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Reading Incentive Programs

**Updated: Be sure to check out the comments for more great programs!

Do your children like to read? If not, maybe you could encourage them with a reading incentive program.

My children love to read. A LOT. As in, I find myself saying things like, "Will you please put that book down? It's time for dinner." Just the other day, I was amused when I asked my son what he was reading in The Dangerous Book for Boys. He never looked up from his book and remarked casually, "The Constitution", as if every 13 year old boy reads The Constitution just for kicks.

Whether your kids already love to read or you would like to encourage them to read more, there are some neat ways to reward them for it.  We have signed up for a couple of reading incentive programs that reward kids with cool prizes.

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! National Reading Incentive Program is one.  Each month, if the child meets his reading goals (set by the teacher) he gets a certificate for a free personal pan sized pizza from Pizza Hut.  The sign up deadline for this program is in June, so head on over there to get started.

Six Flags Read to Succeed is another one.  Every child who reads for 600 minutes receives a free ticket to Six Flags! Teachers also get a ticket, so our whole family will be going to Six Flags this summer at no cost!

Both of these programs are homeschool friendly, which is to say they allow homeschoolers to participate. They also allow pre-readers to participate by counting parent read-aloud time.

**I am not receiving any compensation for promoting these. I just think they are neat!

Do you know of any other programs that encourage reading?

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  1. Shannon says:

    In the summer we do the Barnes and Nobles reading program

    if there are no books the kids want we still do it and put the books into christmas gifts for family members that would like one, or for christmas charity things we do. they let my prereader participate but this may vary by store, I always ask.

    Also half price books, they don’t have this year up yet

    and borders, again this is still 2009 but I will check back in May

    In California , 2008, one of the Christian books stores also had a read x number of books and get a $5 gift card, I don’t know if they do this every year but it is worth checking with your local store.

  2. I don’t do anything to encourage my children to read. They love to read and even love to look at books before they can read. I do have to “order” them to put down their books and do other things. I even have to tell two of them that they cannot read another Childhood of Famous Americans book until they have read their assigned reading (which right now is tall stacks of Revolutionary War period books). Our library cleared out the COFA books and other great series several years ago and I got them for free!! We have over 100 of them. These books are what my 10 yod always has in hand.

  3. We also participate in those reading programs, in addition to our local library has a summer reading program and every other year offers a winter reading program. The kids earn little prizes, but also bigger rewards, like coupons for a free meal to local restaurants. At the end of the program they are entered to win a raffle from a selection offered. Last year my oldest won a gardening set with real gardeing tools and tote!

    Many of the major and minor league baseball teams also offer reading programs. Near me are the Schaumburg Flyers, Kane County Cougars, and Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. They earn free tickets to a game and food vouchers. The parent(s) still have to purchase their own tickets and for those who weren’t within the age range to participate, but it’s still a great opportunity.


  4. My kids are all bookworms – but I think a big reason they are that way is because we’ve always done a ton of read-alouds in our house. Ever since they were infants I’ve been reading to them – so I think that helps them associate reading with positive, happy times. Plus they see my and my hubby reading a lot (if Dad reads all the time, it must be a cool thing). I am doing a Thursday children’s book review along with book giveaways on my blog so if you need some ideas come check it out (no, I’m not getting paid for this either!). toliverstottexas.blogspot.com

    I also think it really helps to see what they’re interested in. Then, as the parent, do some research and find some great books on that topic. Provide them the tools and it’s amazing how they just take off with reading and loving to learn.

  5. We do the Pizza Hut Bookit program. We’re too far from any Six Flags so they won’t let us sign up for that. We have a local reading program by the Smokies baseball team. If they read so many books they get free tickets to see the Smokies play on certain days.

  6. My kids LOVE to read but sometimes I wonder how much they remember about what they read because they DEVOUR so many books…I heard about http://www.bookadventures.com
    They have a massive book list that has tests that the child can take online after reading to check comprehension. They are quick and painless and kids can earn points to redeem for free prizes. AND it’s all free!!

  7. We do Pizza Hut and Book-It, local library reading programs, and the Braum’s reading program. Kids earn a free cone for each month of the school year!

  8. Oooo, this is really helpful, thanks! My kids love reading, but I love finding ways to make it even more fun for them. Yay!

  9. Thanks for all the helpful links. I didn’t know about most of these programs. Our library does one, but the prizes are really lame and break within the first week we have them. I do have to encourage my older son to read books of quality since he loves to play video games if given the chance. We have him earn video game time by reading books of our choice. In his free time he loves to read books of his choice. I love that with Sonlight my kids are reading all the time!

  10. I don’t think the six flags one is as great as it looks. I haven’t signed up yet but it says only for K through 6th grade. It also says schools have to sign up first too. Maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet, but it makes me wonder.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I second bookadventure.com you can register and after they have earned enough points through their comprehension quizes the kids can receive some neat prizes. Including a 6 month subscription to Highlights magazine. It really helped when my son, who also LOVES, was having comprehension trouble when he was younger.

  12. We always love to do our summer reading program at the library. Always so exciting to log in the minutes for reading and get to pick items out in the prize room and well as doing all the fun activities that the library plans.

  13. This is for Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa:
    The Kwik Trip/Kwik Star gas stations have a program similar to Pizza Hut Book It, with a slice of pizza (big slice!). I didn’t even have to fill out the form and mail it in, but emailed them with all my information and she mailed the coupons out right away.

    Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells also has a reading program which will give each child free admission to Noah’s Ark Waterpark. I am not sure of the details and have emailed them for more information. I will let you know what I find out.

    I think that Build a Bear has a reading program.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Kelly Z, Thanks for adding those! Do you happen to have the link for the Build a Bear program?

      • @Smockity Frocks,
        I emailed Noah’s Ark and this the reply I received. I did not include her personal email address, but if you do a search for Noah’s Ark Wisconsin Dells, there is a contact link.
        Noah’s Ark does have a Reading Program. Information can be mailed out the end of August for the 2010/2011 school year. It is for grade levels K-6 and must run 2 consecutive months. You can set the individual goals for the readers.

        We do prefer Home School groups since most homeschoolers are part of one.
        However, we can accommodate an individual home.

        If you would like information mailed out at the end of August, just provide me with your mailing address and the person’s name who would be in charge of administering the Program.

        Thanks a lot.

        P.S. Children under 2 are free. Once they turn 3 they start paying.

  14. I’m sorry, but I LOL’ed at your comment about your son reading the Constitution. Would that more 13-year-old (and 50-year-old?) boys read this document, along with the Bible; our federal government might not be such a mess!

  15. I am trying get information about the Six Flags reader program and the site will not pull up do you know of another way to find out? Thanks for your help.


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