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Grocery Budgets


This week, each of the 4 Moms is discussing Grocery Budgets.  Be sure to check out what everyone has to say about it.

As for the Smockity Family, we do not have an official grocery budget or any set amount that we spend on groceries each week, but since we are a single income family of almost 10, we have to be extremely careful with our grocery shopping.

Mr. Smockity does the majority of the grocery shopping because he enjoys contributing to the household in that way, and he peruses the sale fliers to see what is on sale each week. (Incidentally, the front page of sale fliers has the "loss leader" ads, meaning the store is willing to take a loss on those items to get you into the store, so the best deals will be found there.)

After he has noted the bargains, we check our freezer and pantry to see 1) if we have room to stock up on great deals, and 2) if there is anything we are running low on and will need to buy whether it is on sale or not.

Ideally, we like to keep our freezer and pantry stocked so we don't have to buy things at regular prices. This requires an organized household and a mom who is on top of things at her house, so we'll just say that the ideal doesn't always happen. ~ahem

An example of stocking up would be when cube steak, which we use for chicken fried steak, is usually $3.99/lb. but is on sale for $1.99/lb.  This happened last week and Mr. Smockity bought 10 packages!  Of course, this will only be an option for your family if you have some wiggle room in your grocery budget plus some storage room in your freezer.

This method causes our grocery bill to fluctuate because we might spend more money in a week than is planned, but as in the case I just mentioned, we save money in the long run. We spent $40 for 20lbs. of meat instead of the regular price, which would have been $80 for the same amount.

By employing this strategy,  buying sale items in bulk whenever we can, we end up saving quite a bit of money over a period of time.

After Mr. Smockity notes the sales and our inventory, he plans his route. It isn't unusual for him to make stops at 2-3 stores to pick up the best deals. This works out well for us because we have 3 major grocery stores within only a couple miles. Also, we can afford more time than money, so it makes sense to use a little extra time to save a lot of extra cents.

So, while we don't have a set amount of money set aside for our grocery budget, we like to be/need to be frugal in our approach to buying groceries.

Be sure to read about how I shop in my own kitchen,  how we loaded up on pizza sauce for 2 cents per can and how NOT to be frugal with groceries.

And don't forget  to check out my monthly "What's in Your CrockPot?" carnival on Saturday, April 3!

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  1. I hope you realize how blessed you are to have a hubby that enjoys shopping , and can do it well!

  2. Because my husband works at a grocery store, sometimes when meat goes on sale, we’ll buy a lot and then store it in the freezer at the store.=) He’ll put it in a box and mark it without our name, and bring it home as we need it.

    This leaves room in our home freezer for the stuff like deer, the free pig farmer friends give us every year, and the meat another friend gave us after butchering their cows.

  3. Thank you for doing this series. I’m enjoying and benefiting from it. I haven’t gotten to read this post yet but hope to later today. I’ve linked to you so I can come back easily and any readers I have can, too.

  4. Lauralee says:

    That is a great idea. I love the idea of bulk shopping. We have a family of 7. You’re right about needing to be organized about it, I have not been very successful in this area;) My hubby will shop sometimes for me, it great! Actually it was really good for him to go shopping. He hadn’t done the groceries in quite a few years, and he was complaining about how much I was spending. So with the new baby last year he started shopping. He would come home and say “Do you know how much this cost?!” And I’d guess, the usually amount that I’d spend in a week. And he’d say “Yes! How did you know? Isn’t that crazy?!” Hahaha!

  5. My hubby has been doing alot of the grocery shopping too. He’s… getting better at it. 😉 It’s a big relief to me to not have to take the kids for more than quick grocery runs or recreational shopping. I also love coupons. Our budget doesn’t have enough wiggle room to stock up on sale stuff- nor does our little freezer. But that is something I’m hoping to do in the future! Our nearest grocery store is very overpriced. We have to drive to the Supercenter WalMart an hour away to get decent prices. That makes it challenging.

  6. Mr. Smockity is such a good man! I like your methods and we tend to do the same. The discount section of the meat aisle is always our first stop:)

  7. My husband also does our grocery shopping. We both decided long ago that taking children grocery shopping was just not a good idea. And since I don’t like it, he goes by himself. I hand him a shopping list that was made “daddy-friendly” (meaning he can easily understand the things on the list.) and off he goes. Such a blessing!

  8. Just wanted to tell ya I luv your blog.I am a new follower I have already read enough to know you are kindhearted and helpful to others and Jesus forgives us for being human thankfully.You are way too hard on yourself.Just had to tell ya!

  9. We are a family of almost six. I spend about 300-400 a month on food/paper/hygeine products. I found a coupla Amish stores that I bought bulk from–like 10 lbs bread flour for 3.50?? (and other things)
    The other Amish store carried lotsa dented cans and boxes, and some things that were recently expired for like 10 cents/can.
    We lived an hour from Walmart, so that wasn’t really an option unless we were going there for other purposes. Our local grocery stores carried enough sales that it just didn’t seem necessary to make that trip.
    One question, though, has anyone else discovered that buying huge quantities of meat, even if it’s a great price can make you use more meat than if you sparingly plan and buy only enough meat for necessary meals?? I mean, I wonder if the simple abundance makes us inclined to use more than what we would otherwise.
    I also have to eat wheat-free, which is expensive, and I do buy bulk flour from time to time to allow for that…and I cook a lot of things this way for the whole family, even though it would be cheaper to make double things, but the idea of making two of everything isn’t exactly appealing, when getting one meal cooked and cleaned up is a struggle in itself…

  10. Wow, I am glad to have found your blog from the In a Shoe blog. I have been reading her blog for a long time and am glad to add you to my favorites list. I have enjoyed reading on grocery budgetting and all. I am also doing a little series on grocery budgetting over at my blog. It’s much similiar to the way you four moms do as well. We are also a homeschool family (7 blessings) and so I feel right at “home” exploring your posts. Please feel free anytime to come visit at my blog. I am starting to be more active on there again. Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter. Oh, I liked the gravy making video too as it reminds me so much of my cooking and then having to stop and tell so and so to go do so and so!



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