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Smockity Visits Sears Outlet

I finally made it to my Sears Outlet store with a partial Smockity Bunch for a tour.  (I had to leave one girl with strep throat home with Daddy and our boy was away at church camp.)

I was met at the door right away by the manager, Amy Powell. She was just as friendly and helpful as she could be, and as far as she knew I was just another customer. As soon as I introduced myself to be a Sears Outlet Signature Team Mom, she was more than happy to give me a guided tour of the store.

We saw clothes and children's books.

They also carry small kitchen appliances as well as all the major ones.

The large appliances are where you will see the best bargains! They are marked down every 30 days until they are sold or until they have remained in the store for 8 months.

This brand new refrigerator was originally over $600. In some cases the appliances only have minor scratches or were returned because the customer changed his mind about the purchase.

If you need any large appliances, or even small ones (check out these universal remotes for $3.99!)  be sure to check out your Sears Outlet. They are having huge mark downs this holiday weekend!

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  1. I have to see if there is a Sears Outlet near me. I need a new washer and would love to get a deal on one considering my washers don’t last very long! I am sure you have the same problem, lol.
    Love the photo of the kids on the mowers!

    • @The Happy Housewife, Toni, for some reason I seem to remember that your here in Virginia?? (Sorry if I have you confused with someone else 😛 ) We have a Sears Appliance Outlet here in Richmond – we bought our french door frige there for about 1/2 price, it only had a scratch on the side, down below cabinet level so you don’t even see it!

  2. Our son and dil in Pittsburgh ( we live in WI) bought a new washer and dryer at a Sears Outlet when they moved there and bought their house. They got them at a fraction of the cost that we got ours (almost identical) at a retail Sears store.
    The nearest outlet is over an hour away from us- which is a surprise to me, since we live 5 minutes from our state capital.
    Another son and his wife just bought a NEW fridge (still in the box and just unloaded at the back door!) for $500–the original price was $1000 at their nearest Sears outlet- which happens to be the one that is an hour away from us!:)
    I am a fan of Sears outlets- just wish we had one near us!:)

  3. I’m jealous! Our Sears Outlet doesn’t carry clothes and books! Man!!

  4. My Boaz's ruth says:

    Growing up, Sears Outlet was our “go-to” place for clothes and other stuff. The way we kept within budget (for some reason we didn’t do thrift stores.) I didn’t know they still existed!

  5. Awesome… Looks like you have agreat store!