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Flirty Aprons Giveaway!

Do I ever have a goody for one of my readers! Flirty Aprons contacted me to do a review and giveaway of one of their aprons.

I got mine in the mail today, and I am absolutely SMITTEN! It is adorable! I especially love the wide ties because they make the best bows! And can any good gravy making ensemble really be complete without wide pink bows? I think not.

I chose this one, because pink is my favorite color, and pink and brown together? Reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. Add polka dots and, I ask you,  could anything possibly be cuter?!

And, by the way, I know I am a 43 year old 9 month pregnant lady with seven children, but I look ASTONISHINGLY identical to the lady in this photo when I wear the apron. I just... uh... didn't feel like having someone snap a photo of me is all.

But never you mind that. If you would like to win a Flirty Apron of your choice, there are several ways to enter. (Leave a comment for each entry.)

I'll announce a winner next week, so get moving and good luck!

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  1. I like the Cocoa Lime color!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE brown and pink but I think the Original Cocoa Lime one is really cute! Love these aprons. Thanks for sharing! :o)

  3. Oh, I love the Sassy Black! So different from everything I have!

  4. I follow you on Twitter, of course. :)

  5. I tweet-promoted. 😉

  6. I love the chic pink apron!!

  7. I’m a fan on fb

  8. I follow you on twitter :)

  9. I responded to your pillow discussion (with shame, I might add)…

  10. Call me amazed that there isn’t asingle purple apron. Is FA anti purple? I do like the lucious lemon apron.

  11. I follow on twitter


  12. I just retweeted your message about the giveaway.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I am a fan of yours on Facebook. :o)

  14. And I LOVE these aprons! I think I might have to with the original sassy black! but I just don’t know! :)

  15. Stephanie says:

    I subscribe to Smockity Frocks via RSS feed…

  16. Stephanie says:

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook…:o)

  17. And I just responded to a msg in your BlogFrog community about loving to bake! Because I LOVE to bake

  18. I love the chocolate & lime one!

  19. Stephanie Edwards says:

    I have been following you on your web site for a while now, but I just friended you on Facebook. I think a pretty apron help would help give the tasks I am doing in the apron some pizazz and give my husband something pretty to look at besides me. :) hahaha! I like the chic pink. I find I am enjoying pink more and more.

  20. Very Cherry looks cute!

  21. I like you on Facebook!!

  22. Scalloped Saucy Safari looks great for cooking :-)

  23. I get your blog feed via my google reader!!

  24. I am a twitter follower too!!!!

  25. 1. My favorite apron is Very Cherry by a landslide. How adorable would that be with chocolate chip cookies on the side?

  26. 2. I subscribe to your feed in a RSS reader.

  27. I love the Cupcake one! I bake a lot, so that would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  29. I’m a twitter follower, too.

  30. And I’m a Facebook fan :)

  31. I follow with google reader – and LOVE that pink chocolate one! (I think that’s the name, anyway, the same one in the post. I love aprons, but don’t wear them nearly enough. Those are sooo cute, though!

  32. I love the blue chocolate one!

  33. I’m a facebook fan

  34. I love the sassy black.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  35. I follow you as wiscmom24 on twitter.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  36. I have always wanted an apron to inspire me in the kitchen. I love the Cocoa Lime. : )

  37. I hit the “like” button on your fan page.

  38. Followed you on Twitter.

  39. I subscribe to your RSS feed via bloglines already.

  40. I responded to a discussion on BlogFrog.

  41. Tweeted about this page with link.

  42. I blogged about your give-away: http://lifeofahappymom.com/blog/?p=288

  43. Oh, my! Sweet Sunshine…or Sassy Red….guess it depends on my mood!

  44. And girl, you know I Twitter stalk you. 😉

  45. Love the Woman’s Apron Original Frosted Cupcake!

  46. And I subscribe via RSS

  47. Following you on Twitter…

  48. I love the Very Cherry Woman’s Apron!

  49. Also became a fan on Facebook!

  50. Those are the cutest aprons I’ve ever seen…my favorite (I think) is the Original Chic Pink, but it was awfully hard to decide.

