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So Nurturing Baby Wrap Giveaway!

I was thrilled when So Nurturing asked me to do a review and giveaway of one of their baby wraps!

I have had a sling for the last few babies, but I was always concerned about how the babies' heads were prone to be covered up by the thick, bunched up fabric.

Well, it turned out that my sling is identical to the slings recalled because of three infant deaths!

I had always loved how I could carry the baby, hands free, while I was walking and working around the house, or at church, or the grocery store, but I now knew I wanted something different than that old style sling.

That's why I jumped at the chance to try out one of these nifty baby wraps. As soon as mine came in the mail, I studied the video of how to tie my wrap so I would be ready to try it out once my new baby was born.

I took me next to no time at all to figure out how to wear the wrap and I had my 15yo help me put the baby in it the first time to make sure I was doing it right.

After that, I was a pro at it, and I could not believe how the baby seemed to love being in it. I think being snuggled up next to me was comforting to her.

The verdict is:  THIS BABY WRAP Works For Me!  What about you? Would you like to win one of these?

So Nurturing is offering one of my readers a choice of any wrap (hat not included) to be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

You can enter this giveaway more than once in the following ways. (Be sure to leave a separate comment on this post for each entry.)

Check back this weekend to see who wins the wrap!

*So Nurturing provided this baby wrap and one to the winner free of charge.

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  1. How fun! I also had one of those slings that had been recalled. I like the green and brown paisley wrap. And it looks like I might be the first commenter…woohoo!!

  2. Your baby is adorable! I like the Soft Dark Brown Bubble one.

  3. Oh, I’d love to be entered! I like the soft pink giraffe. Thanks!

  4. I love babywearing. I used a pink wrap for my girls, but now I have a little boy and he looks a little strange wrapped in pink. I’d love the Stripes and Blue Dots/Brown.

    Congrats on your new baby. She is adorable and your family is lovely also.

  5. Green and Brown Paisley, Cuddly-Soft is my favorite!

  6. Oh, this would be great for my baby (due Thursday!). I love the stripes and blue dots/brown.

  7. I’m a fan of So Nurturing on facebook.

  8. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  9. I would love to win this for our new baby due in November!

    I’m not a wrap expert by any means, but I do think the baby needs to be a bit higher, so her chest is higher on your chest.
    http://www.facebook.com/BabywearingSafety?ref=ts#!/album.php?aid=144582&id=268390162122 (has lots of great pix!)
    Good luck with your new “addiction” and that sweet baby!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Sadie, Thank you! I’m new at these kinds of carriers, so those links were very helpful!

      • @Smockity Frocks, Yay! I’m glad you weren’t offended by the links, but I do know new carriers have a bit of a learning curve! I haven’t used a wrap myself yet (just ring slings and mei tais), but I have a lot of friends who make or sell them and remembered these links being posted when the recall on the bag slings was first announced. Good luck with your baby wearing adventures! :)

  10. I love using a wrap and desparately need a new one!

    Love the Stripes brown/green paisley or the blue and brown dots and stripes.

  11. I tweeted.

  12. I posted on Facebook!

  13. I love the baby blue giraffe! Thank you for the chance to enter!

  14. I liked the green and brown paisley. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!!

  15. I love the green and brown paisley.

    And what an adorable baby you have there!

  16. Stripes and blue dots is super cute….but since it’d be for my nephew if I won I’d have to consult with the mama :)

  17. Became a Facebook fan of So Nurturing.

  18. Tweeted!

  19. Posted to Facebook.

  20. Blue and brown dots/stripes – very cute!

  21. I love the party dots on brown! so cute!

  22. You know, I have always wanted to try a sling! My first had the worst colic- I could not put her down for the first 5 months of her life. A sling would have been such a lifesaver. I’m pregnant with another baby girl whose womb personality is so much like her sister’s that I’m beginning to think a sling would be a very very good thing… :-/

    I personally liked the light pink dots on brown. I am all about the pink and brown with this baby… :)

    Oh and that sweet little face peeking out of your sling- precious!

