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Dear Homeschooling Mom,

Today's post is by my new friend, Courtney, who describes herself below. I hope you will welcome her and visit her blog, Peacefully Less Stressed, to see what encouragement a second generation homeschooler can give.

As I stand here, the summer before my oldest child turns 6,  I am in a place between the end of the a journey and the beginning of one.   I am at the beginning, because I am about to embark on the journey that will entail what you are already well involved in. Like you, I will be giving of myself in the area of time, energy, effort and heart as I teach my precious ones what I feel they need to learn at this point in their little lives.

I know I will give countless hours planning their lessons on reading, writing and math. I will create learning opportunities from anything from cleaning the kitchen to running a lemonade stand. I will chose the right books, curriculum and methods for their learning.  I will turn our home into a school room, where each space reminds of us of the task at hand.

More importantly, I will be praying over lessons on character, bible and life in general.  I will ponder  their heart lessons as we start every day. I will be alert to character weaknesses and consider the ways to strengthen them. I will lose sleep over what lessons are the most important for the time we have.

I will have them with me 24/7 from here to the end of my role in this part of their learning.

I am standing at the end of my journey, also. I am a child of such sacrifice, you see. I was taught at home from second grade straight through to college, where I attended a Christian university and graduated 4.5 years later with honors. I am a wife of a wonderful man, and we are raising a christian family.  Our family is healthy, happy and blessed beyond words. I say all that in order to remind myself, as well as you that it is worth it.

From this vantage point, I can see that most of the lessons that were meant to be taught eventually clicked. I know that even though I dont recall every instruction, some very important teachings did make an impression on me. I know that while the math and writing were important, it was other lessons that stayed in my heart the longest.

I remember the special themed days, field trips,  "home ec" time,  morning devotionals, and serving others as a family. I remember that it was always understand that our character training was more important than any math lesson, and that what we learned about God and how to treat others came before a spelling test.

So, I stand in a special place on my own journey ...both thankful in retrospect and eager to move ahead. I know that I have a great task before me, but I know it will be worth all the effort.

So, hang in there moms who have committed to this expression of love for your kids. They may not fully appreciate the sacrifice now. It may take them having their own children to fully realize what you gave up to have them at home. It may take them teaching their own babies someday for them to realize how important the lessons you want them to learn are.

But your efforts are worth it. I promise.

Thanks Mom,

your homeschooled kid all grown up

I attended Harding University, graduated with honors, receiving a bachelor's degree in Nursing. I work part time as Critical Care Nurse, with emphasis in death and dying care. I am married  and I have three boys,  6weeks, 3.5 and 5.5 years. I am an active part of church and community, teaching classes and heading up a mom's group of about 50 moms.  I also love writing, and use my blog Peacefully Less Stressed to encourage woman to live simply and peacefully while serving God in our marriages and while raising our children.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of what is important.

  2. Courtney – thanks so much for sharing your journey. As a home school mom whose eldest is starting to look at colleges, but whose youngest is still at home for 12 more years, it’s wonderful to hear your perspective.

  3. Penny Kendall says:

    I am the mom of this amazing young woman and I can tell you that after seeing what she has become, it’s pretty easy to look back on the sacrifices as ‘worth it’. Love you, sweet girl.

  4. What a great post. I’m the same place – almost identical. I am a second generation hs-er, mother of three boys (5.5, 3.5, 2) and LOVING every step of the way. It has also made me so grateful for the work my mother did and the countless other women out there who have poured their hearts out for their children!

  5. Thank you for the inspiration Courtney. I am preparing to homeschool full time my 3rd grader, 1st grader, Kindergartener, and preschooler while having almost 10-month old twins and a baby on the way in a community where the majority public school. People are watching me closely. People are inquiring of my sanity. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

  6. Thank you, Courtney! This was inspiring to me as I come from a not-very-good homeschool experience. We think we will probably homeschool our children, and I want it to be as good, great, wonderful and exciting of an experience for my kids as I can make it. I’m now following both of your blogs, I can’t wait to read more :)

  7. I cant wait to move forward on this journey knowing you are all on the same trip :)

    Heather, Miriam ..yeah for you, I will be praying for you while I pray for myself! Here is to a crazy road ahead!

    Jen ..yay, you are about the see the fruits of your hard work. They are gonna bowl those college professors over with their brilliance :)

    Nikki ..you go girl, you will have lots of jewels in your crown …some would call it insanity, others would call it a beautiful crown in the making :)

    And, thanks mom :)

  8. Courtney…

    I love, love, loved this! I am a new HS mom and I am very grateful for you sharing your experience and thoughts. I am off to check out your blog. Thank you!
    Wonderful post!

  9. wonderful..

  10. Very beautifully said, Courtney.

    I’m in the middle of my journey, as our oldest is 19 now, and our youngest nearly 2. You bring to mind some very poignant reminders, and I thank you for helping to sharpen my focus.

    Bless you, and bless your family, and bless those three warriors as they are trained to pierce the darkness and advance God’s Kingdom on earth.

  11. Elaina Marshall says:

    Hi Courtney! I, too, am a graduate of Harding University! In fact, Dr. Schultz is my adoptive mom. Sounds like you’ve had a great HS experience so far and are starting out in the right direction!

  12. Ah, Dr Schultz ..great gal :) Thanks everyone, great comments – I am loving it!


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