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Cleaning Rooms with the Buddy System

I have posted before about using the buddy system with our 7 children.  (See those posts below.)

I would like to tell you how we recently used the buddy system for cleaning rooms.

Since we have three little girls in one small bedroom, it gets quite messy in there in a hurry! Earlier this week, I had those three girls line up in front of me and asked the three oldest kids to choose one little girl to stand behind. I told them those would be their room cleaning buddies for the day.

I then announced that there would be three choices for what to clean up with their buddies.

  1. toys and books
  2. clothes and shoes
  3. trash

Each buddy team chose what they would pick up and put in the proper places. I offered a chocolate kiss to each team who worked cheerfully and thoroughly, and then I set the timer.

When the timer beeped I inspected their work and passed out kisses. (both kinds)

This worked very well since the little ones can't be trusted to pick up and put away without help and supervision. With the buddy system at work, the big kids could encourage, help, and instruct so that everything got put away without Mom having to do it.

Works For Me!

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  1. We do things like this all the time! It really does work great! I assign a room to each child with a little one as their helper and offering a treat or special activity at the end always is sure to inspire them! And while with 14 of us, the house can look like a tornado went through rather quickly, likewise, with all those hands working together to pick up, it can get clean in a jiffy!
    Giving each child an area to clean is much more effective than saying, “Okay, you all go clean the yard” or something. That way, they have their own job they are responsible for, I can see who has worked and who has dawdled, they take pride in their area, and it’s not so overwhelming.
    So all that to say, hi :-) Miss you and praying for you!

  2. Great idea! I’m going to work on doing something like this with my kids.

  3. I might have to borrow some big kids…

  4. We do buddies too with our crew of 7, however, I think I’m also going to start using your idea of breaking the room down into three parts. It keeps it much more manageable.

  5. Sounds like I need to get some big buddies! I don’t think my 3 year old is ready to help my 1 year old a whole lot, but I’ll try to remember this for the future:)