  23. Tweet! http://twitter.com/MamaMirage/status/14745382820

    So is this a one tweet per person thing or a one tweet per day thing?

  24. I think the Soft Light Brown Bubble looks so comfy!

  25. April Pierrotti says:

    My favorite is the brown with green paisley!

  26. April Pierrotti says:

    I became a friend of So Nurturing in Facebook.

  27. April Pierrotti says:

    I posted about the giveaway on Facebook.

  28. Courtney says:

    I love the green and brown paisley reversible wrap!

  29. I love the tawny dots on brown. They look very cozy!

  30. I like the simple blue and brown dots. So cute!

  31. I became a fan of So Nurturing on facebook.

  32. I tweeted the giveaway.

  33. I facebooked the giveaway :)

  34. Due in July w/ #10 and love wearing my babies. I’d love to win!

  35. I’m a Facebook fan of So Nurturing.

    Forgot to say that I would choose the green and brown paisley

  36. I love the party dots on brown wrap. I have used a sling (mayawrap) for the last 4 babies and wouldn’t mind trying a wrap this time for baby 9.

  37. Like So Nurturing on facebook

  38. I really need one of these in about 7 months….ahem. This would be AWESOME to win. :)

  39. Shared on FB

  40. How fun! Mine got recalled and we are about to have another baby in July. This would be so perfect!

  41. Heather says:

    Well if I can’t have the baby, I’d settle for the Green and Brown Paisley. I love the look of that wrap.

  42. I love the Stripes brown/green paisley pattern. Iv always wanted to try a wrap, but they were a but out of my budget with my first two babies, Im due with #3 in November, so Im hoping to try one out finally with this one. Great giveaway! Congrats again on your sweet babe:)

  43. I like the Green & Brown argyle! Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. I’m a FB fan of So Nurturing now too:)

  45. I love the party dots on brown! It’s so cheerful and bright… might just help fight those baby blues!

  46. Christyn B. says:

    I love the Baby Green one…it’s so stylish and cute! I’m due in October with my first and am really wanting a wrap so I can try and multitask around the house after having my baby:) Thanks for such a great contest!

  47. I like the plain ones, though I don’t see a list of colors anywhere? Hmm. The pictured green is lovely anyway! Thanks for the chance!

  48. I think I’d go with a cuddle soft wrap. Fun!

  49. Tweeted!

  50. I love the two sided wraps. All of them are so cute!! I really like the tri-leaf/floating bubble. Goes boy or girl! Great!

  51. Denise B says:

    I would love the cuddle soft wrap in party dots on brown.
    Thanks for entering me. :)

  52. Wow, these are great! I have never tried a wrap before, but would love too!! I am having my 6th little blessing in October and this would be so neat to have.
    I really like the baby blue dots on brown wrap. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!!

  53. I love the the Baby Blue Giraffe one! It’s so cute!

  54. I’m a fan on Facebook.

  55. I like the soft black bubble. I guess I’m boring because everything I wear is black — at least it’ll match!

  56. I love the white dots on black!

  57. I like the tri-leaf with the bubbles.

  58. I like the green and brown paisley!

  59. ooooh yay. Green and brown paisley cuddly soft is my favorite too, because it would be great for either boy or girl.

  60. I really love the reversible wraps! I love the stripes with brown and green paisley…so cute!

  61. Became a fan of So Nurturing on Facebook.

  62. I am now a fan of so nurturing on facebook

  63. Posted on my Facebook page :)

  64. I announced it on my facebook status and I have lots of mommy friends so should be more entries soon. :) Too bad I don’t tweet, 3 entries is all I get.

  65. I love the reversible in blue with brown dots and stripes. I used a Baby Bjorn with my other three but would love to try one of these with my fourth:)

  66. I love the brown cuddle soft!

  67. I’m having my second child in August. I’ve seen several friends who have these types of wraps and am interested in trying one out. I like the pink & brown dots fabric.

