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I’m a Sears Outlet Power Mom!

I am super excited to report to you that I have been selected, along with 10 other bloggers, to be a Sears Outlet Signature Team Mom

The emails I have been getting have "Sears Power Mom" in the subject line, which has my hopes up that I'll be getting a leotard to wear with the "Sears Power Mom" logo and the word "RAAAAWR" on it. Or maybe "Hiiii-YAH!" Plus, some cork wedge sandals with lightening bolts on them.

Wouldn't that be ultra cool?

Well, even if I don't get the Super Mom uniform, I am still really excited about the whole thing because I get to tour the Sears Outlet store and tell you about their best bargains. Plus, they want to hear feedback from customers and I get to be the one to let them know what your concerns or praises are.  And we ALL know how much I like to talk, so is this the perfect job for me, OR WHAT?!

And guess what's in it for you.  Go ahead. Just try and guess.


I know! Isn't it exciting?!

So, do you shop at Sears Outlet? What do you love about it? What would you like to see there?

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  1. Oh, I can’t wait to hear more. We’ve tried to shop there in the past but not found what we were looking for at the time (dishwasher).

    We just love Sears and I can’t wait to see what goodies they give you the scoop on!

  2. I don’t think we have a Sears outlet! :(

  3. Congratulations on becoming one of the Sears Outlet Power Moms! I look forward to working with you. I almost fell out of my seat when I found out that I was chosen. lol I was TOO shocked and oh so happy. I look forward to getting to know you through reading your blog. :)

    Take care,

  4. Yay! Congrats!! That is so exciting! :)

  5. I do have a Sears Outlet near me and was so hopeful to find a gas oven/stove there when the one I had seemed to have someone still with it when I acquired it (it would turn itself on while I was out of the house or even when walking across the kitchen floowr.) Very scary and dangerous. Definitely was time to get a replacement. Unfortunately, the Sears outlet near me only had top of the line products that were still so expensive (tags said they were marked down, but it sure didn’t look like it) that they were out of reach. We ended up buying a used one from Craigslist that I love.

    I was also surprised that the outlet near me only had appliances. No clothes, tools, electronics, or general household items. Maybe it was through some secret door or something, but I would think they’d want that stuff easily accessible. I have since taken to shopping elsewhere, where I know the items I’m looking for are afforable. (Like even plain old Sears! Man, the stuff at that outlet was EXPENSIVE!)

  6. We have a Sears outlet where I live, I want to go check it out. I’m mostly interested in appliances, so hopefully they will have a good selection.

  7. Congrats! I don’t think we have a Sears Outlet around here, but do they have appliances and tools? Hubby would be thrilled with that!

  8. We don’t have one, and you can order online :(


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