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Have You Signed Up With Swag Bucks?

Are you still not convinced that Swagbucks is worth your time? 

Here are a couple of screen shots of a few of the gift cards I have redeemed from Swagbucks. I bought most of my homeschool curriculum last year AT NO COST, thanks to the Amazon gift cards I got with my Swagbucks! There are even more than this that I have accumulated and redeemed and it is super easy!

  • First of all, sign up for a Swagbucks account.
  • Install the toolbar and use it for searches you regularly do on the web.  Search often! Every 7th search, all summer long, will be awarded a high value Swagbuck bill. I got 59 bucks yesterday for doing a routine search!
  • Tell your friends! You get extra Swagbucks for every referral who signs up through you!
  • Participate in the polls and surveys. Just one more simple way to accumulate the bucks!
  • Enter your birthday when you sign up. You get 50 free bucks when the happy day rolls around.
  • Read the Swagbucks blog. There are often codes revealed there that will give you extra Swagbucks.

So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up today by clicking on the banner below and start getting free stuff!

Search & Win

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  1. I love Swagbucks! I just wish I could get some more referrals!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Laura, If you connect it with your Facebook account, that will help with referrals. I’ve had several of my Facebook friends sign up because they see every time I win some bucks.

  2. I’d better clear it with hubby first- he’d kill me if I install anything unless he’s approved it.

  3. I desperately want swagbucks to come to australia!!!!!

    I’m almost tempted to just pretend im american so I can join.

  4. Lori Lynn says:

    Do you find the swag codes on the blog just by reading it, or are they “hidden” ????

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Lori Lynn, There are usually clues that tell you how to get the code. Also, if you become a fan on Facebook, you will see clues on there as well.

  5. I have honestly been confused about how the Swag Bucks thing works. But now I am so impressed by your earnings that I’ve decided it’s worth figuring out! Wow. Way to go Connie!

  6. I wanted to thank you and happy housewife for getting me started. I only have 80 bucks but can see me getting me adding more point. thanks and keep the tips coming.