  51. My favorite is the Scalloped Saucy Safari. :)

  52. And I’m a twitter follower.

  53. MJ in SC says:

    I LOVE the frosted cupcake apron! Something sweet in the kitchen would be great :0)

  54. MJ in SC says:

    Posted to my Facebook Page AND I’ll already a BIG fan!

  55. The Sweet Sunshine apron is my favorite! It’s kind of retro, and so cheery!

  56. I’m now following Smockity Frocks on Twitter!

  57. Kirstin says:

    All the aprons are adorable but the black and teal one is especially nice.

  58. I love the original sassy black! Too cute! thank you for the chance to win!

  59. Such a hard choice…but I think the Luscious Lemons is my favorite!

  60. I am a fan on Facebook.

  61. I’m an RSS subscriber.

  62. Posted a link to the giveaway on Facebook.

  63. Courtney says:

    I love the Sassy Black apron! So cute!!

  64. Courtney says:

    I follow your blog via Google Reader.

  65. I like the Scalloped Sassy Red Women’s Apron!

  66. I am a fan on facebook!

  67. Lori Lynn says:

    Woman’s Apron Very Cherry Original is my favorite, I am a fan on Facebook, I subscribed, and I posted a link!

  68. I love the cupcake one..it’s so cute!!

  69. Bea-U-tee-fullll creations…. I like the Sassy Black apron!

  70. Lori Lynn says:

    I’m a fan on facebook

  71. Lori Lynn says:

    I subscribed

  72. Lori Lynn says:

    I posted a link

  73. Woman’s Apron Original Sassy Black is my favorite!

  74. I like the chic pink apron.

  75. I love the aprons. I am a fan on FB and follow you through email.

  76. I like the scalloped sassy red.

  77. “Like” you on FB now!

  78. I have you set up in my blogger account so that I follow your site. Not sure if that’s the same as the feed thing….

  79. I am a artist in Prattville, I think my favorite apron is the Sassy Black one,I would get in the Kitchen and cook a better meal if I was wearing that apron.

  80. Heather says:

    I love the original sassy black apron! It’s like a little black dress of an apron! I think my husband would find this irresistible! 😉

  81. Love the apron. Pick me! I subscribe :0)

  82. Heather Sutton says:

    I like the pink chocolate one, and I am a facebook fan!

  83. i love the very cherry!

  84. fb fan of yours

  85. i follow you on twitter where i am agodlyhomemaker

  86. email subber

  87. shared it on fb too

  88. Kristen says:

    Frosted Cupcake is my favorite apron!!!

  89. I’m a fan! I’m a fan!!! (I want that neapolitan, polka-dotted apron, too! )


  90. I’m a subscriber

  91. I love the scalloped chic teal apron!

  92. Elizabeth Jaeckle says:

    I follow you on facebook!

  93. Elizabeth Jaeckle says:

    I like the sassy red or saucy safari

  94. Elizabeth Jaeckle says:

    I signed up for email! You are great, thanks.

  95. Heather says:

    How on Earth can I choose? Every time I think I’ve found my favorite, I see a new “winner”. I think my final pick would have to be the Scalloped Chic Teal apron.

  96. Mrs. K Hewett says:

    I think the “very cherry” apron is my favorite, and it will go very nicely with the red in my kitchen. Please choose me – I really need a cute apron! Thanks!

  97. Mrs. K Hewett says:

    2 – I’m also a fan of Smockity Frocks on FaceBook….

  98. Mrs. K Hewett says:

    3 – … and I follow Smockity Frocks on twitter….

  99. Mrs. K Hewett says:

    4 – …. and subscribe to Smockity Frocks in my RSS feed reader. Thanks!

  100. The blue or pink chocolate are my favorites.

  101. I am a FB fan, of course. :)

  102. I did respond in your blog frog community. I heart Blog frog. :)

  103. I am an email subscriber.

  104. My fave is the original Sassy Black!

  105. I am already subscribed!

  106. I now follow you on Facebook!

  107. I like the blue chocolate one!

  108. I’m a subscriber!

  109. I follow you on twitter!

  110. I like the scalloped luscious lemons

  111. I am a FB fan!

  112. I subscribe through igoogle.

  113. Karin Alvarado says:

    I would have to go with the same one you picked. I can’t wait to look just like the girl in the picture!

