every penny. The Sea Dragons are some of my favorite things to watch there. They fascinate me. And of course Mr. Sloth! Who wouldn’t want his life! :-)

  2. Really cool photos. Thanks for sharing! Glad you could finally make that trip. :)

  3. Where is the World aquarium?

  4. Wow! Looks like a great place. How fun for you to just go with the two girls.

  5. Fun! We LOVE aquariums :)

  6. Looks great!

  7. We had a membership to the Dallas World Aquarium last year and it was well worth it!

  8. Looks fabulous. And I love your post on how you got there. There are so many ways in which I don’t fit into a ‘typical woman’ way of doing things / looking at things. But the whole ‘direction’ thing – hubbie and I are just like you guys. Isn’t it odd. And yet, although he’ll find his way through any city in the country, through state after state in the US (when we were there on holiday), he still can’t find his way to the kitchen sink, or to a kitchen cupboard, or to the cooker. Mmm??
    Love your post!
    Love, Anne (in Scotland) x

  9. Great pictures! My family is planning a visit to Seaworld in Orlando in August, Lord willing, and I hope to enjoy it as much as you enjoyed your aquarium day. Have a blessed weekend.

  10. What a fabulous place to have around to visit!!

  11. It looks like a really neat place! Madison looks like she LOVED the outing. What a special treat for you and her. :)


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