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How To Cast On Knitting Stitches

Learning how to cast on knitting stitches is the first step in beginning to knit.

I've done a video tutorial showing you how to cast on. You can stop and start the video to study the steps involved. Also, look at these great diagrams for learning to cast on knitting stitches.

Now, it is your turn. If you have a tutorial with step by step instructions, PLUS pictures or a video, link to your specific tutorial post below. If you include your blog name with a little description, it will give readers an idea about your tutorial. (Example: Smockity Frocks-How to Cast On)

Be sure to include a link back to Smockity Frocks in your post so your readers can enjoy all of the tutorials.

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  1. I just discovered your new meme through twitter (someone retweeted!). What a fun idea! I’m glad I had just put up a tutorial post! :)

  2. Love this idea of tutorial tuesdays! I was going to share how to make flubber, however, I did not have enough glue…hopefully I can next week :)

  3. You said to leave a comment. Not sure why. But I will. :)

    Actually, I wanted to say I’m glad you posted this video! I want to learn how to knit again. I know it’s not hard, just slower than crocheting. When I was 7 or 8, I used to prefer knitting to crocheting, but now I don’t even remember how to cast on. I want to learn how to make socks. I have some my mom knitted out of heavy wool, and they are soooo nice and warm on a cold winter day! And slippers, too. Things that wouldn’t be so good crocheted. So this is nice! Now I’ll know where to look when I’m ready!

  4. Smockity! How did I not know that you are knitter? I knit every day, and I LOVE it. Knitting keeps me sane.
    In my house they say that a “Knitting mommy is a happy mommy.”

    Oh, and how do you look so awesome after just having that beautiful baby? I didn’t look that good after mine…

    • Smockity Frocks says:


      I’m love to knit! I’m stuck on a sweater, though. Finished everything except the neck and realized I went wrong somewhere. I’m thinking of just ignoring the instructions (which I don’t understand on this part) and just doing a stockinette stitch.

      Oh, and on how I look? I guess pale and swollen are becoming on me. It’s a gift, really. =0)

  5. Thank you for this. I can’t wait to show my girls. They’re learning to knit this summer and I’m no help to them at all!

  6. Here I expected a How To Have Your Eighth Baby tutorial 😉 You look great mama!

  7. Haha, how to have your 8th baby sounds like a GREAT one!

  8. How interesting, I cast on in a completely different way. Your way is so much faster and more efficient. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Lene, I should have said this is ONE way to cast on. My 10yo figured out a unique way on her own that works, too.

  9. So, I’ve tried to learn how to knit for the last… well a good number of years. I took lessons when I was 12 for several months and have tried several teach-yourself books before and after that. And I still can’t knit. Well I can make a square like a dishcloth. Lol! That’s it. That’s the best I can do after having tried for 2/3 of my life. So, am I a hopeless case? Lol!
    It’s a good thing I can crochet and am very very good at it. 😉

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Mama Mirage, I am planning to show more knitting instructions in upcoming tutorials. One thing that launched me on to the next level was to go ahead and pick out a beginner pattern to try to follow. I found that knitting squares and rectangles wasn’t very exciting after a while and I enjoyed the challenge of following a pattern. MUCH more fulfilling!

      • @Smockity Frocks, I did try some beginner projects but I kept getting lost. I learned crochet pretty young, I was 8, and didn’t learn how to read a pattern for another 6 or so years so I was fluent in the art before I learned how to read it. I wish I’d learned knitting the same way. It seems to be the only way I am capable of retaining anything. :(


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