  114. Rebecca says:

    I have been wanting an apron for a while, just never seem to buy my self one :) I love the Sweet Sunshine one! It is beautiful and cheerful. It seems it would brighten anyone’s day, even when they did not feel like cooking :) Hope you are having a wonderful day :) I get your e-mails and I am a fan on FB.


  115. The Pink Chocolate apron is my favorite.
    I am 40 turning 41 next month, almost 5 months pregnant with my 6th child. I am SURE with the apron on, I too would look exactly like the lady wearing the apron in the picture!!! :)

  116. Jennifer M. says:

    I follow via email… =)

  117. Jennifer M. says:

    I am 9 months pregnant and would love to look like the lady in the picture!! ha ha And I folow via email too.

  118. Jennifer M. says:

    I am a facebook fan =)

  119. Jennifer M. says:

    I love the Sweet Sunshine apron!!

  120. Mea Brown says:

    I follow via e-mail! I love the Sassy Black Apron. Would love to win one!

  121. I like the cocoa lime!

  122. AshleyD says:

    I like the sassy black!

  123. I like the cocoa lime apron!

  124. Lisa Beth W. says:

    I think the sassy black apron. Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. Debra L. says:

    My favorite apron is Women’s Apron Scalloped Sassy Red.

  126. Debra L. says:

    I’m already your Facebook fan.

  127. Debra L. says:

    I subscribe to your blog by email.

  128. Rebecca says:

    I have a Flirty Apron and I bought 1 each for my daughters, we love them. I would love to win the Luscious Lemon, that would make a great summer apron!

  129. Rebecca says:

    I subscribe via email


  130. Are you serious?! We have to pick JUST ONE favorite?! lol

    They are all so cute! I guess if I HAD to choose it would be the Scalloped Chic Teal (since teal is my favorite color and all). Whew! That was a very difficult choice to make! :)

  131. Ok, I’m now a fan on Facebook. I thought I already was, but guess not. But I am now. (Jennifer Torres on Facebook)

  132. Ok, I posted on Facebook.

  133. I like the Sweet Sunshine and Very Cherry aprons. I guess I will have to choose if I win it, won’t I?

  134. I just “followed” you on facebook.

  135. I just posted about this giveaway on facebook.

  136. Sarah Abbott says:

    I already subscribe to your feed.

  137. Sarah Abbott says:

    I like the original chic pink apron–so cute!

  138. Sarah Abbott says:

    I’m a fan of yours on Facebook already.

  139. I was thinking just this morning as I was frying stuff with grease while wearing one of my favorite shirts that I’d love to have an apron. I like the pink chocolate, too, or the cocoa lime. I’d love to win!

  140. I am a Facebook fan…well, really a fan of Smockity Frocks on Facebook. The jury is still out on Facebook itself.

  141. I am a Twitter follower.

  142. And, I’m a subscriber.

  143. Sassy black for me, it matches my kitchen and won’t show the stains!

  144. I am a subscriber to Smockity Frocks!

  145. I follow you on Twitter

  146. Kristen Beecham says:

    I really like the Original Cocoa Lime!

  147. Kristen Beecham says:

    I subscribe via email.

  148. Kristen Beecham says:

    I’m a Facebook Fan.

  149. Sassy black in my FAVE!!!

  150. fun fun! just subscribed! “fan’d” you in FB. became a new follower on Twitter! love the “chic pink” apron!! thanks for the fun giveaway! love the blog!

  151. Became a fan on facebook…the sassy black is my favorite…

    Haven’t been reading your blog for long, but really like it! Thanks for sharing with us.

  152. How fun Connie!! I like the sweet sunshine apron!!

  153. I am also a fan on facebook!

  154. Connie,

    I like the red one but I only saw it on their clearance page but oh well. I liked the blue and brown and the pink and brown too!
    I am a fan on facebook ( I think, I used to be before I was elimanated) I will chech and refan you if I am not! I don’t really want those feed things because I check you everyday anyway so I would just end up deleting them. I dont’ tweet and I will try and link and post on my status but it is late and I am tired! I will also go visit your blog frog thing and see what that is all about. A chance to express my opinon again, hope there is no one who sees ugly in my words!


