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The Knit Stitch Video Tutorial


There are 2 basic stitches in knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Today, I would like to show you the knit stitch.

While you are watching the video, here are some things to remember:

  • Keeping your index finger on the stitches closest to the ends of the needles, like I do, will help prevent you from dropping stitches.
  • Bamboo knitting needles provide a little more resistance than metal ones. This too will help prevent dropped stitches.
  • The rhythm may feel awkward at first, but, with practice, you will find it becomes more natural.
  • Resist the temptation to pull the stitches too tight. This will make it more difficult to jab the needles in through the stitches.


Now, it's your turn. Do you have a tutorial you would like to share?

Remember, a tutorial includes step by step instructions, PLUS pictures or a video. Link to your specific tutorial post below. If you include your blog name with a little description, it will give readers an idea about your tutorial. (Example: Smockity Frocks-How to Cast On)

Be sure to include a link back to Smockity Frocks in your post so your readers can enjoy all of the tutorials.


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  1. A friend of mine taught me to knit about a yr ago, and I just could never catch on, thanks for the how-to, maybe I’ll give it another try!
    Thanks for hosting too!

  2. Too cool! What’s your knotting project going to be? Have you made any baby booties? :)

  3. Thanks for the heads-up about the link, Connie! I can’t seem to delete the previous link–would you be able to do that for me, or shall we just let it be?

  4. Great video! I love the rhyme. I’m looking forward to a tutorial involving the purl stitch because I still have trouble with that one. I haven’t knitted in awhile and this really makes me less nervous about picking up and finishing a project. I’ve been afraid I will mess it up. :)


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