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How To Sew a Machine Hem

Welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday! Today I will be showing you how to sew a machine hem.

I am including the photo below to better explain what I briefly touched on in the video. Notice how the hem portion is barely sticking out from underneath the dress portion. This is how you will want your dress to be situated when you begin sewing with the hem stitch. (Also called the "blind hem" stitch because it is not meant to be visible.)

If you watch the needle in the video closely, you will see the back and forth action I talk about.

And please, do excuse my repetitive repeating! Verily, verily, I tend to repeat things I consider important. Call it a hazard of mothering many children.

(My sewing machine is a Brother PC420 FS Project Runway Sewing Machine.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am so embarassed to be (what I consdier to be) an experienced seamstress, but for my husband’s work pants, I take them to a lady in town. I’ll be willing to try it again. Yay!

  2. great tutorial! i make much of the clothing for my little girls and i, but i must be really lazy, since i don’t do the blind stich. you’ve inspired me! (and don’t worry about being redundant. i’m reduntant, too! you could even say that i work for the redundant department of redundancy!) 😉

  3. Thank you so much for that tutorial!
    I have this function on my machine, but there was no explanation in the user’s guide as to how it supposed to work. You’ve given me an ‘ah ha!’ moment today. ☺

  4. Great! Very helpful! Now, can you please come to my house and hem and mend for me?? : )

  5. I really SHOULD use pins. Hehe… I am just too lazy to pin before I sew. Half the time I don’t even press it before I sew… :p I get to sew like 2 hours every 6 months so when I sit down to sew I break all the riles and skip alot of steps. Well, if it were something for someone else I would do it right but anything for myself for play stuff for the kids I am all about shortcuts. Like the skirt I made my daughter to play dress up in… I didn’t hem it at all, just used the selvedge as the hem. I know everyone reading this is mentally yelling “Cheater! Cheater!” at me now…

  6. I have always been a “learn as I go” sewer. Meaning I probably do many many things wrong. Thanks for the video!!

  7. Thanks so much for this tutorial!

    May I ask what type of machine you use 😛 I am looking to buy a new one and ever since your video “I love my brother” I have been meaning to ask you.

    I have attached my email to my post.

  8. I had no idea how to do such a thing…and I have a machine that does such a thing. Thanks, Connie!

  9. I appreciate your repetitiveness! I’ve had my sewing store show me twice how to do a blind hem, and still was not confident in how it worked. Next dresss…I’m going for it!! Thanks for sharing.