  68. I’m not entering the giveaway, just wanted to comment that you’ll probably find this sling a lot more comfortable on your back and shoulders than the one you had (that was recalled). Those baby bag type slings seem to be slung too low and are harder to adjust properly, nice and high to avoid strain. Enjoy that baby – she doesn’t look like a newborn, she looks like she’s 3 or 4 months old! Born a little lady already. :) I’m only a few weeks behind you.

  69. This is a great wrap. I think I would love just a plain wrap. :-)

  70. I love the brown and blue dots and stripes. I am expecting my first child in December and I would LOVE to win! :)

  71. I love the soft pink giraffe one! Those are adorable! I do love my Ergo carrier but would like a sling wrap for certain situations – like church!

  72. I like the cuddle-soft wraps.

  73. I am a Facebook fan of So Nurturing.

  74. I announced this giveaway on Facebook.

  75. Party Dots on Brown or Green and Brown Paisley would be fantastic. We are due with our fifth baby in November, everyone is wishing for a boy so I couldn’t pick girly girly colors, now could I? {;0)

  76. I love the green/lilac/hexagon/floral pattern. Think this would be great for a newborn!

  77. Oh, I know someone who would love this. I like the strips brown and paisley:) And I love the sweet picture of you two!

  78. Lori Lynn says:

    My fav is the pink/blue floral and bubbles reversable wrap

  79. I like the plain wraps the best, but the reversible ones all look neat. :)

  80. Green/brown paisley for sure! :)

  81. Lori Lynn says:

    I became a fan on Facebook

  82. Lori Lynn says:

    posted a link on my FB page!!! :)

  83. Claudia says:

    I love babywearing! I am a fan on facebook.

  84. Claudia says:

    I love the pink/blue floral & bubbles reversible fabric. The party dots on brown on the cuddly fabric is adorable, as well.

  85. Tweeted!

  86. I like the green & brown paisley.
    I have tried wearing babies #2 & #3 and can’t figure it out. I think I’m not using the right kind of carrier, so this would be great!

    And that picture of your baby’s little eyes peeking out is absolutely adorable!!!

  87. And I tweeted it!

  88. I love the green and brown paisley wrap!

    Congratulations on your new little one! She is absolutely adorable!

  89. I’m also now a fan on facebook. 😉

  90. I would choose the reversible wrap in green and brown paisley!

  91. fan on facebook

  92. tweeted

  93. Those look really neat. I have a baby coming in September and one of those slings would look really nice probably be really nice for the baby. One of my friends on Facebook posted that she signed up for this and I looked to see what it was all about and I like them. My favorite for my husband and I would be the soft brown cuddly material. Great website :)

  94. Johanna says:

    I’d love the green & brown paisley!

  95. The baby looks just like you! Especially around the mouth. So cute : )
    I am having baby number 7 in December!! Yeah!! Would love to win a baby wrap. I like the Stripes and Blue dots brown.


  96. I like the stripes and blue dots/brown.

  97. Johanna says:

    I Facebooked the link!

  98. I love the pink and brown dots :o)

  99. I became a fan of So Nurturing.

  100. Johanna says:

    And became a fan on Facebook!

  101. I placed info about the giveaway on my FB page.

  102. I’m now a fan on FB.

  103. Posted link on Facebook.

  104. Tweet, tweet.
    Hope I win :)
    I have my third on the way, due in October. I have two boys, and we just found out today we’re expecting a girl!

  105. I really like the green and brown paisley.

  106. I love the green and brown paisley.

  107. soft pink dots on brown

  108. Donna L. says:

    I’m going to be a Nana in the future!
    I would pick the “Party dots on brown”

  109. Donna L. says:

    I tweeted this giveaway!

