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Tutorial Tuesday


The Smockity laptop has decided to take a little impromptu vacation this week, so I'm not able to bring you any new tutorials since I am having to work on my Extremely Slow and Cranky Dinosaur Desktop. 

The ESCDD has a mind of its own and tends to shut down at random and inconvenient times, so I don't even want to think about what kind of fit it would pitch if I tried to upload a video.

In place of a new Smockity video, I have a fun announcement, though. I would like to try turning Tutorial Tuesday into a Mr. Linky each week and open it up for participation by others.

Lisa, at Life of a Happy Mom, has a tutorial at her blog today about Making Tofu. At least, I hope that's what it is about. If not, please assume that her tutorial is about something equally as fascinating and informative, only the ESCDD refused to allow me access to the internet, so I am unable to correct that statement.

Please, do check out Lisa's tutorial, and then let me know if you would be interested in a Tutorial Tuesday link up.

To participate in the link up, your post would need to be a tutorial of your choosing with step by step instructions and either pictures or a video.  Here are some examples of tutorials that meet those criteria:

Don't have video capabilities? Or shy in front of a camera? No problem! Here is an example of a tutorial with step by step instructions and numbered photos:

I would like to get a feel for how many of you would be interested in doing this, so please leave me a comment telling me what you think. Would you like to participate in posting your own tutorial and linking to Tutorial Tuesday? Would you like to see what tutorials others have to offer?

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  1. Hey Connie,
    I would be interested, thanks!

  2. I just discovered the ultimate tutorial last week. It’s http://www.khanacademy.org. I think this is a site every homeschool (and private school and public school) family should know about. It has 1200 YouTube videos explaining math from elementary level thru calculus. Also chemistry, biology, physics, banking, finance, economics, French history, some test prep and various other topics. The guy who runs it is a MIT math graduate & Harvard MBA (and some other assorted degrees). He started it in 2004 when he was long-distance tutoring his 7th grade cousin, and has been adding to it ever since. His ambition is to have a free K-12 education online totally free. Did I mention that it is FREE? I’ve only watched a few of the elem math and chem videos so far, but they seem well done to me, very much like the Saxon DIVE CDs for high school math. He doesn’t follow any specific curriculum, just the general concepts. He has about 80,000 students a month watching right now, has it translated into Espanol, and is working on “snapshots” for kids in developing countries w/o internet access. I think it is an amazing and inspiring example of what one (apparently brilliant) person can do to impact the world.

  3. Count me in! Sounds like a great idea!

  4. Hey Connie! I would defiantly be interested! In fact, I’m working on something right now that I was planning on sharing with you, for I think it’s handy for any large family when they travel. I am making “traveling tray” for each child.
    Also, my husband is a chef (I used to be and we own a catering business), so I might be able to talk him into demonstrating how to cook something. Like cheesecake. That’s one of our specialties. He’s a really good bread maker too. :)

    Thanks for the idea and chance to share our stuff!
    Jennifer D