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4 Moms Take a Summer Break

The 4 Moms have decided to take a little summer break from our series of Thursday posts, but never fear! We are coming back soon.

We are taking suggestions for topics to discuss, so let us know in the comments if there is something you would like to see us post about.

  • Want to know how moms of many manage children who have decided to speak only in Pig Latin for the day? We are on it!
  • Need to know how to pack a large family for a long trip? We will organize your chaos!
  • Interested in finding out how to tame temper tantrums? We'll get it done!
  • Care to hear about what happens when seven children all have the stomach virus at the same time? Wait... are you sure you want to hear about that one? 'Cause I'm still trying to block it from my memory. ~shudder

You get the right idea, right? Let the comments commence!

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  1. Could you ladies address how you spend enough time with each child. I am not asking with an attitude of it is impossible–I just need to know when is enough or how to feel their need for more time with mom.

    I have five (from almost 11 to 2 with one due soon) recently the 10 year old asked if we could spend more time together! We homeschool mostly together, work in the kitchen (often together), go most places together, he gets up early most mornings and has coffee and we both work on something at the table together (bible–separately but sitting together).

    I think more games with him or watched movies with him that would meet the need. I will be trying those things along with a few “dates” until I hear from the lovely 4! He and I have a great relationship now and I want to protect it. Please help!

  2. Lori Lynn says:

    How to wiggly little ones still in church!

  3. Along the lines of sickness. I would like to know how you PREVENT sickness. What types of cleaning or preventative measures do you take. ie: paper towels instead of hand towels or wipes in every room hand sanitizers all over…. you get the idea. :) I have enjoyed this series a lot.

  4. I second the request for a how to train the itty bittys to be quiet in Church! :) I don’t think my 3 3/4 year old daughter would be too much trouble- she can color or draw for an hour or two at a stretch with little on no vocalization quite happily. It’s the 1 3/4 year old I hesitate to take to Church. He doesn’t hold still ever for anything and I’m not sure how to go about teaching him since he hasn’t given me a place to start, KWIM? He’s also very loud. Is this the difference between boys and girls or between 1 year olds and 3 year olds? 😉

  5. How do you keep the house clean? How do you keep your figure from going to Hades, or do you even try to prevent that? How do you recharge your batteries? I know you all have older kids to help out, so what advice would you give those of use with a handful of littles? Have any of you honestly seen a difference between boys and girls in terms of how each is more effectively raised up and also disciplined? Or is it more just a temperament thing that doesn’t necessarily span gender?

  6. How do you effectively manage different disciplining styles for the different personalities while still appearing consistent?

    Oh, and for a laugh, I’d love to hear your worst poo stories.

  7. How do you handle getting together with other families? (Especially in inclement weather?) Are kids expected to play away from adults? Do you come up with activities for both adults and children? When you had mostly littles did you just not go over to other people’s homes, because you were bringing so much noise with you?

  8. I would like to know how you handle long car trips with your family. How do you pack for a trip? What do you use to keep your children occupied? And also, how do you keep them fed when you’re on the road(i.e. packing food)?

  9. This doesn’t have much to do with large numbers of kids, but since y’all have more experience with various personalities, I figure you’d have great advice for: How on earth do you handle a child who seems to be allergic to work? Can a good work ethic be taught? Even if you only just realized that it’s a big problem and your child is already seven years old?

    And here’s another one. It’s embarrassing to ask, but how do you guys keep from yelling at your kids? Do any of you tend to be yellers? I was raised by a mom who is a yeller (and used to border on full on temper tantrums of the grown up kind) and I’ve recently realized that OHMYGOODHEAVENSTOBETSY, I sound a LOT like her. yikes. Help!

  10. I’m really curious as to how you prepare them to live in a much smaller household someday (as half of a young married couple, for example), especially with regards to cooking. My stepmother was one of seven, and she still has difficulty remembering NOT to cook for an army when it’s just her and my dad–it’s a hard habit to break. So when the kids help out in the kitchen, do you do anything to help them learn how to scale it down at some point in the future?

    • Andrea Lewis says:

      Just want to say I’m the oldest of 8, 5 yrs ago when I married I just made big meals and froze half, that way most of the meal prep was already done and I could look after other things. ( I was also able to pack left overs for my husband to take to work and I had something to eat for lunch as well- for both meals)

  11. I was wondering how do you find time to keep up your amazing blogs & run different businesses from home (such as those gorgeous aprons you make). It seems I just don’t have enough hours in my day to do everything besides blog (yes, I know I am now, but trust me I should be cleaning the bathroom ) & I only have 4 children so far.
    Thanks very much
    Renata :)

  12. Clothing! Oh, PLEASE talk about Clothing!! How best to organize both for use and for storage, tips on shopping for it, cleaning it, maintaining it, finding (inexpensive preferred) or making (easily and quickly!) modest things for girls, and for mommies who are perpetually either nursing or pregnant, etc. I’ve muddled through finding my own solutions to clothing problems and while I feel better about it than I used to, I’m pretty sure I could still use some tips! I’d be much appreciative if you ladies would talk about this.