  155. Very Cherry is my fav!

  156. Already a fan on FB

  157. follower on twitter

  158. Shared on FB

  159. Responded on blog frog

  160. subscribed via email

  161. Retweeted Apron Giveaway on twitter

  162. I love the scalloped teal one!

  163. I became a fan on FB! Would love one of those gorgeous aprons…and am psyched to share your site with my friends/family!

    Many blessings,
    Kelley in MA

  164. I just subscribed…. :)

    By His grace,
    Kelley in MA

  165. This is my last entry for your give-away…lol. I don’t normally enter these types of things, but I really love these aprons and they just aren’t in the budget right now!

    All of the aprons I saw on Flirty Aprons were gorgeous…but the one that stood out the most to me was the Original Blue Chocolate. I love the blue/chocolate combo..and like you said…who can resist polka dots! It just made me smile. :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your family..and thank you so much for sharing your life with all of your readers. It’s a joy and encouragement to come here (and no…I’m not sucking up for an apron! lol)

    by His grace,
    Kelley in MA

  166. Denise B says:

    I LOVE the Pink Chocolate one!! What could be better than pink and chocolate together.
    I subscribe via email.

  167. I love the original scarlet blossom apron!

  168. Love the Sweet Sunshine apron. Delightful blog!

  169. I like the scalloped cherry blossom apron.

  170. Jenna M. says:

    I love the scalloped teal!
    Have a wonderful day!

  171. I love the scalloped sassy red apron. And it’s on sale right now! Woohoo!

  172. I subscribe to your blog feed through bloglines. :-)

  173. I am a fan of Flirty Aprons on Facebook.

  174. I am also a fan of Smockity Frocks on Facebook.

  175. I receive Smockity Frocks in my Google Reader.

  176. I responded to the pillow discussion on your BFF community.

  177. happyheartshelpinghands says:

    Definitely “Very Cherry!” The other ones are great too, but Very Cherry takes me back to childhood when I had a whole outfit in a similar print.
    :-) Plus it’s food-oriented… like most men… and what man doesn’t love a homemade cherry pie?!

  178. I follow on Twitter. @mom2kchmwr2001

  179. I’m a faithful follower!

  180. I like the blue and chocolate one and the luscious lemon one! So cute!

  181. I have two favorites, the Pink Chocolate like you got and the Chic Pink… BUT, I actually already own the Chic Pink. 😉

  182. Fan on Facebook!

  183. Following on Twitter!

  184. Oh, let’s see, I like the Original Cocoa Lime, Original Blue Chocolate, and the Scalloped Chic Teal. Yeah, finding one I like wouldn’t be a problem at all. This is entry #1.

  185. I’m already subscribed. Entry #2.

  186. I now follow you on Twitter (ChirpingX3). Entry #3

  187. Entry #4: I just tweeted about it here

  188. I just joined your community and started this discussion for entry #5:

  189. Chatted about pillows on your BlogFrog board.

  190. Tweet! http://twitter.com/MamaMirage/status/14135516926

    and my email address is mamamirage (at) yahoo (dot) com

  191. How fun! I love the Sassy black apron!

  192. I follow you on twitter:)

  193. I follow you on facebook:) (I’m sounding stalkerish)

  194. And I just tweeted it!

  195. Summer W. says:

    I love the frosted cupcake one!

  196. Summer W. says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  197. Summer W. says:

    I subscribed through email!!

  198. My favorite is the original blue chocolate….


  199. I already subscribe via google reader:)


  200. My fave is the blue chocolate!

  201. I subscribe through Google Reader:)

  202. I loooove the chocolate lime!

    darwinsfrg AT hotmail DOT com

  203. I like SF on Facebook! Melissa N.

    darwinsfrg AT hotmail DOT com

  204. Already following SF on Twitter! BlackOlive03

    Darwinsfrg AT hotmail DOT com

  205. Subscribed via e-mail. Will confirm as soon as it comes thru!

    Darwinsfrg AT hotmail DOT com

  206. Retweeted:


    darwinsfrg AT hotmail DOT com

  207. Posted it on FB, on my A little of this A little of that… page.

    darwinsfrg AT hotmail DOT com

  208. I like the Chic Pink one…..and the one you got too….and, well……all of them. :) Thanks!

  209. let’s see…which one won’t show stains…ummm….

    Brown…where’s brown?… OOooh! brown and Green! I like that :-)

    (Cocoa Lime)


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