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Great Drawing Activity for Kids

I have written about this activity before, but I have to tell you about it again because I love it so! We call it "Pack It All In" and it is a great drawing activity for kids of all ages. Kids love it and it keeps them occupied for a good long time if you need it to.

I used this recently when I had an appointment and needed everyone to stay busy while I was away.

1.  I stretch out long pieces of freezer paper (shiny side down) and make sure there are plenty of crayons, colored pencils, and markers to go around. (You can also use plain copy paper.)

2.  Then, I write out a list of items each child is to "pack in" to their picture. This list can be as long or short, detailed or general as you like, depending on the age of the child and the time you want them to spend on it.

This list included :

  • 13 flowers
  • 1 house
  • 1 horse
  • 2 dogs
  • 8 children
  • 1 mountain
  • 1 sidewalk
  • 2 clouds
  • 1 sun
  • 3 trees
  • 1 cat
  • 4 birds
  • 1 bird nest
  • 1 deer
  • 1 fence
  • 5 ants
  • 2 butterflies
  • 1 mailbox

3.  They are to "pack it all in" so all the items together make a scene. They must use their creativity to get it all packed in. This child put his 13 flowers growing on the fence instead of in a garden.

Your list can make a jungle scene, or a farm scene, or an ocean scene. The options are almost limitless!

This is a favorite drawing activity for my kids!

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  1. I am going to do this with my nephews this weekend. Thanks for the idea!!!!

  2. Such a great idea!

    Also would be good for a rainy day or when kids have a sleepover too!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Very good idea. I think I’ll try that tomorrow!

  4. This is an excellent idea!

  5. Thanks for a very do-able idea!

  6. Hi there! Niki here, stopping over from WFMW. I just wanted to pop in and check out your blog. I like what I see so far.

    Stop by my blog, Free 2 Be Frugal, when you get a chance!

    What a neat idea…very creative.

  7. What fun! Where do you get the freezer paper?

  8. That is such a cool idea!! I am totally doing this.

  9. I absolutely love this idea! What a great activity for a group of mixed-aged kids. Love it , love it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  11. My kids love this too! You were the one that introduced it to our family. I like to use it during the Sacrament Meeting. I print out a page that at the top has the required things to draw. My oldest especially loves it– which is good. Because if he behaves, the others behave better.

  12. Great idea! I even have a big roll of freezer paper in my pantry right now. Perfect rainy day activity. :)

  13. What a wonderful idea! I am definitely going to try this.

  14. What a great idea! Thanks!

  15. Laurie Holcombe says:

    Hey! A trick I learned a LONG time ago was to be sure there were crayons or at least a pen in my purse before we go to the dr’s office. My kids both draw (even to this day and they are 10 and 13) while waiting on the dr. It also opens up the conversations between them and the dr instead of me and the dr. :)

  16. What a wonderful and easy idea!!! I’m definitely going to have to try this one with my kiddos! :)

  17. What a super idea! I was going to ask you where you get the freezer paper, but I see someone already asked you and you answered. Several years ago a friend gave me a huge roll of newsprint paper….that she got free from our local newspaper. We used and used that paper! We made birthday banners, huge signs, and I cut smaller pieces off for frequent painting. I have missed it since we used it all up. As soon as I pick up some freezer paper or get some more newsprint, I am going to do this activity.

    One question….does each child have the same list, or do you give each child a different list?

    Have a great day!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Roan, I have always given the same list to everyone and they all just do as well as they can.

      Did you know the newspaper office is usually willing to give out the ends of rolls of newsprint for free if you ask? We got LOTS when we last moved.

  18. Oh, fantastic! I have covered an entire table and just let the go crazy, but now the older two are reading, this will make things much more interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Did this with my kids today and they LOVED it!


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