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Duct Taping Diapers

If you ever find yourself in the predicament of having only one diaper in the house (because you are the Mother of the Year type) and that diaper has the tabs ripped off because that one diaper is one that the girls have been playing fast and loose with on their baby dolls, and say it's Sunday morning and you are running late (Mother of the Year again), you can duct tape the diaper on the two year old and it will hold up all the way through Bible class and worship services!

And if you have a smarty pants 13 year old son, he will take a picture of said diaper with your cell phone just for documentation.

But if you are a technological dunce, you will not know how to download the photo onto your computer.

Not to worry, though. If you are also a smarty pants and that is where your son gets it, you can doctor up a stock photo to illustrate your Mother of the Year status.




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  1. This is just too funny! Love your picture rendition.

  2. Tell the resident smarty pants that you were portraying and demonstrating the character quality of “resourcefulness”. This does not mean you are a ditsy momma but an oober wonderful one! That Mother of the Year award is around the corner, I just know it … and I’ll be able to say I knew you before you were famous. {Well, maybe not, since you are already kind-a famous … but anyway}


  3. Ha Ha! I love it. :-)

  4. You stole my idea! LOL I’ve totally had to do that a time or two–definitely not a proud moment, but hey–you do what you’ve gotta do.

  5. We duct taped a diaper the other day. It wasn’t our last one, but I didn’t want to waste it! LOL!

  6. A few months ago, we made an afternoon trip to visit my SIL and BIL. We had three diapers along, expecting that we might use one of them (based on normal changings) while we were visiting. My son decided to let loose of all his bowels ALL afternoon, and we not only went through the three extra diapers we’d brought, but I also became very adept at making paper towel & duct tape diapers… I made at least three! They actually worked quite well, keeping him covered and not leaking too much!

  7. Jules Green says:

    Oh Connie! I had to laugh when I saw your post! You see, we’ve been using duct tape to keep the diapers ON our 1 1/2 year old who delights in ripping them off if we don’t:) Mother of the Year award indeed:)

  8. Duct tape. So *that’s* how you keep a diaper on a child who thinks diapers are an optional accessory.

    (That’s certainly not me you see rubbing her hands together in fiendish glee.)

  9. The best resources come out of necessity! Love it!

  10. ….and if you’re totally out of diapers you can make one out of an old t-shirt: http://www.cloth-diapers-made-easy.com/the-no-sew-tshirt-diaper.html

  11. Clearly, you are ingenious and creative and cannot be bothered with silly details like “How many diapers do we have left?” Also, I would like to applaud your superior skills in graphic art. Well done!

    Robin ;o)

  12. Oh yes – I’ve done similair – we’ve had to use a newborn nappy on a toddler tucked inside some undies – the nappy was off a teddy (oops another Mother of the year moment!)
    Thanks for the laugh!

  13. Sounds to me like you’re being green, you know, reduce, reuse, recycle? It’s popular now not to be wasteful, and you did it in a way that made me LOL! Love it!

  14. Haaa…Haaa….
    I’ve done that a time or two before. What I hate most, is when you are putting the diaper on, and the tab rips off….HATE IT!!!! But you see I am too cheap/resourceful to waste that expensive diaper!!!

    The good news is we use cloth now, so no more cheap tabs!!!

  15. Awesome.

  16. I’ve been known to use a maxi pad for a diaper. It works well! Good absorbtion and stay-in-placeness.

  17. LOL! When my daughter was 1 she decided to start removing her diaper and playing in it every time she’d poo. Of course she’d inevitably poo as she woke up from nap and have it smeared all over before I heard a peep out of her to alert me she was awake. I started taping her diapers on with duct tape so that I would have the chance to actually change them before she smeared the contents all over her mattress. Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? 😉

  18. This post just reminded me to text my husband to tell him to pick up diapers on his way home from work! :)

    My daughter has started ripping at the tabs on her diapers if she doesn’t have pants or shorts on. So, when I walk back into the room she has the diaper hanging off. I’ve threatend duct tape…not that she understands the concept yet!