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Tutorial Tuesday Suggestions Welcome

I'm working on a new video for Tutorial Tuesday on machine hemming.

I used to dread hemming 3 or 4 or 5 little Easter dresses by hand because it seemed to take for. Ev. Er. Once I learned to do a machine hem, though, I was delighted because it was a BREEZE! SO much quicker and easier than doing it by hand!

So, my question for you is: Would you find this remotely helpful/interesting? What else would you like to see on my Tutorial Tuesday video series?  Suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! And thank you!

  2. YES!!!

  3. Oooh, I would love this!

    And maybe a tutorial: How to Clean the Van without Embarrassing Yourself in Front of the Neighbors

    I could use some Smockity Humor in this arena!

  4. Definitely. My sewing abilities are limited and I learn best by watching someone else! Thanks!

  5. YES!!! Connie, anything you want to teach on sewing I would be sooo interested in! I have to sew now because there is nothing here that I would want our little girls to wear, but I’m so limited in my knowledge/ability. Your tutorials are great! That would be a blessing!

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes!

  7. I would absolutely find this helpful! I sew in steps, or should I say I finish sewing in steps. I cut out the pattern and I feel like I’m done so I don’t pick it back up for weeks (or months). I get it all sewn up except for the hem and I feel like I’m done again. And by the time I actually get it done, my newborn neice is turning 20 and getting married. Not all projects are this bad, that’s just my worst example. And yes, I do still have the project waiting to finish it. It’s the only one that I let myself feel guilty about so I keep it while the others all go to goodwill or the dump.

  8. I’ve never even heard of hand sewing a hem! :) Just kidding. I guess I don’t do it right b/c I just turn that baby up 2 times and stitch in on my machine.

    I have the feeling you are talking about something different here. Well, I’m all in for sewing tutorials!

  9. Anything sewing would be appreciated! I can do a little by hand, but it takes forever. And although we have a machine, I have no idea how to use it – or where to put it. About the only place I have is the dining room table and then we have to set up and take down constantly. And even when it’s in the case, it has no place to call “home” – it sits on the floor in front of the pantry. Completely in the way, but it doesn’t fit under the bench at the table. So, suggestions on how to add just one more room when we can’t add out in any direction would be a nice tutorial, too. Oh, sorry. I don’t think that’s the kind of suggestion you were looking for. OK, now I’m rambling…

  10. I sewed for 10 long years before discovering what that odd little ‘skip a stitch’ hem stitch and some clear filament thread could do! This was because I was a self-taught sewer using a 1940’s copy of Bishop Method Sewing book to learn – and my machine was ancient too – forward, back and zigzag only! When I updated machines I failed to read the manual and sewed well below potential for far too long! I’m sure this tutorial will be a help so many! There will be professional looking hems all over blogland, thanks to Miss Connie!

  11. I love anything related to sewing or cooking. Learning about new sewing machine stitches will be great!

  12. How about a tutorial (or maybe you already wrote a post about this?) that shows little clips of how you homeschool the younger kids with the older ones? I’m just finishing K with our oldest. My hubby and I are still not sure how we’re going to add in the 3rd and 4th…kids when it’s their turn. Our second child listens to a lot of the science and read aloud stuff with his sister so we know we’ll have to add in phonics/reading and math at his level when he’s in K, but we’re wondering if we need to keep the K science curriculum and read alouds that I did with our Kindergartener or do the younger ones just listen and glean from what their siblings are doing? Do they “learn enough” with this style of teaching even if their older siblings will be much older? Or do the older ones start to learn independently instead of having mom read everything to them? I’m just a little confused – thankfully not scared because I know that the Lord will work all things out, but some wisdom in this area would be helpful. And I’m a visual learner, so video clips would be really helpful!
    I know it would be tedious and probably impossible if each child had their own full curriculum. Not sure how this all plays out since we’re just in our first year.
    Any help you can give would be great!
    Thank you!

  13. I’d love a tutorial on how to alter clothes that are slightly too big to fit better. I am a really funny size and have a difficult time finding things that fit properly. Also, my sons are very slender and their pants tend to be too big in the waist but not long enough. Thanks!

  14. I would totally appreciate this, as my current method of “hemming” involves staples and duct tape!
    I would love any other advice on sewing, cooking, and how you homeschool olders while keeping youngers happy & relatively quiet. And also some ideas for curriculum in religion. I have zero foundation for training my children in faith… and I don’t know where to start!