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Parenting Tip

If the (nearly) entire family is busy playing with the new Wii, and you haven't heard anything from the 2yo in quite a while, likely as not she is up to no good.

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  1. Fingerpainting with Desitin and toothpaste…how creative! And she was nice enough to leave evidence, so you could figure out the culprit. I don’t know if you have ever done this, but my older boys (now 26 & 21) liked to fingerpaint in the bathtub. We used “real” fingerpaint and when they were done, it all went down the drain. Maybe you could corral that artistic ability!

  2. My 18mo is usually playing in the toilet, sooo….I’d say your girl is an angel, LOL.

  3. Ugh… That reminds me of when I found our 2yo (now she’s a lovely responsible 10yo) licking our toilet brush in the bathroom……

  4. Whoops! I had one of these moments yesterday while I was busy cleaning out the office. Arrie kept running in and out and I was so proud of the way she was entertaining herself. That is, until I saw she’d turned one wall of her room into an abstract mural!

  5. Have you ever stumbled upon your 2 yo with the whole box of wipees torn apart only to have her tell you, “I am cleaning up for you!” as she is wiping down the tables and window sills? I hate it when that happens! ☺

  6. So, was the Aquafresh an attempt to disguise the smell of the Desitin on her breath? The painting is lovely!

  7. Ah yes! Not too long ago I awoke to both my 2yr old and 3yr old covered in vaseline -head to toe! Yikes! And that was about a month after hubby discovered their baby powder covered room at nap time! (we had recently moved our 2yr old out of her crib and didn’t realize how “creative” she was, nor what a “good follower” her brother was… needless to say things are stored a little differently in our home these days!)

    Oh the sweet memories these days will make!

  8. Isn’t that the truth. . .

  9. Oooh, surprise artwork! :) Those are the times I have to take some deep breaths and remind myself that someday they won’t do this anymore and I’ll look back think it was cute… LOL!

  10. The toothpaste scene I see on a very regular basis. But the Desitin? ugh.

    I loved all the comments. I think I’m might try that fingerpainting in the bathtub idea. :)

  11. Looks about right. :)

  12. Yeah, in my experience with our six- a quiet two year old was a scary sound sometimes:)

  13. Oh my gosh. This is so funny. I worry if it’s too “quiet.” It usually can’t be good.

  14. Are you sure you weren’t taking that picture in my house a few years ago? Quiet kids can be scary!

  15. I hear ya. I’m still adjusting to the stay at home mom thing.
    My two year old dumped half a bottle of wood floor cleaner on the glass entertainment center and proceeded to “keen” it with a swiffer cloth yesterday.
    Soapy water, vinegar and half a bottle of 409 later I was able to see the humor.

  16. Oh man, my just-turned-3yo (kid #4 of 5) put his sister’s footed pjs in the toilet and then mopped the floor with it after he clogged the toilet with near the whole roll of toilet paper…a very disgusting mess if I do say so myself…

  17. Angel G. says:

    I thought my sweet 2 yo girl was letting me sleep in. I woke to a very purple girl and purple sharpie all over my white couch and rocking chair. I was so upset, I took a shower. The silence was wonderful, until I got out to an entire bottle of too expensive shampoo (that I was going to return) dumped out in the hall. I thought I was so gracious as we took of our socks and “skated on the hard woods. Her clean cloths for the day were a mess anyway, so back for a second bath while I cleaned up the mess. I went to do the dishes to another silent moment. While she dumped, a brand new bottle of detangler all over her carpet, so a third bath and a third set of cloths!…2 days ago, the “silence” produced a pink nail polished hardwoods and walls, and a ruined outfit!