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Enter to Win $50 at Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

It's about time for us to order our homeschool materials for the new year.

We use some of the Sonlight materials and I would LOVE to win this giveaway for $50 at Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum.

You should go ahead and enter too, if you use Sonlight, and I'll try really hard not to be jealous if one of you wins.

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  1. … and I’ll try hard not to be jealous if you win :-)

  2. I see your froggy. 😀

  3. I see a stuffed froggy here… :-)

  4. I see froggy!!! Headed to BlogFrog now :)

  5. way cute froggy! :)

  6. Melissa says:

    I found the Froggy!!

  7. DeniseB says:

    I see a froggy! :)

  8. Chris Cuppage says:

    I too see a froggy.

  9. Christy says:

    I see a cute green Froggy!!!

  10. I found your frog (and he is big)!

  11. hello blog frog and oh man could i use the gift certificate for sonlight

  12. Michelle A says:

    I found the FROG!!!

  13. Hello froggy :)

  14. I spy with my little eye little fluffy froggy! =)

  15. Carin Weiler says:

    I spy Froggy!

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  18. Sarah Anderson says:

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  20. I found Froggy! This is such a clever and fun contest. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mom! I am not signing up to win any of the prizes – I just wanted to find all the frogs!

    Holly (BlogFrog)

  21. Found the froggy! :)

  22. Found the froggy, thanks for the hint 😉

  23. Found the Froggy!

  24. Their is froggy!

  25. Found your froggy! Wish I had known about that giveaway sooner. What a great prize!

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  29. I see something green! It’s a frog! :) Ribbit

  30. Kristen J says:

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  31. Jessica says:

    Found the blog frog!

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  39. Sarah Abbott says:

    found the frog!

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  41. I spy a cute little green frog :)

  42. OOOooo I see the frog!!!!

  43. woohooo found the fella again!! Oh I’m so loving this.. hope the hunt never ends 😀

    aww! and thanks for being so generous to let us have a go at the give-away too :)

  44. Jessica says:

    Froggy spotted

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  46. Racheal says:

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  47. Donna S says:

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  49. BargainAddict/Sharon says:

    I found Froggy on your “Enter to Win $50 at Sonlight Homeschool Curicular.

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  51. Rachelle R says:

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