  110. I’m a simple girl… one of the plain ones would suit me best. I couldn’t find a list of the colors for the plain wraps; maybe that could be easier to find? Something neutral like brown or grey would be nice. :-)

  111. Jennifer Ott says:

    I love the paisley; hope I win, I could use one to hold our new baby with the other little ones around.

  112. I became a fan!

  113. I posted the sling on my fb!

  114. became a fb fan :)

  115. I love the Brown and Green Paisey. What a great give-away! I love baby wearing. Unfortunatly my sling is too small now, and my homemade Mei Tai is starting to fall apart. So I would love something new to try! :)

  116. Became a fan on facebook!

  117. Advertised it on my facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=757588900

  118. Anna B. says:

    Love the brown and green paisley!!

  119. Anna B. says:

    I really like the brown and green paisley!!

  120. I love the brown and green paisley!
    I am looking to get one of these before our second is born in November.
    Thanks for all you do.

  121. I also announced the give away on my facebook page.

  122. And became a fan on facebook!

  123. I love the green and brown paisley.

  124. I became a fan on facebook!

  125. I announced the givaway on facebook!

  126. My favorite is the green lilac/hexagons. This looks great. I love this style wrap. It feels like wearing a big hug!

  127. Lauralee says:

    I like the baby blue dots and stripes.

  128. Lauralee says:

    Became a fan of So nuturing on FB!

  129. Lauralee says:

    Shared the Smockity link to win a So nuturing wrap on FB:)

  130. Christy says:

    Oh these are so cute! I like the one with brown and green stripes and paisley.

  131. I love the DOTS! Blue, pink or multi even. So cute… but not as ADORABLE as your little peanut!!! What a cute pix in the wrap. :) Love it!

  132. Tiffany M says:

    We LOVE babywearing!! I think the Soft pink Giraffe print is gorgeous!! We are giraffe freaks!!

  133. Green Dots on Brown for me :^)

  134. Green & Brown Paisley :0)

  135. I would love the Pink & Brown Dots.

  136. I really, really like the stripes with the blue dots. I wish I had had one for my other kids.

  137. I am excited to see the So Nurturing website. I love to carry my babies in a pack but have not found a newborn wrap or pack I like. This looks like it may be a perfect wrap for my tenth little one born nine weeks ago! I would love to get the soft pink dots on brown.

  138. I like the fact that both shoulders seem to carry the weight of the baby equally.

  139. On their video it looks like the wrap folds-up pretty small. Is it something that you could leave in your diaper bag without taking up a lot of space?

    Being a mom who needs to lose 30 pounds I’m glad they showed pictures of moms of all sizes.

  140. I love the brown and green paisley!
    You look amazing! And Peyton is so adorable!!

  141. I became a fan of So Nurturing on FB!

  142. I posted about the give away on my FB wall!

  143. Tiffany says:

    I like the baby blue dots on brown! I’m 36 weeks with #4 and would love to try a new sling!

  144. Jennifer says:

    stripes/brown&green paisley is my fav :)

  145. Teddy bear brown looks so awesome! For this I’d be willing to pay the postage lol.

  146. Oh I think the soft light brown bubble looks great–especially since I’m not sure if I’m having a boy or a girl.

  147. stephanie says:

    I love this in the soft black bubble

  148. I would love the Party Dots on Brown – very sweet!

  149. Karen B. says:

    Oh, I really like the stripes with the brown and green paisley!

  150. I posted it on my facebook page!

  151. Meghan V. says:

    I just love the Green & Brown Paisley!

  152. Lynzi Berg says:

    I became a facebook fan!

  153. Lynzi Berg says:

    I love the green and brown paisley! I didn’t use a sling for my first son but would love to try one out on my next baby.

  154. I just became a fan of So Nurturing on Facebook! Woo Hoo!

  155. Just did an ad for it on Facebook! Ooh I hope I win, this looks so comfy!

  156. I love the black and white spots!

  157. Posted on facebook!

  158. Became a fan on facebook!

  159. What a neat wrap. I have one type, but have never seen these before. I’m due in less than two weeks and would that be a fun treat for me…and baby :)

    I think I’m loving the lilac and green reversible the best. The floral and hexagon combo is cool!

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  160. Oh, how fun! I’m another fan of the green and brown paisley.

  161. I shared this on facebook!

  162. Awwww….does the little sweetheart in the pics come, too? Just kidding, but those little eyes peeking over the top of the wrap are just too precious!

    After a trip of to the sponsor’s site, I must say that I’m torn between the green and brown paisley and the pink and brown dots.. but since it’s spring and I have a lot of pink baby outfits, I’ll go with the pink and brown polka dot wrap.

  163. Oo! I like the blue on brown and stripes.

  164. I am expecting our fifth child in the fall and am an avid baby wearer. I love the brown and blue dot one. One can never have too many wraps. They are my favorite and I use them daily. Having a second one would be great when one needs washing.

  165. elizabeth says:

    I looooove the paisley one!

  166. Danette says:

    I had an old sling with the last baby. This would make grocery shopping with all the kids much easier! I like the baby blue giraff (it would match his diaper bag!)

  167. Danette says:

    I became a fan of So Nurturing on Facebook

  168. Danette says:

    I announced the giveaway on my facebook page.

  169. I like the soft pink dots on brown, and reversible would be fun! I have a 3 and a half month old I like to carry around.

    Congratulations to you!

  170. Sally S. says:

    I love these! We’re expecting our third child in September, and the Blue and Brown dots would be super cute to wrap him up in!

  171. Jennifer says:

    Got a 3 month old that needs a new form of transport besides the heavy car seat/carrier.

  172. I LOVE the stripes/ brown and green paisley wrap! The idea of a hands free carrier that is easy to put on and wear sounds great! I have a 2.5 month old and am hoping to have many more!

  173. I tweeted about this contest and your site!

  174. Lisa Wilson says:

    I like the soft pink dots on brown. I would love to win this for my daughter-in-law. It would be so helpful in so many ways. I wish they had these 26 years ago.

  175. Oh so many great colors and prints! I THINK I like the Green &Brown Paisley the best.

  176. I am having my third baby this October and have been looking at wraps. Before your post I had never heard of this brand. I love the brown polka dot one. They are all adorable though.
    With my other two kiddo’s I had a Bjorn active that I loved but I passed it one as I thought I was done with the baby stage. I loved being hands free with the kids and having them close to me. It was the only way my oldest would nap! Now though I can’t see spending that kind of money. Bjorns are just too pricey. Besides that I like the idea of supporting a smaller company.
    Thank you for sharing this with your readers.

  177. I’m having my first girl in September and would love this! I love the pink cheetah and the pink giraffe.

  178. Allie H. says:

    I can’t decide which one I like better: Green/Lilac Hexagon/Floral or Tri-Leaf & Bubbles! So cute! :)

  179. Allie H. says:

    I posted it on FB! :)

  180. Allie H. says:

    I became a fan of So Nuturing! on FB! :)

  181. My wife would love to have the brown and green paisley one.

  182. I posted it on Facebook!

  183. I also became a fan of So Nurturing on FB.

  184. I have the recalled sling as well! I am now so thankful my son was not fond of it!

    We would love the reversible wrap in baby blue dots and strips!

  185. I like the green/lilac reversible.

  186. Rosalinde says:

    I like the white dots on black, party dots on brown, and blue giraffe. I have been looking for a good carrier for a newborn/small infant, since I will have one soon.

  187. WOW I LOVE all of those patterns. The cuddlesoft wrap looks great… LOVE the following patterns:

    baby blue giraffe
    Party Dots on Brown.

    :) Thank you for the great giveaway :)
    giveawaycrazy at gmail

  188. I’m due with #6. I’ve never actually used a wrap. I love them, but never gave them a try. The sling I used was the one that had the recall on it. I would love to try a wrap. I like the party dots on brown.


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